Season 11 Episode 12

Kill Chain

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2014 on CBS

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  • Final 10 seconds show Gibb's true nature

    Have been reviewing the series lately and wanted to add my 2 cents here. Am I the only one to see the extremely astute action from Gibbs in the final 10 seconds of the episode? His gruff nature doesn't allow him to do it nicely, but placing Bishop's laptop on the floor and scattering reports around it show that he truly gets her way of working. Contrary to other reviewers I see Bishop's addition to the team as a further evvolution of the agency to the 21st century. Firstly McGee was introduced to add the geek to the brawn, then the 21st century kicked in, in which psychological warfare (terrorism being nearly 100% psychological) bevcoming evermore present. Bishop is probably autistic to some extent, and has the necessary skills to give the agency the required knowledge
  • Kill Chain

    Way too much emphasis on Hollis, who didn't really have much to do with the end result anyway. A bit of a dull episode overall.
  • AGAIN - McGee comes out with only a scratch!

    I'm getting tired of the 'super McGee' thing. While people die around him he gets away with only scratches and HATED that Gibbs didn't have time to find out if McGee had been injured or not - he went back to the office instead of the hospital. Come on writers - a little concern there wouldn't have been too much to ask!!! But actually - in keeping with how McGee is treated by Gibbs and the team in the entire series it would have been 'out of character' for the writers to have any of the team treat McGee with concern or respect of without the juvenile bully tactics that they have lathered onto McGee throughout the series.
  • Bishop needs to go!

    The character of Bishop is making a bad situation worse. She sucks the life out of the other characters. And what's with the reaction to the parking space!? She acted like a child getting what she wanted for Christmas! No one this immature would ever be hired at the NSA. People from the NSA are supposed to blend in, not stick out like a sore thumb! The wrong character was killed off, IMO. If CBS keeps this character, it'll be the death of NCIS!
  • Very Sad

    I keep hoping for improvement and it is not coming. I saw hope-Delilah in Bishop out-but it did not materialized(hopefully yey). The great achievment of a good parking is a typical expression of the poor acting and juvenile presentation of Bishop. Sitting on the floor seems her thing-does any real NSA or other federal agencies behaves like that?

    The creators of the show should take into account two facts:

    A. Until now very few fans bothered to vote, indicating a seriousdecline in interest.

    B. The "fan voting" of the show has deteriorated to a record low ratings.

    NCIS has been great until this season. Please find a suitable actress that can at least pretend to be a federal agent and replace the totally inadequate Bishop before the show really dies. Bishop spoiled a potentially good episode and I am very sad about it.
  • Hollis is back

    Great to see the character return. Does this mean Ryan is gone forever. Is Holly's husband dead yet? With luck he will be soon!!
  • Intense!

    This was a really great case with some big ramifications as NCIS chases its new nemesis. Bishop keeps growing on me - and probably a lot of people will disagree with me - but she is a great character. It's always tough filling in the shoes of a character like Ziva, but NCIS are making the most of a bad situation, that's for sure!

    The case was great - and I love that it is not over with! I'm looking forward to seeing where this taeks us next because it is really good!

    Overall, a superb start to 2014! Can't wait for more NCIS!
  • Great show

    This episode was amazing. All the actors were great and NCIS is the best
  • New verse, same as the first, second, third, and fourth

    Overall, this was a disappointing episode for me. I didn't mind Bishops' happiness about her parking spot. I actually understood that. Assigned parking is important. But other than that, not too important. I really didn't feel the urgency to catch Parsa. And that contractor being part of it, was obvious from the beginning.

    It was nice to see Abby being her S1-S3 self and analyzing evidence in the evidence room. Nice to see SOME positive old school writing.

    What really IRKED me, is one again the writers decided to injure/kill yet another female character. Kate, Paula, Jenny, Michelle Lee, are now joined by Delilah. ARGHH!!!

    I was glad to see Hollis Mann again. And wow, it's been THAT long? The interplay between her and Gibbs was what kept me watching the episode. The next time the writers get the urge to bring back one of Gibbs' ex's, I hope they bring her back instead of Diane.
  • grea sho

    liked the fact bishop was in the credits, and the fact the team has moved on, liked the fact McGee has a personnel life and the showed his soft side, and finally glad they brought Mann back and she was married and moved on that it was not a romantic return with gibbs
  • The return of a classic

    I really enjoyed Hollis Mann in this episode! It really made me reminisce on the older NCIS! I hope she returns
  • how juvenile

    Beginning of show the 'little' girl is soooooo excited about her parking space that she takes a picture of it THEN shows it... And we r suppose to take her