Season 3 Episode 1

Kill Ari, Part I

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2005 on CBS

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  • Different grieving reactions from each person; Kate's replacement looks to be ideal and we get to have Ari for a little longer - this episode has something for everyone.

    What a great way to continue from Kate's death – see it from Ari's POV. The only problem I had with it was – when he shot Kate, there was no blood spray. It was Ari who shot McGee's computer.

    The grief-stricken reactions were very well done:
    - Tony - probably Michael's best work in the series, my heart ached when he described the effect the full metal jacket had on Kate's head.
    - Abby – her rant on the bullets was heartbreaking.
    - Gibbs – becomes nice, using McGee and Tony's first names, holding Abby after the shooting.
    - Ducky – always talking to his patients and the difference is for the first time, one of them talks back.

    It was really a unique and quite charming way to show the reactions of the team members through 'talking' to Kate, complete with different outfits. I really liked that, especially Abby's. Kate looks surprisingly good as a goth and wearing Tim's fantasy Trinity and dominatrix outfits. Tony seeing Kate in a catholic schoolgirl outfit is just so Tony and yet – as is often the case with Tony – simultaneously endearing and quite sweet too. It's a good move for the writers to keep everyone in character even as they are grieving.

    Tony makes a very-Tony first impression on Ziva. She's quite the profiler in her own right – she nails him immediately as a former-rich kid. Ziva is close with Ari, convinced of his innocence and her arguments are compelling, Ari's planned all of this well, allowing the doubt of his guilt.

    Ari goes after the women Gibbs works, an interestingly chauvinistic reaction while knowing how badly it would hurt Gibbs – Ari's a sadist - with and his choice of weapon (a 'Kate') and ammunition is terrifyingly meaningful. Knowing Gibbs will protect his people after trying to shoot Abby, he uses Gerald to lure Ducky out. It was hysterical when Gerald tried to 'go for help' in Ducky's car, which is gorgeous.

    It's wonderful to see Lauren Holly again but that hairstyle is horrible, completely unflattering. The first encounter with Gibbs was well written, establishing the complex relationship in less than a minute. The chemistry is excellent and the dialogue is superb. Jenny and Ziva know each other.

    Great continuation from Kate's death, superb all round.