Season 3 Episode 1

Kill Ari, Part I

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: When former director Morrow introduces the new director to Gibbs, Jenny asks if Gibbs has any problems taking orders from her. He points out that it (meaning their relationship) happened six years ago back in 1999. In 1999, Mark Harmon and Lauren Holly starred together in Chicago Hope, which was the last time they had worked together before NCIS.

    • GOOF: We see Abby looking at a picture of herself as a bat that Kate sketched, however in episode 1x09 "Marine Down" we see a different sketched version her as a bat. The one in this episode doesn't even reflect on Kate's thoughts about Abby, since in 1x09 she didn't see her as a well endowed person.

    • GOOF: When Gibbs refer to Mossad killing the wrong man in Norway he claims that it was a Palestinian waiter that Mossad killed, in fact, he was Moroccan. Mossad mistook him for Ali Hassan Salameh, one of the leaders of Black September, the Palestinian group responsible for the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Olympic Game in Münich 1972.

    • TRIVIA: McGee says Abby is from New Orleans. The actress that plays her, Pauley Perrette, is also from New Orleans.

    • GOOF: Gibbs tells Abby that snipers call their Bravo 51s a "Kate", but this isn't true. There is a particular sniper who named his personal Bravo 51 "Kate 2" (his army issue M-24 was his original "Kate"), but most snipers call their weapons JARs, as in "Just Another Rifle".

    • TRIVIA: One of Gibbs's ex-wives is named Diane.

    • TRIVIA: Gibbs is the new NCIS director's former partner, and it has been six years since they've seen each other.

    • GOOF: Abby tells DiNozzo she will determine, among other things, the percentage of nickel and copper in the brass of Ari's cartridges. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, not nickel. What's more, virtually all brass cartridges are a standard 30% zinc brass alloy.

    • GOOF: The subtitles read "acquiring target" but the actual words (in Hebrew) are "authorization for action." Also, subtitles read "confirming target hit." The actual Hebrew words spoken are "Full hit of target. Thank you very much."

    • TRIVIA: Director Morrow leaves NCIS to join Homeland Security and a new director, Jenny Shepard, takes his position.

    • TRIVIA: From Anacostia State Park to South side of NCIS building is approximately 515 meters (1688 feet).

  • Quotes

    • (Abby is sitting in her lab looking at a picture Kate drew of her. Kate appears in gothic clothing)
      Kate: You're a mess, girl. Red eyes, no makeup. If ever there was a time for black lipstick, it's now.
      (Abby begins applying lipstick)
      Kate: Remember when we first met? I couldn't believe you were a Forensic Scientist! I always thought goths had bats for pets, and vise-versa.
      Abby: I really liked you, Kate. A lot.
      Kate: Don't start that again. Wear your pigtails, I love your pigtails!
      (Abby pulls her hair back into pigtails)
      Kate: That's better. You were persistent, Abbs. First the black lipstick, then the black nail-polish. Next thing you know, I have a tat on my bum.
      (Abby giggles)
      Kate: Oh God... Ducky's gonna see it! I'm dead, and I'm embarrassed!
      (Both laugh, Kate's voice fades away, Abby continues laughing.)

    • Kate: I'm dead now, Ducky. Shouldn't be. Could have killed Ari right here in autopsy.
      Ducky: Why did you hesitate?
      Kate: His eyes. There was something in his eyes that made me not want to kill him.
      Ducky: His eyes were ice to me.

    • Gibbs: Sniping Abby means he's after my people, women first!

    • Jen: Jethro... I know it has been a difficult day for both of us...
      Gibbs: That's what my DI used to say. Never believed him.

    • Tony: I don't want you to get pissed...
      Gibbs: I thought you wanted me pissed.
      Tony: I did...It was kind of weird when you were being nice, not that you're not nice... I mean, ah...

    • (Gibbs and Tony are in the elevator. Gibbs wants Tony to follow Ziva)
      Gibbs: I want you on Ziva's ass.
      Tony: She's not really my type, boss.
      (Gibbs slaps Tony upside the head)
      Gibbs: To tail her!
      Tony: I knew that...

    • (McGee was just having the vision of Kate in the revealing cop outfit)
      McGee: Oh wow!
      (Abby walks in)
      Abby: 'Wow' what, McGee?
      McGee: Ah... I... um... I... I... I...
      Abby: Stop 'ah, um-ing' McGee. Spit it out!

    • Ziva: You're from a wealthy family.
      Tony: (un-interested) Really.
      Ziva: Born and raised on the East Coast, New England boarding school, spent sometime in the Mid-West and Philadelphia.
      Tony: How would you know that?

    • McGee: What is with this music?
      Abby: I am playing it out of respect for Kate.
      McGee: Well, I thought you were from New Orleans.
      Abby: So?
      McGee: Well don't they play Jazz at funerals?
      Abby: Coming from the cemetery, after the body has been buried. On the way to the cemetery we play a dirge. Do you know what a dirge is, Timmy?
      McGee: Creepy music?
      Abby: Can you go back to the squad room and let me do my job?
      McGee: I can't.
      Abby: Why?
      McGee: Gibbs...Gibbs told me to watch over you.
      Abby: Ohhh... (It looks like Abby is mad) That is so sweet!

    • Gibbs: I can't believe you would give up field work for rubber chicken dinners.
      Jen: I don't think they serve that dish at Palena's.
      Gibbs: Never heard of it.
      Jen: Why would you? It isn't take out.
      Gibbs: So which of the tight sphincters is taking you out to dinner? Please tell me it isn't Fornell.

    • Ziva: You can't help because I am here to stop Agent Gibbs from killing a Mossad Officer.
      Tony: Ari Haswari?
      Ziva; Yes.
      (Tony motions for Ziva to come closer)
      Tony: I'd wish you luck, but I want the bastard dead too.

    • (Ziva just came in and Tony told her he was playing charades)
      Tony: We got off to a bad start. I'm special agent Tony DiNozzo. I wasn't playing charades, I was remembering my partner.
      Ziva: Naked?
      Tony: No... (Tony gets uncomfortable) Yes. I... I was just... look, I'm not the only man who does it.
      Ziva: Oh, women do it too. (Ziva starts looking at him from feet to head) With handsome men.
      (Tony starts walking back to his desk)
      Ziva: And even an occasional woman.
      Tony: Now you're teasing me.
      Ziva: Didn't your partner tease you?
      Tony: Not about sex. Kate was kind of puritanical.
      Ziva: Sorry.
      Tony: Well It didn't matter, I wasn't interested in her... we were partners.
      Ziva: She wasn't attractive?
      Tony: She was... not to me...
      Ziva: Then why did you imagine her naked?

    • (Gibbs just went to talk with Tony and left the building with Jen)
      Kate: Your mother should have washed your mind out with soap! Gibbs leaves with a women and your only thought is: Nooner.
      Tony: Was not.
      Kate: Was too. I've always known what you're thinking, Tony.
      (Tony looks at Kate in her Catholic girl's outfit)
      Kate: What? What are you up to?
      (Kate looks down at her outfit and makes a shocked little noise)
      Kate: Tony! I just died and you're having a sexual fantasy?!
      Tony: Can't help it.
      (Kate's skirt flies up revealing her underwear)
      Kate: (Trying to push the skirt down) DiNozzo!
      Tony: Sometimes I used to imagine you naked.
      (Kate screams)

    • (Tom and Gibbs are in MTAC, talking about bringing Ari in)
      Gibbs: I won't be bringing him in.
      Tom: Anyway, you're not my problem anymore, Jethro.
      Gibbs: You firing me, sir?
      Tom: I have been offered a Deputy Director's position at Homeland Security.
      Gibbs: You'd leave NCIS, sir?
      Tom: The agency could use some younger blood.
      Gibbs: Well, who would be replacing you, sir?
      (The Director just looks at him for a moment)
      Gibbs: Not me!
      Tom: No... as much as I like you Jethro, I would not shoot NCIS in the head.
      (Gibbs looks relieved)

    • (Abby is digging in the trunk to find the bullets)
      Abby: Hey McGee, take a look at this! I think it's a 308.
      (McGee comes behind Abby and starts looking at her butt)
      Abby: Stop staring at my butt and get me an evidence jar!

    • (Gibbs just finds out that Jen is the new director and he is talking to her)
      Jen: Jethro...
      Gibbs: Madame Director.

    • (Gibbs and Ducky are in autopsy talking about Ari)
      Ducky: One has to wonder what made him such a sadist.
      Gibbs: I don't give a damn! I just want to kill the bastard!

    • Gibbs: You were a great agent, Jen.
      Jen: Were?

    • Jen: Leroy Jethro Gibbs, you're a strange man.
      Gibbs (laughing): Ha! Me?

    • Ziva: Just having phone-sex?
      Tony: (Laughs) Phone sex?!

    • Gibbs: You first.
      Tony: Ziva David. Mossad. Here to stop you from whacking Ari, yours?
      Gibbs: Director Jenny Shepard. Same mission.

    • Gibbs: I'm going to buy coffee, you want something, boys?
      McGee/Tony (look a little bit shocked):, thanks
      McGee (after when Gibbs went away): He called me Tim.
      Tony: He patted my back.

    • Tony (lying on top of Abby): Are you hit?
      Abby (gasping): No... You're heavy!
      Tony: Sorry.
      Abby (feeling his leg): My god, no wonder you're so heavy, Tony, you're all muscle!
      Tony: Abby, shhh!!
      Abby: You're packing a nice booty too!
      Tony: Hey! Is this how you deal with getting shot at?
      Abby: I don't know, it's my first time.

    • Ducky (to Ari): I'll be glad to give you a free autopsy!

    • Abby: Why are you baiting Gibbs?
      Tony: Trying to get him to stop being nice.
      Tim: I like him nice.
      (Abby and Tony look at each other, then both smack Tim on the head)

    • Tony: If Ziva leads me to Ari?
      Gibbs: Shadow him and call me.
      Tony: So you can bring him in?
      Gibbs: Yeah, so I can bring him -- to autopsy.

  • Notes

    • This episode features the first appearance of Cote de Pablo as Mossad Officer Ziva David. She will be signed as a guest star in this two-part episode, only to become a regular in episode 3x04 "Silver War."

    • This episode also features the first appearance of Lauren Holly as the NCIS Director Jenny Shepard. She will be recurring during the first few episodes of the season and then be promoted to series regular.

    • Original International Airdates:
      Denmark: October 4, 2005 on TV3
      Sweden: December 18, 2005 on TV3
      Australia: February 8, 2006 on Channel 10
      Germany: March 16, 2006 on SAT 1
      France: September 1, 2006 on M6
      Croatia: September 18, 2006 on NOVA TV
      Italy: October 29, 2006 on RAI 2
      Finland: September 29, 2007 on Nelonen
      Slovakia: April 20, 2009 on Markiza

    • This episode features the final appearance of recurring character Tom Morrow, played by Alan Dale.

    • Although this is a season premiere episode, the first episode filmed for this season was episode 3x03 Mind Games.

    • Sasha Alexander (Special Agent Kate Todd) and Rudolf Martin (Ari Haswari) are billed as special guest stars.

    • This was the first episode to end with a To Be Continued tag.

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: "Kill Ari"
      The episode title appears to be a reference to Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill movies. The fact that this is a two-part episode (as is the Kill Bill saga), along with the episode's revenge theme, further supports this.

    • When the various team members are picturing the Kate's "ghost", McGee pictures Kate in an outfit like out of the Matrix movies, but then changes it to a more comic book dominatrix.