Season 3 Episode 2

Kill Ari, Part II

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2005 on CBS

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  • More a reply to other reviews than the actual episode.

    Watching through it again but reading people's reviews of the episodes before hand (to see what they saw I guess), so many people have expressed hatred towards Ziva and Gibbs because of the final scene either not having Tony, or because she's the one that pulled the trigger etc. So (yes being a Ziva fan and Kate hater) I'd like to try and give it some perspective that I think would suit the situation and explain why Gibbs took Ziva and not someone he trusted like Tony.

    1. Everyone knew he HATED and blamed Ari for what happened to Kate.

    2. There was no real proof it was Ari, so when they caught the 'guilty' guy, with the gun, it seemed over.

    - so Jethro had a plan to prove Ari actually did it all - he would use himself as bait.

    However he would need someone there for back up so:

    Tony - while he probably trusted Tony the most and would be logical because he knew Tony wanted Ari dead, if the whole thing went down and it was Tony who shot Ari and they called Jen and said 'Ari confessed, we killed him'. It'd kinda look suspicious and fake and probably more a vendetta killing.

    Mcgee - basically exact same situation as Tony.

    Jen - assuming Gibbs still trusts her aim because she hasn't been a field agent for a long time (I don't know if desk agents are required to constantly take gun checks or whatever they're called). If it went down with her while being more believable, if Jen called Mossad and said 'Gibbs was right we had to kill your Son', he might not entirely believe it and it could start a huge issue between America and Israel.

    Ziva - So Gibbs doesn't know whether or not to trust her, but she's Mossad and not a part of his family, so she has no reason to lie for him and Mossad will believe her if she says Ari was a traitor and guilty. And if it ended up she was evil, Gibbs would've died and it'd kinda have proved his point anyway (although that's the bad ending).

    So my feelings for Kate and Ziva aside, it actually makes the most logical (and political) sense, to have had Ziva as his back up.

    I'm sure (if people do still read these) people will probably dislike it, because they're Kate shippers, or just wished it was Tony who got to pull the trigger or something. But hopefully this perspective makes it make more sense, and not that he just chose Ziva because he could and it was stupid.

    Good episode though, wasn't a huge fan of the Kate 'visions' not because it's Kate, but just seemed weird. Abby's seemed the only appropriate visions anyway.
  • Great opener for season 3 (Part 1 + 2)

    While I liked Ziva right away I disliked Jenny from the very first moment. I'm probably in the minority because I often read she was missed in later seasons but I can't help it. The character itself was well-written and the storyline very interesting but I had a problem with the way Lauren Holly played it. From the interviews it became clear Holly had never played a role like that before, and she was more familiar with family movies and stuff like that. I imagine she's great in those, but she was not so good at portraying a former Special Agent, the director of a federal agency, and - even worse - a woman looking for revenge for the death of her father. She was simply too nice for that.

    Ziva's background wasn't realistic at all but it was written in such a unique, clever way that it never bothered me. It was an unusual character not often seen in a TV-format like this, and Cote de Pablo made it work right from the moment when she appeared in the office and asked Tony whether he was having phone sex.

    Wasn't so keen on the ghost sequences but in retrospective it was a nice way to say goodbye to a character, especially when you see how they handle Ziva's departure now, a main character who was much longer in the show than Kate.

    These two episode contain many of my all-time favourite scenes - Tony comforting Abby and then saving her from Ari, Gibbs being nice to "his" boys, Ducky's and Gerald's meeting with Ari, Tony observing the two Mossad-girls in the hotel and then having Pizza and espresso with Ziva in the rain. Ari has probably been the best villain this show ever had (but no reason for digging him up ten years later).
  • Amazing build-up, with a terrible fall

    The Characters, the guilt, the problems, the sadness, everything was great and was amazingly built over 3 episodes in a row and over 2.5 series in total

    And yet the ending fails to please me. It was always clear that Ari would die (very bad episode title) but the way he died was absolute BS. I have been wondering since I saw him shoot Kate what his motives were. What kind of secret game is he playing this time, how will he outsmart Gibbs? Oh no nothing like that, he hates his father who killed his mother and used him. A colorless, stupid 30 second explanation, which doesn't even make sense. (he could have done MUCH more damage with the acutal killing of the Presidents AND Kate during their last encounter)

    Usually, criminal shows across the world (ncis including) 95% of the time twist the story at the end with the Deux ex machina technique to have someone else be the killer. Now we new from the start who did it. It could have been a much nicer game of hide and seek if Ari would have actually had a serious reason to do what he did, not just a 10 second explanation.

    And the overpatriotism is getting really annoying. I understand this is an american show, but come on. EVERY single organisation Gibbs looks down upon (except the US Forces, which are totally exempted, see Hometown Hero S. 2 Ep. 21 that was just complete overload of cheesy patriotism) because they are shaddy guys (in this episode it was the mentioning of the Lillehammer affair where the Mossad messed up) and in the end its the patrotic army guy Gibbs that stands victorious and was right. He dispises Zivas group because the are responsible for liquidation/assassinations. Did no one catch that? HE HIMSELF WAS A SNIPER! He is no different! Its really annoying to see such stupid hypocrisy, slight story flaws destroy an amazing build up.

    Very Good Episodes, bad ending
  • Uncharacteristically … Blah

    The episode was average, at best. I used to love this show; this episode alone has given me great doubt about it. Not only did it end a back story in a very un-climactic way, but the character interaction that usually pulls me to the show simply was not there. For instance, when the new girl killed Ari, where was Tony? After 2 years of Tony, Gibbs, and Kate interaction and growth Tony wasn’t even there. Pathetic episode and not a good omen for the rest of the series, if this is a hint of things to come, not giving Tony enough credit or seniority, the show is dead for a lot of us. The fact that they’re forcing this new girl down our throats is bad enough, but to make her anything but less than Tony is a fatal error. The entire cast of this show and the depth of these characters is amazing in NCIS, but the center of this show IS Tony and Gibbs.
  • Ari gets what he deserves.

    This was an awesome first episode of the season. I like the new director and I think that she will keep Gibbs on his toes, which will be interesting to watch. I didn't like Ziva and I definantly wouldn't trust her, but I enjoy the chemistry between her and Gibbs. She may stir some trouble up for Tony while she's a part of the NCIS team, but I don't think that she'll be around long term. Will just have to wait and watch to find out. I totally loved the ending of this episode. The way Ari thought that he could trust her and then Gibbs nailed him was awesome. That one was for Kate.
  • Kill Ari

    This episode saw the NCIS team get revenge for the death of Kate, and it took a couple of hostages and a lure into the basement to do it, but they finally got it done. The episode also introduced us to the character of Ziva David, one who would quickly become a favorite among hardcore NCIS fans. But while it was good in the action sense, it also featured some great comedy from Tony DiNozzo (although would you expect anything less?) When he got caught sneaking into a mysterious woman's robe he pretended to be a part of a nudist group that had rights to the pool, in a scene that has to be seen to be believed.

    Great conclusion to the two part season premiere here.
  • Revenge for Kate..

    Gibbs is trying to find Ducky.. he is mad and afraid of loosing more people. I loved Abby's sentence: "For 'people not leaving this house' quite many people are leaving the house." And I loved the whole Ducky and Gerald scene.. Gerald trying to drive that little car. That was funny.

    But majority of the episode was very serious.. Gibbs persistence of getting to Ari.. using for that Ziva or anything he have to... and then finally having a plot to get him out to face him.. and as they knew from the start: one of them is left dead. Is that revenge enough for him? I am not sure.. but at least we had exciting, tense and fast motion episode to close Ari storyline.
  • A very strong episode.

    Ari's got quite an arm – the cellphones even landed a foot away from each other. The plan to get money and a passport was clever. Framing another terrorist for Kate's shooting forces Gibbs to release his team from protective custody.

    It was a lovely scene where McGee went to see Kate and Tony found him there.

    The reason for Ari's extensive knowledge of the team comes from Ziva's profiling. Once she knows he's guilty, that will be quite a burden.

    Gibbs still has his sniper rifle. Ari admits killing Kate, his father groomed him to be the Hamas mole but never realized how much Ari hated him, blaming him for his mother's death. Ziva killed her own brother - Explains some of why she gets exiled to NCIS, either by her own choice or her fathers'?

    I'm terribly sad to see Ari gone but alas, it had to be. I'm warming to Ziva nicely, I think she'll do.
  • The epic conclusion of the terror that is Ari Haswari!

    This episode was the second part in the chase to avenge Caitlin Todd, and it starts with a very interesting scene. I was laughing so hard when Gerald Jackson attempted to drive Ducky's Morgan. That scene was hilarious!

    The episode was just as suspenseful as the last one and I was on the edge of my seat for most of the episode.

    I didn't particularly enjoy the last scene where Ari is finally slain, and I think that scene could've been done a bit better, but overall, the episode is extremely interesting and it is unmissable.

    This episode is a must watch, but make sure that you watch the Season 2 Final and Season 3 Premiere before you watch this one, to have it make more sense.

    Terrific job by NCIS!
  • Great, not perfect.

    Much as I love this episode and came to appreciate de Pablo, there is one thing constantly nagging at me every time I watch it. Why is it necessary for Ari to be so staunchly defended throughout the episode? First by other agency directors who we never actually see or hear from but about, then Gibbs' new boss and Ari's handler, but then he actually influences Ducky? Where is that coming from? This happens after Ari holds Gerald hostage and asks Ducky to change places so his car can provide a diversion. Not to mention the fact that we see him firing the fatal shot in the original episode and during flashbacks in this one. It seems like some writer or director's idea of a stupid mind game. And the episode, while quality television, is the poorer for it. In my opinion.
  • Agent Kate Todd is laid to rest

    Ducky does the swap with Jerold and tells Jerold to head straight to NCIS. Gibbs is fuming that Ducky left the building and realises that something must be wrong. He tries to locate Ducky through his cell phone's GPS and as he leaves to go and find him. Meanwhile Tony is still following Ziva. As Gibbs arrives, he can't see Ducky or Jerold. So he searches and find their cell phones thrown onto the grass nearby. Jerold arrives in the building, and explains what happened to Abby & McGee. Tony follows Ziva a she goes swimming and as another woman enters he keeps watch. As Ziva leaves he notices that she and the woman now in the pool are switching robes. Gibbs is waiting outside for Tony and Tony informs him that there are fake French passports for Ari, but they have a different name on them. As Gibbs follows the other woman he sees Ducky's car and stops the car believing that Ari is still is inside. Ducky is alone inside the car. Ziva joins Tony outside of the hotel and tells him that she knew he was following her since she left NCIS headquarters. Gibbs phones the new director to ask her to be his partner on the case for the night and she agrees. They spot Ari's SVU and he starts shooting at them. Only when they shoot back, the shooter dies and they discover that it wasn't Ari. All of the evidence point s back to this young shooter, even though everyone knows Ari is the one who killed Kate and not this young shooter, whom Ari has framed. Towards the end of the episode McGee faces his fear and goes to see Kate in the morgue. He then joined by Tony. We later he Gibbs going home and down into his basement. As he opens one of his drawers looking for his rifle, he finds it is missing and that Ari is sitting in his basement waiting for him. Ari tells Gibbs that his mother was killed by his father. As Ari is about to pull the trigger on Gibbs, he is killed. We then see a shadow coming down the stairs and see that it is Ziva. It is here that we earn that Ari was Ziva's half brother. They shared the same father. We then see the team going to Kate's funeral. Each of the team has a flash back of Kate at this point. Gibbs informs Jenny that Ziva is transporting Ari's body back home. As he stands by her coffin Gibbs tells Kate that he's sorry.
  • The hunt to find and Kill Ari continues.

    A lot of things happen in this episode, I thought that there was just enough action. I really enjoyed watching the cat and mouse game between Gibbs and Ari, but I was glad when the game finally ended and Ari was killed. The two new characters that were introduced in the previous episode, also appeared in this one. And I also liked them in this episode. We see more of the interaction between Jenny and Gibbs, and so far I like it. But the flashbacks from when they were partners and lover is getting a little bit on my nerves. Ziva brought a lot into this episode, and the more I see her the more I learn to like her character. We learn that Ari is her stepbrother, which was quite shocking since we learned that after she shot (killed) Ari to protects Gibbs. I hope to see more of her.
  • good episode...

    Aris finally dies! Woo-hoo! Anyways, this episode finalizes Kate's death and allows the characters to move on because Aris dies! Ziva is shown to be a good person in helping Gibbs to take out the killer. Everyone is still dealing with the death, but not to the extent of the previous episode. I like Jenny and how she interacts with everyone and I also like how Ziva interacts with everyone. The episode had a pretty good story, but it was just drawn out with emotions and everything. There was some good humor, but not as much as usual. Still, this was a great episode saying that Aris died and it was good closure.
  • great episode

    Ducky is kidnapped by Ari. The NCIS team search for him. Gibbs suspects that Ari has some connection with Ziva and he gets Dinozzo to tail her. While they investigate, they find more proof that Ari is the one behind the death of Kate. Dinozzo finds out that Ziva is helping Ari leave the country with a fake passport. This is a really good episode, the show revolves around the investigation of kate's death. There's action in it. The cat and mouse game between ari and ncis gets even more interesting when more is revealed about ziva. it's a good episode. the writers started this season really well.
  • The team are trying to continue with work after the death of Kate.

    This was a very good episode, how the team see Kate is very funny. Only Tony would see her like that...saying that he prob would like how newbie saw her.
    I was upset at the death of Ari...ok he was evil but he looked very nice. Rudolf Martin who plays him should have been kept on as a regular in some way.
    Gibbs was very emotional over Kate's death and very worried when an attempt was made on Abbie's life...she is not a lab worker to him she is like his daughter...since his daughter was killed Abbie is the closet thing he has to a daughter.
  • Wow, Ari is killed and Kate is lay to rest, but I feel bad for Ziva.

    I now understood why Ziva thought Ari is innocent because that was her half brother and that he wouldn’t do it without cost. I found part 1 was better, but we got to find out why Director Shepard is working with Ziva, because Jenny (Director Shepard) owes Ziva, because Ziva saved her life in Cairo.

    The scene with Ziva and Dinozzo, we found out that Ziva had a sister and that her sister was the best of her family and that she is dead and Ziva wanted revenge and she became like Gibbs.

    In the end, Ziva killed her half brother because she heard what her brother told Gibbs and with Kate funeral we got to see what the last image of Kate with what others think. With Gibbs, she told him that he was late.
  • Kill Ari (1) Kate in all her glory...<br /><br /> Loved it! PS: i'm really sorry, something went wrong with the scrolling... this summary (and the review) are for Kill Ari 1

    I just saw this episode, i\'m from Holland... we\'re a little bit behind hehe... I really loved this episode! I didn\'t understand why they had let Kate die the way she did!
    I thought they\'d let her die and that would be it... i was really, very disappointed...
    That probably sounds really cruel, but what i mean is... at least give her a proper death scene! She is one of my favorite characters in the show, and i\'m really going to miss her.
    This episode as follow up, WOAW, that really made all the difference... Gosh, i had a lot of mixed feelings, i could laugh a few times, but i also had tears in my eyes and a jam in my throat! It was awesome to see Kate in all those fantasies of the others, she really got a very good \'farewell\' episode :D
  • DON'T R.I.P ari!!!!! 9.9 coz the pain it cost Ziva

    This episode was so great i loved it.....mostely because of my fav character killing ari i was so happy jumping up and down. But i was sad they didnt kill him slowely i really wanted him to die slowely and painfully for all the pain he has cost everyone (the ncis team and ncis kate fans). But then again i wouldn't want to cost Ziva anymore pain coz i love her (cause she is my fav character lol like i said b4) I was so scared when i was watching gibbs i was like oh my gosg if Gibbs gets hurt(or killed) i will be so mad, but then Ziva shot him i was so happy but i felt so bad for Ziva she didn't deserve that ...having to kill her half brother it was a bit unfair but at least he is dead I love ncis. Tiva 4eva! <3
  • RIP Kate!

    I really loved it when they tried to remember their colleague Kate before they bury her. But before they do, Ducky is kidnapped by Ari who wants to play with his mind and that Ari will do the same to Ducky on what he will do to Kate. Very good show and loved it. A series and episode classic.
  • There wasn\'t so much in this episode, it was kind of diappointing.

    This episode was really disapointing. I really don\'t know why Tony wasn\'t in all of this. After all, he was Kate\'s partner... It was more like a Gibbs-Ziva episode. Oh, and Ziva killing Ari? Come on please, that scene was so stupid. I guess they tried fixing this episode by saying that Ziva is Ari\'s half-sister, but whatever, the episode was still kind of a dissapointment.
    Well, there were a couple of funny scenes, right? When Gibbs found Ducky\'s cell phone, the ringtone was so funny, just Ducky-like ringtone.

    And the last scene, where Abby asks Kate\'s parents to turn on the song for Kate, I expected some sad music, but it was jazz! Hahaha!
  • Disappointing.

    The second episode/second half of Kill Ari, ushering in this new season was kind of a let down. After all that build up, to let the new character kill the psycho the entire team had been hunting for . . . it didn't have the dramatic sense of justice a viewer would have gotten if anyone else on the team had done it. It just wasn't right.

    Plus, where was Tony? Kate was HIS partner. Shouldn't he have been involved in all of this? After all that stuff in the previous episode, keeping the team intertwined throughout the whole episode to effortlessly, to let it all fall apart in the end was so disappointing.

    It was a great episode. Don't get me wrong. But it didn't have the oomph it could have.

    Plus, Ziva . . . I just don’t like her that much. She kind of gets on my nerves.
  • Farewell Cate

    Either Gbbs or Ari will die. A conclusion to these special three episodes.
    Cate is about to be buried and it's time for the team to say their final goodbyes, its also the time for a final fight between Gibbs and Ari and Ziva makes a startling relevation. Great episode.
  • Gibbs and his group are getting over the death of a fellow agent Kate. While at the same they are trying to find her killer.

    Well all I can say was this episode totaly made me cry. If you get my point. The plot is always good as usual. Why did they have to replace the old director? He was growing on me. (Well not really growing on me, but you get my point) That new gril Ziva looks like a handful. I really like the way she acts, you know all sassy. It is funny how she gets on Tonys nerve. This season should be worth watching.
  • Gibbs tries his hardest to keep the rest of his team intact after the death of Special Agent Caitlin Todd.

    Ari is at it again! He kidnaps Ducky to get Gibbs off the trail of his accomplice, who tries to help Ari get away. Gibbs decides to use the new Mossad Agent Ziva David to his advantage. She is Ari's control agent in the Mossad. For some reason, Ms. David is very passionate about Ari's innocence in the tragedy of Caitlin's death.

    Ari sends a decoy sniper to get Gibbs off of his trail. Gibbs catches on and sets up a trap for the terrorist. He actually gets a bet going with Ziva and tells her that if she'll help him set it up, and Ari doesn't show, he'll give up the chase.

    Fortunately for Gibbs, Ari shows up and admits to killing Kate just to cause Gibbs pain. He says Gibbs reminds him of his own father who didn't care about him except to make an agent out of him. He trains the gun on Gibbs, ready to shoot and suddenly a shot echoes from the top of Gibbs' basement stairs. Ziva is there, and has shot Ari.

    At this time, we find out that Ziva is actually Ari's half-sister. While she escorts the body to Tel Aviv, Gibbs races to the funeral of Caitlin Todd.

    The episode ends in a way that is bittersweet. It leaves the viewer sad that Kate is gone, yet knowing that her killer got what he deserved and they can move on with peace that her death was avenged.

    Excellent episode! This one kept me on the edge of my seat!
  • Ali’s dead, was there ever any doubt about the outcome? Still loved the episode and thank god there are still a few shows that don’t disappoint this season. Beware of spoilers.

    Yes, Ali did shoot Kate and he also tried to take a shot at Abby, which in the NCIS world means he will be punished. Gibbs never had a doubt in his mind and he spends most of the episode trying to find the evidence which in the end we all know does. However, the judging bullet comes from Ziva’s gun, Ari’s half-sister. I did not see that one coming and Gibbs’ acknowledgment of this impossible choice for Ziva lays the foundation for the trust that these two will have in each other.

    Again, just like the previous episode, this one was nicely paced. I liked the scene with Tony and Ziva, in which they “tested” each other… speaking Italian and Hebrew. I liked Kate but Ziva will be more interesting for Tony to spar with.

    For me, even without Kate, it felt like NCIS. Gibbs is back to his usual grumpy self and I’m really curious to see how all the sexual tensions will be dealt with.

    I’ll still keep watching, that’s for sure.
  • What happened?

    What happened Tuesday night? Kill Ari 1 was a well written show, and a pretty good way to send off Kate, but #2 just didn't have the same pull. By the middle of the episode, I really didn't care if they killed Ari or not. And by then, you could already see Ari and the Israeli agent had some kind of romantic or related relationship going. It's a great series, but let's hope with the loss of Kate, the writing doesn't start becoming predictable.
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