Season 6 Episode 1

Last Man Standing

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on CBS

Episode Recap

After Director Sheppard's death, Vance split the team up. Ziva was told to go undercover as a singer in Israel. People are sitting at different tables. While Ziva's singing, some people leave. Ziva sees a suitcase near a table. Bomb in the suitcase explodes. Suitcase belongs to at least 1 of the people, who left. He/she left the suitcase there on />

Leroy Gibbs has a new team. Leroy's new comrades are Kate Lee, Brent Langer, and Daniel Keating. A Naval Petty Officer named Vargo got killed. Crime scene's probably Vargo's residence. Former Navy Petty Officer named Brian Roberts and Vargo served together. Brian got out six months ago. Roberts died in a bomb blast, which occurred in Israel. Total of four people died. Thirteen people got injured. Ziva got injured in the same bomb blast. Leroy uses his cell phone to talk to Ziva. Gibbs asks, "Director Vance, why did you split up my team?" Somebody blackmailed Vargo. Vargo sold information to the person, who blackmailed Vargo. Vance also says, "Vargo wanted to tell me the name of the person who blackmailed him, but Vargo got killed." Now Vance knows why. Vargo got blackmailed and killed by the same person, who's an ENA (Evil NCIS Agent). ENA's a mole. From what Vargo told Vance, Vance narrowed it down to 3 suspects. The 3 suspects are Lee, Langer, and Daniel. Gibbs wants his original team's help. Gibbs and Vance interrogate Lee. She provides proof that she's innocent. Palmer admits that he and Lee had an affair. Palmer ended it few months ago.

In the squad room, Langer sees Gibbs. Langer asks, "Am I under investigation, sir?" Gibbs asks, "Should you be?" Langer likes it if Leroy's response's yes or no. Gibbs and Vance want to interrogate Daniel. Gibbs tells Langer to stay on base. Gibbs probably wants Lee to stay on base. Lee says, "They think 1 of us is a spy." While they're interrogating Daniel, Langer and Lee find Vargo's Access Card in Daniel's backpack. The card's for the CAS (Computer Archives Section) in Building 3 next door. Langer says, "This was evidence. Daniel must've taken it from the crime scene." Lee says, "We shall tell Gibbs." Langer says, "Let's go to the CAS." It's okay to leave the building. Lee has access to Building 3. McGee realizes that somebody's using Vargo's Access Card to get into the CAS.

At the CAS, Langer looks at Lee. Lee asks, "What?" It looks like he wants to grab his gun. McGee informs Gibbs and Vance that somebody's using Vargo's Access Card. Lee calls Leroy's cell phone. Lee's scared. They hear gun shots. Gibbs believes that Langer wants to kill Lee. Gibbs and Vance are going to the CAS. Lee's holding a gun. She turns off the lights. Gibbs and Vance discover that Lee killed Langer in self-defense. Vargo's Access Card's in Langer's pocket. They believe that Langer was the mole. In the squad room, Lee and Gibbs talk. Lee receives a text message. After she opens her phone, she closes it. Gibbs says it might be important. Lee says it could wait. McGee and Abby are also inside the squad room. They're glad to see Ziva again. Lee's the only one, who gets in the elevator. After the elevator doors close, she reads the text message. Message's "Do they suspect?" Flashback: Lee's the mole, who blackmailed and killed Vargo. At the crime scene, nobody saw her stealing and putting the card in Daniel's backpack. In the CAS, Lee shot Langer. Langer was innocent. She used Langer's gun to make it look like he was shooting. She responds to the text message by typing no.