Season 6 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2009 on CBS

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  • Vance takes Gibbs' team for a personal case.

    It is very rare I write a bad review and I really do like NCIS but I have to agree that this was one of the worst NCIS episodes I do think some of the ratings are a bit harsh but the episode wasn't great I think the episode didn't really work partly because the full team wasn't together because Vance split them up and the storyline didn't really work for me This episode changes nothing about how I feel about NCIS, it is still one of the best shows on TV.
  • What a boring one

    I like Vance. I like his interactions with Gibbs, better than I like the Jenny-Gibbs interactions. But only 15 minutes in, my hand was on my jaw and I was totally bored. What an awful episode. It is only redeemed by the family scene (which was ironically unnecessary) and the last scene noting that the dead guy had a retinal detachment that Vance claimed he had had and was reason for him to discontinue Marine service.

    Come on: dead boxer, Marine or maybe not marine, weak case, cloak and dagger when it could have just been routine, unnecessary, long and heavy-on-the-conversation scenes. Sigh. Just not a good episode.

    Now I fear that the folks who never liked Vance will really hate him now. Trying to write him out NCIS?
  • seriously the most boring and stupid episode of NCIS... Unbelievable, all the characters seemed off, the entire premise of the show is just completely misconstrewed... Don't mess with the format, and don't force characters on your viewers that you should


    seriously the most boring and stupid episode of NCIS...

    Unbelievable, all the characters seemed off, the entire premise of the show is just completely misconstrewed... Don't mess with the format, and don't force characters on your viewers that they don't even want to like... ie; vance.

  • worst episode of ncis if ever seen

    ok, so mabe it was all the talk about the episode with the directord life and all, and the crime didnt even have anything to do with the navy much. Who cares if the director used to box,is that what all this epsiode was about. Cleary, basing the episode around vance is a bad idea. But the Ncis writers dont see this do they, why? Because they go and do it again in the season 7 ep endgame. Sorry but if someone is going at the end of season 7 it should be vance.If they cut someone else this show will become worst than its sister show ncis los angeles.

    Thanks for reading
  • FDefinitely a contestant for the title of 'worst episode of NCIS, ever'.

    This was an abysmalepisode of NCIS, to say the least. While it definitely did have some decent moments, the episode was, in general, quite boring and very pointless, in all honesty.

    I really hate Director Vance, and this episode strengthened this hatred. While we had some gret episodes scentred around Jenny, Vance is just a waste of time!

    I did like seeing Vance's family, though. His widfe and children were nice, and hopefully there will be more of them!

    Overall, the case was uninteresting. It had no suspense to t, and ther was no action in this episode, at all. Overall, I'm pretty disappointed with this one. 7.5 is a generous rating, and it is definitely a contestant for the wrost episode ever!
  • Soo Director Vance isn't who he said he is :P

    OMG , what an episode ! First of all , I loooved Tony in this episode , he was so funny :P , With his wallet missing and his personal needs :P , omg and I loved the scene in the elevator , Ziva is the right person for him , he just needs to open his eyes ! goo Tonyyy ! And Abby , great again ! She and gibbs are just amazing :P . I just love this show and I hope that Ziva and Tony will be together soon , becausee like in csi miami with calleigh and eric , it has to come soon! :D

  • Don't like Vance, but Abby and Jimmy make up for it.

    I don't Vance all that much, which was kind of an issue since it was a completly Vance-oriented episode. But whatever. But I have to admit, this episode had some of the best one-liners! Especially in all the Abby scenes. My favorite line?
    Palmer - It's not likley he was shot by a bird.
    I was laughing SO HARD, my brother thought I was having a seizure!
    And, I mean, it was kinda cool that you got to meet Vance's wife and kids. But still. I'm not his hugest fan. Is he who he says he is?
    Whatever. I still love this show and everyone on it!
    (P.S. Return of Gibbs' yellow car - fun!)
  • Reading Between the Lines

    Did anyone else pick up that Vance is the dead guy and the dead guy is Vance? The dead guy had a detached retina which Vance was said to have.
    Also at the end Vance was giving the eulogy and stated that a part of the dead guy would always live inside of him.
    Gibbs seemed as though he knew something was going on but didn't know quite what. I love Tony, Ziva, Gibbs, probe, i still hate that Kate died and then Jenny died. Does anyone know they left the show? I am trying to fill this one hundred word quota.
  • A close friend of Director Leon Vance is found murdered and he hijacks Gibbs team to investigate cutting Gibbs out of the loop.

    This episode was fantastic! I got so angry every time there was a commercial break! Keeps you on the edge of your seat. I'm glad to see them doing some character development with Leon Vance because the last few episodes he has been either a very minor part, or missing from the episode completely. I love that Gibbs gets a sense that the Director is hiding something but would rather ask him than read his personal file. I thought it was great that Gibbs reminded Vance (and the viewers) that the last Director of NCIS used that position of power for her own gain and she ended up paying a heavy price, as well as Gibbs team for helping her. All the events of this episode seem to lead to the conclusion (at least in my view) that Leon Vance is not really his name or who he is. Something happened long ago with Tyler Keith Owen and Leon Vance and hopefully that will be brought to light by the season finally. It was also wonderful to see some tension between Ziva and Anthony. Little subliminal hints that she is the right woman for him and they both just need to realize that they should be together.
  • Nice to finally get to meet you Mr Vance, if that is your real name?

    Finally, an episode where we get to know a little more about Leon, a character who I haven't liked particularly, and I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way. Mostly as we haven't really got to know him at all and he's been a bit of an arse to our team however. It's great that we have got to see a little of his background.

    I didn't give this a full 9 or 10 however as there were a couple of things that erked me a little. Mostly the ham fisted hints about Tony and Ziva. Someone wrote a review here saying something about "subliminal hints" about them being right for each other? The hints were not quite super-liminal (see the Simpsons New Kids on the Block episode) but they were pretty obvious.

    BTW, does Gibs just wander around all day doing what he feels like? Also, does the director of a federal agency have no power these days, compared to a reasonably connected street criminal? I suppose it's best not to give them too much if their background checks are as lax at it is suggested they are. Oh and why does any reasonably well educated Black character in any US TV show have to listen to non-stop jaz when they get home?

    In saying all that, I tend to forgive these sorts of things a little more in NCIS episodes as it's one of the few shows that are worth watching these days and it looks like we finally have a little intrigue back in the show, something that has been missing for a while.

    Finally, I hope Abby's coffin is too big to fit out of the door when she finishes it and Gibs lets her in on his secret about how to get it out of the room.
  • A Leon Vance centred episode. Vance's old boxing friend is found dead, and so Gibbs team is hijacked by Vance in order to solve his personal case. In the meantime Gibbs is meant to be left out of the loop- how will that work out for the pushy ex-Gunny?

    Amazing episode!
    Personally I was dreading watching Knockout, as the whole episode is Vance-centred. No offence but I don't really like the guy, neither do most of the fans from what I've gathered. However, after watching it I found I loved it so much ! This is most likely due to these key moments which made it worthwhile: Vance's wife scolding him for chewing on his pick/stick at home, Dinozzo addressing the entire Bullpen- from ON TOP of his TABLE and my complete and utter favourite Abby's "Duck down" moment. I had to keep watching that, it made me laugh so hard!

    I'm also really thrilled that ASL between Gibbs and Abby was finally re-included, I'm so glad I missed it so much! I'm quite confused about Vance *spoilers* he lied to his Wife about the whole retina situation. Or dis he have the same condition as the dead boxer? Is it a coincidence? As Gibbs and a mocking Tony and Abby would say, "I don't believe in coincidences!". Perhaps Tyler was pretending to be Vance when they met and Vance reassumed his identity? I guess we'll find out soon.

    I only have one moan for the whole episode. GIBBS!!! Why didn't you open the file?!

    Finally I read aloonatic 's review and I completely agree about the coffin! Fingers crossed Gibs lets her in on his secret about how to get it out of the room!
  • Love seeing the private side of the director.

    Boxing is not my thing, so I had a hard time getting into the episode. I have wondered about that paper Vance shredded just after being named director just before he reassigned everyone at the end of last season. I thought with the build up of "Gibbs digs into Vance's past" we were going to find out some answers. However, it seems like we got more questions. What is his real identity? How long has he had that identity? Didn't we see him in another episode last season (besides Judgment Day) where he worked with Gibbs on a previous case? I am excited that we got a look into Vance's home life – what a surprise, he is so very different at home; indulgent husband and father.
  • Intriguing.

    I loved the the script and the twists within this episode. I was taken back when the show opened with Vance in the middle of leading a case and using Gibb's team. I loved the hints throughout the episode that Vance wasn't what he seemed. I found Vance as husband and father a major contridiction to what's been shown so far of his character. A character with secrets and it was a great twist that so much was left to interepation. I loved the flashes of the envelope Gibb's has been hanging on to and the question of whether or not he's opened or is going to open it. I loved that the questions about Vance are still unanswered and the intrigue as to what Gibb's thinks about the whole thing.
  • Great! Now I have to build a freakin' coffin!

    Probably a lost cause since a Vance-centred episode is unlikely capable of attracting so many people... judging by Vance's appreciation by the audience. That doesn't chance the fact that it's a good episode, well written and with the right mix of drama and humor; even though in my opinion the lack of action was too evident.
    On the other hand I was glad to see some good interaction between our favourite characters; Abby was as usual so... abby (the lack of other adjectives s well justified), and it's good to see Tony and Ziva back to some bickering. Not to mention Tony's behaviour with Tara.
    Small clues of the following plotlines were left, and they're all pointing in the same direction.
  • The story was the usual good NCIS stuff, but the music was exceptional.

    Not to ignore the meat of the NCIS show, but the music was wonderful and unexpected. I am not speaking of the theme song, but the internal music of this particular episode, especially toward the end. This had characteristics of urbane sophistication that I have not heard on this show, and have heard on damned few television shows, even specials.

    Who was the composer? I hope he/she will do more work on television.

    The compositions of this episode reminded me of some long-gone cop movies, "The New Centurions" for example. Also, a little of Gershwin, a slight touch.

    I seldom watch, but always listen to shows, for that one spark of "Delta Star" quality that catches my attention.

    This was the first example of that I have heard in a long, long time.

    I hope I hear more from this composer.
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