Season 6 Episode 1

Last Man Standing

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on CBS

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  • Shocked

    It was disappointing that Vance broke up the team but he did it to try and catch a traitor to the country It turned out Lee was one of them and at first you can't expect her to be the traitor but after she killed Langer I suspected her She turned out to be the traitor and was able to walk out of NCIS Maybe the storyline will continue in another episode.
  • The 6th Season Begins With The "New" Team Investigating A Petty Officer's Death. Where The Trail Leads To Angers And Threatens The Team.

    This episode was a great way to start the season but not the best. Don't get me wrong but I loved how we did not see the normal team in action, since three new agents sitting in the seats of Ziva, Tony and Tim. It was great to see what the team could have been instead of the regular one. The team was depressing and there was no chemistry at all between the characters. The case was well written so I'll give some bonus points for that too. The first half of this episode was boring and at first it did not interest me. The final 10 minutes were perfect! The team finally got back together. The suspense is a highlight in this episode. The ending was frightening. You'll understand when you watch it! I would have rated it as a 7, but the last 10 minutes were so great that I had to give it an 8. A great start!
  • Last Man Standing

    The season premiere of NCIS returns with one familiar image: Ziva being shot at, and one very unfamiliar image: three new agents in the seats of Ziva, McGee and DiNozzo.

    The episode was interesting as for once they were pursuing an interest within the organization, not an external criminal. The result was a guessing game, a who dunn it, if you will. While the three replacement actors were not exactly riveting, it did not distract from this unique storyline.

    It is good to know that so late into the series' run this show is still among the very best on television.
  • Ziva returns home to NCIS

    In this episode of NCIS the following happens. We pick up a couple of months after the end of season 5, when everyone was redeployed. The team are called in when the body of a Petty Officer is discovered. From Abby we learn that it has been 126 days since we last saw Ziva, Tony & McGee. Abby begs Gibbs to bring the old team back. We learn that the Petty Officer, worked with a victim who was killed in a bombing in Morocco. Here the team learn that Ziva was also hurt in the attack. Gibbs orders his new B team to find Ziva. Gibbs goes to see McGee to see if he has heard from Ziva. Then as if by magic they get a phone call from Ziva. We learn that the team was broken up because a NCIS agent was black mailing the Petty Officer, who was found this morning. Gibbs is asks to find out which of the 3 new members of his B team is betraying their country. Gibbs and the Director ask Jimmy about his relationship with Agent Lee. Agent Lee and another Agent go to building 3 and has entered the computer achieves of building 3. Agent Lee is being attacked by the other Agent. She calls Gibbs who is quick to arrive on scene when he can hear gun shots. As they enter they find Lee holding a gun and the other Agent dead. Ziva is transferred back to NCIS as is McGee. Agent Lee packs up her belongings and leaves the building. She gets a message on her phone saying, do they suspect. She then has flash backs of all the murders she as committed including the Petty Officer. She sends a message back simply saying no.
  • Lee - did not see that coming.

    It was a shock to me that Vance disbanded the team at the end of last season. But I knew they would get back together (most of them)in the first episode of the fifth season. I liked the storyline altogether, the result with Lee I did not see coming. I wish there was more of Tony but I realise that would have been impossible while he was still on the boat. It was nice to see Ziva showing some emotions regarding missing everyone. Hope the next episode will offer more action/Tony/ team interaction.
  • Sensational start to the new season!

    This was the fitting commence to the new season of NCIS, and I htoroughly enjoyed it. The story is absolutely amazing, and this episode was great until the very last moment.

    I was quite confused at the early stages of the episode, but it was soon clarified and the episode was set out remarkably!

    Taony was great in the scene on the computer, and that was one of my favorite scenes from the episode.

    The end was was very shocking and I couldn't believe what was happening. They really hid the secret very well until the very end and I have to commend the writers on that!

    Overall, sensational episode, and I hope they keep it up from here!
  • The team is coming back together

    The end of the episode where specail agent Michelle Lee was revealed as a super spy totally caught me off guard. My sister suspecting the ending for the beginning, but I could not wrap my head around cutesy Lee as a spy. I guess that would make for an interesting cover in real life. I believe Ziva may have remarked on a geek being a pefect cover. It would seem it was.

    I thought the guy sitting at McGee's desk was the spy, and would end up dead but I was really off the mark.

    So Vance had a plan for breaking up team Gibbs. So I'm back to liking the new director, but who knows how long that will last. Ziva and McGee are back. All we need now is to get Tony back on land.
  • The A-team is great!

    Spoilers have been very rare over the summer so it was very frustrating since we had no idea what was going to happen to Ziva, Tony and McGee after their team had been disbanded. However there were strong speculations about the fact that Gibbs' new team might stay for awhile...

    So after watching the first episode of season 6 the first impression I have is relief. After only one episode apart, is the A-team back together and at work! I can't say this is my favourite episode because the essence of the show was not there. All of a sudden we had to cope with new people and let go our favourites. Just like for the season 5 finale the best happens in the latest minutes. The mole is identified and Gibbs gets his old team back. It was good to see how much they care for each other and how much they miss each other. The last minutes are even juicer with the final twist: Lee is the real mole, and her best ally is the new director himself.

    I look forward to seeing what their big plan is. In the meantime I'll just enjoy the thought that the team's separation was quick.
  • Such a relief, the series isn't going to turn into the House new team debacle, there is a god :D

    My worst fears were dispelled fairly early on in the episode and I haven't felt that relieved since receiving my last lot of exam results.

    So the cunning new Director is keeping secrets from Gibbs and had a master plan more cunning than something Baldric might have come up with, all along.

    With a seemingly vengeful little dig at Tony too, sending him out on ship away from "the ladies" that he loves so much. Hopefully just so he can get over the guilt for his part in not saving Jenny.

    The premise for the first episode of the season was a good one. A little "who done it" within the new team, that has set up a (potentially) season long on-going story line.

    I guess they could have made an episode or two with the new team so that we got a little more attached to the new newbies so as to make it a little more interesting, but I suppose it would have been a waste of a couple of episodes so early on in the new season.

    Sadly, the bad "guy" was a little predictable, but it seems that Gibbs is on the case from the little glances at the end.

    It should make for a half decent long running story line. It's so good to have a quality TV show back, I really must be a very sad and lovely person as watching this episode really has made me very happy :-s :)
  • We find out why Director Leon Vance split up the team and what Agent Lee is really up to

    Incredebile episode. NCIS just gets better and better.

    I was so realived when Director Leon Vance told Gibbs why he split up the team.

    At first I was sure that Lee wasn't the "trador" but after that I had a weird feeling that they were wrong and as soon as I saw Langer's face when she pulled the card from Keating's backpack I knew I was right about her and that Langer knew she was the one.

    I was suprised to learn that Palmer was the one who broke it of with Lee guess he had a better instinkt about her. Even if he doesn't know that she is a tardor to her country.

    I have to say what ever they plan with the story line with Agent Lee I can't wait to see more. It's really exciting and a good twist. Never saw that coming.

    As said as it was to see the team apart. I have to say the story about Lee was more intressting than what happened to Gibbs, McGee, Ziva and DiNozzo in the time they were apart.

    I feelt sorry for Abby. She is like the one who always misses everyone when the are gone longer than a day. But I so loved her wall with all the pics especialy DiNozzo lol

    And Zivas openting was amazing I didn't knew she could sing. Hope we will see more of that this season.

    About Director Leon Vance I give him a chance. He doesn't seem so bad. Well for now anyway.

    I so can't wait for what's to come about the whole Agent Lee story.
  • fully fantastic episode!

    This was a great first episode to the new season of NCIS with the agents in different places and the emotions flying it was great to watch how McGee is refered to as BOSS down in the cyber crimes unit, and how he hates being called it but absolutely loves working under Gibbs. This was a very special episode as it looked like the beginning of something new with the new team and all. But also you could figure out something was going to happen that was big because i mean how could you say something like "heres your new team" and then have a whole new team no. There always has to be the same team or it will change to a weirder NCIS. But knowing that it ment that they had to either come back in this episode or the next one, and of course they came back in this episode.
  • Gibbs finds out the real reason that Director Vance disbanded his team which had nothing to do with the reasons previously thought. Gibbs is on the lookout for a traitor to their country.

    I thought this episode was really well written. I was upset that Dinozzo was only in it briefly but I understand that the plot was centered on Gibbs and his new team. It kept me on the edge of my seat. As always, Cote de Pablo was looking lovely, especially in that gorgeous purple dress. I thought that it was really touching that Dinozzo made a reference to McGee being his brother and Gibbs being his father figure. I would like to see more episodes on the closeness of the team and them really being a family. All in all it was a great episode and the final scene with Agent Lee in the elevator made my jaw drop.
  • It explained almost everything I wanted to know about the team's broke up. But that's not the best thing on the episode, which was one of the best of this show.

    Awwwww, it was soooooo beautiful!
    My gut told me that the video with the cleaning guy taking off the team's plates would not appear on the episode, and that the only scene Tony would appear was the MTAC one.
    It was so cute to watch Tony calling Gibbs "Dad" and Tim as a brother! "Are we hacking?" and telling Gibbs Tim kept using his stuff. "Don't forget to feed the chicken! Say hi to mom. I miss you too, dad!" Just HILARIOUS!
    And it's true, i have always imagined Gibbs as the father, The Three Musketeers + Abby as his children, Ducky as the nice uncle and Palmer that cousing who comes on vacation.
    It was nice to see Abby all worried, her pasting Tony's post cards in the wall, her warning to Gibbs: "I give you 10 days. I don't wanna pressure you, so 12." HAUEHUAHE
    Tim's new team calling him Boss! And Ziva's dad! She looked so unhappy by his side! And SO beautiful on that dress singing Temptation! Her french rocks! I'm glad she's back!
    I understood why Vance broke up the team, but not why he sent Tony to a ship. My friend told me that maybe it will be explained in Agent Afloat and I hope that's true.
    i wish our "odd man out" gets back soon! My other friend's theory says that Vance's motive to broke up the team involved something on the ship too. If that's true, Agent Afloat will be a GREAT episode!
    The new opening was great! i loved the shot with Tony under the water in Requiem. Love that episode!
    This was a GREAT season premiere! And I'm TOTALLY looking forward to Agent Afloat!
  • thank god the team is not disbanding!

    to be honest i love this show. the storylines and the cast combine to give us a show that is both great and fresh (the opposite of all those CSI spinoffs).
    at the end of the last episode i was gutted that the team was all reassigned and i thought that they needed to bring in the fresh talent to fill their spots. however i was grateful that it was only temporary and i cant wait to see the next episode when they are all back together.
    bring on next weeks show and make sure they are all back as a team!!
  • The original team is split up and Gibbs must find a traitor on his new team.

    As always NCIS delivered a great episode. I was so sold on Michelle Lee being a innocent girl to find out that she may be a bad guy was a total shock to me. I am ready to learn more since I love her character so much. I love the intrigue and humor as always. The characters have such a great chemistry. I have been waiting for NCIS to come back since last summer's season finale and was not disappointed like with so many other shows. This is an episode I would call a new direction for NCIS and the team.
  • excellent

    This episode is full of surprises. This episode starts the season with a cliffhanger. I'm expecting more action to come along the way. I'm so excited to see Gibbs, Di nozzo and the rest of the team. The writers came up with a good way to fill up the space left by the death of diretor sheppard. Gibbs is just as stunning as ever. I really enjoyed this episode, I'm looking forward for the next one. They came up with a great season starter. The story is so riveting, there's a mystery going on, it's really good. I like what i'm seeing here.
  • This season's opening had every aspect of NCIS I dearly love!

    Yes, NCIS is back. Staying almost spoiler-free over the summer (just couldn't resist peeking at some of the speculations) this first episode of the season really surprised me. It had all the ingredients that had me hooked at this series a long time ago. Humor, great interaction between the characters,a pretty solid case and very good acting. I would have never guessed this reason for Vance to split the team up, I thought it was because he felt threatened by the teams loyalty to wards each other. Of course I could have known the writers and producers would come up with a completely different reason. The scene where Gibbs's new team has to gear up and finally get into the elevator shutting Gibbs out, the look on his face! And the way he told Tony to watch out for himself, I just melted. I really missed that last season. They were all more light hearted and friendly to wards each other, which makes me happy. The end leaves enough room for further speculation, but the way Gibbs looked, I'm sure he isn't fooled. So thanks to everyone at NCIS for doing such a good job! Like someone here said before: I love to love NCIS.
  • Magicians might never reveal what's up their sleeves, but writers need to show us better scripts.

    While everyone spent the summer wondering if we'd ever see the original team, again, we are shown agent Ziva singing in a cafe with suspicious-looking clientele. My immediate thought was, "When is the bomb going to go off?" I wasn't referring to the explosive device.

    Sad to say, this roller coaster of a story manipulated the viewer in so many ways, that I wondered whether the director had simply written some brain-numbing ideas on a deck of cards, threw them in the air, and ran the story in the order the cards landed.

    Given the incredibly unimaginative characterizations of the new agent clones, DiNozzo's absurd appearance on board a naval vessel (he knows that all calls made on board military vessels are monitored, right?), McGee wishy-washing his way through the episode depending on with whom he was speaking (sycophant or stalwart? Make up your mind!), Abby plastering her office walls with postcards and paraphenalia of her missed chums (characters have to grow and mature at some point), Ziva surviving a near point-blank detonation with only minor injuries, Gibbs not knowing what the heck was going, nobody realizing that Agent Lee was obviously a mastermind at covering her tracks (how obvious was it that she was going to kill the other agent?), a new NCIS Director who thinks he can get an agent-cum-traitor to reveal him/herself by putting him/her in an obvious trap situation, and even going so far as suspecting a nerdy mortician's assistant of espionage, just proves that if you take a ton of different, inane, overused plot devices, all you get is utter confusion, nonsense, and run-on sentences.

    The only "positive" thing about this episode was the take-charge attitude of the new director. He isn't taking any guff from Gibbs, as the previous director had (did you notice that Gibbs has obvious issues dealing with women in a position of superiority?).

    I don't follow TV show credits too much, anymore, but I'm willing to bet that one or more good people left or were ousted, and were replaced with neophytes, who wouldn't know a coherent script if it fell in their laps.

    But, that's not the worst of it! You just know that we're going to be subjected to deceptive hints and clues about the alleged traitor for the rest of the season, right? (at the end of the show, was Lee's ominous text message from a bad guy or a good guy? did she kill a traitor or was she covering her tracks?) This won't keep me from watching the next episode or two, but, if things don't improve, I'll assume that the series is facing the same problems that "Night Court", "M*A*S*H", and "The West Wing" had in their final throes: nowhere to go, but down.
  • Script was a little jumbled, but the focus was the team.

    Our new team is very interesting but I think Gibbs is going to have them for breakfast, lunch then dinner. But at least we still have our wonderful Abby. The case of the episode took an obvious backseat to the fact of which Ziva, Tony and Tim are no longer with Gibbs. But the bigger twist is that a member of Gibbs' new team maybe a traitor and it's Gibbs' job to find out. But in order to do that Gibbs' needs his A-Team back in one piece. It was obvious that Lee is jealous of what the team has and she maybe ultimately a bad guy. But things have not appeared to be as they should.
  • i was really exided for the season to start, and all I got was this? Couldn't they at least come up with a better storyline to bring the characters back?

    i was really exided for the season to start, and all I got was this? Couldn't they at least come up with a better storyline to bring the characters back? I mean it was confusing and the only reson i kept watching the episode was to see what would become of tony, ziva, and mcgee.I didn't even understand how the dead person they found related to ziva in marroco. (and isn't that jsut a little too conincidental to see her on the t.v?) they should have included the character scences they had but also expanded apon the plot. at least it seems as though next week will be a good episode... (I hope)
  • Amazing and well worth the wait. Moments to ponder over for the season to come.

    The team will be back together, even Tony on board ship is going to be back... Abby did give Gibbs 12 days to get them all back and when has he ever let her down? Yet for his famous gut, Gibbs made a fatal error he heard the words and he did not really listen. Perhaps because it was Palmer speaking he let the moment slip by without a second look. Jimmy said that he broke it off with Agent Lee because he did not like being used. The odd little man with the glasses knew something was not right and so he ended a very physical relationship, he knew he was being used. Gibbs and Leon assumed he meant just for sex and perhaps on the surface he did, but I believe Palmer knows more than even he realizes and that will come to the surface before this sordid tale ends.
  • After months of waiting and wondering, the fans got what they have come to expect from the the people behind NCIS -- Top Quality.

    This show was just ... a fantastic piece. After months of waiting and wondering, the fans got what they have come to expect from the the people behind NCIS -- Top Quality. There are so many moments in this episode that stand out as stellar and I am sure most have been named, but one that I love: Gibbs reaction to having "doubts" about his current team was classic.

    I liked the addition of Vance last season, but for the most part was riding the fence about his character's motive. I am still on the fence on that one, but I have to say now more than ever that I LOVE the addition.

    One disappointment:
    Tony, a lover of jazz music, missed Ziva's SPECTACULAR undercover performance. I think the fans wouldn't mind if she went undercover again working that outstanding voice -- especially Tiva fans ;)

    Overall, pure genius.
  • Review of Last Man Standing - a riveting episode with some wonderful moments.

    Last Man Standing

    I have to give the writers a pat on the back – one thing they seem to know how to do well (among the list of many) are give us awesome season openings (and cliff hangers, since the openings only build off the last season's ending). From Kill Ari were they dealt with the aftermath of Kate's death, to Shalom and Gibbs's short retirement, to Bury Your Dead and Tony's car exploding, Last Man Standing brought the same excitement, intrigue and suspense as the past three season openers. I liked the pace of the episode. They covered a lot of ground in 42 minutes and it was relatively easy to follow along with what was going on. The reasoning behind splitting the team up and keeping some members in the dark and others in on the "game" worked for me. It's been a summer of speculation as we wondered why Gibbs' team was separated and how they would be reunited. The answers didn't disappoint me. The resolution was feasible and believable. The writers did a good job keeping us guessing even until the very end when we thought all had been resolved. I have to say when Jimmy made the comment he "felt like he was being used" my gut told me not to trust Lee, but by the end I'd allowed my thoughts to be swayed (so I guess I have to give the writers credit there). Lesson learned – Trust my gut from now on.

    I think Gibbs suspects Agent Lee – or at least that the issue isn't resolved. Why do I say this? Gibbs' comment when Agent Lee's phone rings: "Might be important." This is NOT a random (or polite) Gibbs comment, it's just not something he would say unless he had a reason-which is what leads me to believe he's on to her or at least aware of something.

    Those that know me know the one thing that fascinates me is the Gibbs-Ziva relationship or what I refer to as the Father-Daughter Relationship. A special connection started with those two in Kill Ari and has had some powerful moments through the season (Silver War, Hiatus Part 2, Shalom). Tonight we finally got to meet Deputy Director Eli David-Ziva's father. What a contrast between Eli and Gibbs. In her father's presence Ziva was stiff and formal. As she leaves her father has to "tell" her to kiss him good night. These are not signs of a mutual loving relationship. I do get the impression that her father cares, but that Ziva holds something against him or something that causes her to be very reserve toward him. Which leads me to the end of the episode when Ziva returns (is there a red-eye from Israel? Cause that was a short trip back to the states, unless more time had "passed" between the shooting and Ziva returning-which the healing wound on her head might have suggested, but it just didn't feel like time has passed…anyway!). Ziva walks through the elevators and (shocked as I was, but this just proves how much she's grown/changed) she goes to Gibbs and hugs him – a genuine glad to be "home" hug. Quite a contrast between Ziva's reactions to the two men. I do hope we get to see more of this play out throughout the season.

    And lastly this segues into the relationship between Vance and Eli David. Their end conversation portrays an understanding between them of something-what I don't know, but there was an understanding in their voices and conversation. And I found the scene interesting because it portrayed these two strong men as men – not just directors, but men with lives, families concerns and hopes. This last scene is part of what warmed me up to Vance. I'm still a little leery of him, but he has some redeeming qualities too.

    And one last thought - Just who was the man in the office with Ziva and her father? He's going to be someone. He's going to come back and play a role, and I'm curious as can be as to what it'll be and who he is. To received that much camera time he has to be important. One of the first lessons I learned in writing was if you make a point of telling us there's a revolver in the desk drawer then the gun better come back and play a role before the end of the book. NCIS excels at doing this, dropping clues and then later bringing them back to play a role. This mysterious stranger will play a role at some point, of that I am sure.

    Random things that amused me:

    1- Abby's "count up" and her pictures of Tony, McGee and Ziva.
    2- Tony being Tony – "Hi, Pa."
    3- McGee dishing it back to Tony.
    4- The [Uniform Sierra Echo] of the phonetic alphabet.
    5- McGee being called "Boss"
    6- The postcards Tony has sent Abby.

    My rating: 5 out of 5 Dead Bodies
  • Lived up to every expectation everyone had after a very long summer.

    After watching the Season Finale so many months ago, I, like most people, was left with an expression of disbelief at the final scene. Again, like most, I wondered how the writers, producers and everyone involved with the show would be able to start the new season off with such a change as the drastic one we experienced. With the high expectations comes great suspense and luckily, the people of NCIS managed to make this episode something special that people will watch back over and over and smile in awe of good telly.

    One would have to think without every one of the original characters that show would not carry, and yet this episode proves otherwise with Tony only appearing for one scene (which I may add was something extra special for all fans of Gibbs/DiNozzo father son relationship) and yet the episode showing enough (pretty much all) of Ziva and Tony for a season opener for the viewer to become anxious to watch the next episode and see them even more, whether Tony will join the team again is another can of worms.

    After the shock of the season finale, we the viewers may have thought nothing will shock us again in NCIS but jeez would we be wrong. The twist that lies at the end of this episode will make you gasp in shock and disbelief when looking back the answer was staring us in the face from near the beginning of the episode. It was an absolutely fantastic episode which I believe will set a very high bar for the season... something that some of the fans are looking forward to after a couple of below par episodes in season 5. If this is the standard that had been set for this year, I am absolutely thrilled to pieces.
  • Wow! The most PERFECT surprising premiere that we didn't expect! Today's fan lesson:don't ever think you've had enough D. Belisario surprises!!

    (contain spoilers, watch out!)
    I must say honestly the whole NCIS cast and crew did a pretty good job in keeping the premiere's plot in almost total secrecy. Firstly they made all of us fans very angry by splitting Gibb's team. Later we were told there would be a new team, one of them would prematurely die in the first episode, Vance would reveal why he split Gibb's team and for the fans joy the old folks would eventually be back (amongst other, minor, tidbits). That made us fans go from angry to happy again. I must then confess i didn't expect much (surprises) from the premiere because i was already VERY content with the fact that they were not actually definitely splitting the gang. Therefore i could't be but surprised with all the plot twists. What a decoy they played on us!
    Agent Lee the villain?? I so didn't see that coming!
    I used to dislike the Lee/Palmer storyline because i thought of it as just a comic relief that took too much screen time, and added nothing to the main plot. Then, just like that, the Lee/Palmer thing vanished from the story. Well, this premiere also shows that the writers must have had this whole plot fully planned back a long time ago (unlike what we like to think, that is: writers change the story all the time because of fandom requests...), because only now the Palmer/Lee storyline makes any sense besides that of comic relief. Everything was very well tied up, there were no plot holes, same old funny lines, hilarious moments (like McGee being compulsively called "boss" by his subordinates), one interesting thing was the timely exactitude, with Abby's day counting (126 days, 15 days for them all to be back...), the date and time on Michelle Lee's cell phone at the end of the episode (it looked, at least to me, like the they were as anxiously waiting for the 6th season to premiere as we fans were!! That was just so cool!). We also meet Ziva's father and learn that he is a close friend to Director Vance, as we have some seriously sensual Ziva scenes. Vance becomes much more likeable (not that he wasn't before), and Tony is afloat and we only see him briefly.
    I love to love NCIS. Great job Bellisario crew, that's just why i keep watching this series.
  • Worth the whole wait!

    We've had four months, 126 days as Abby said, and I think it's safe to say that nobody would have ever thought of something like this. An episode full of twists.
    Small parts for our favourite agents, but they are the best at making those little parts irreplaceable. Ziva's singing and Tony's conversation with McGee and Gibbs are simply terrific.
    Not to mention that the plot is one of the smartest I've ever seen; the future episodes are going to be exciting.
    So many things to fix, so little time; it wasn't an easy task; but in the end a better way to start the new season wouldn't have been possible. Bring it on!
  • WOW! Great season premiere, as usual

    NCIS has never failed to amaze me. Like the beginning of the last three seasons, the premiere wound up the loose ends from the finale. Everything is made clear why things happened the way they did.

    Four and a half months later, the new team is settled in. One is a familiar character from previous seasons. Abby is pining for her old friends. Tony is on a ship. Ziva went back to work for her dad. McGee is in a basement across the street. At least Ducky did not change. A new case presents itself. Something is amiss. Just as you think everything has fallen into place, the very end has you guessing again. We will have to see how this all plays out. I can't wait.
  • So walking into this episode I had serious doubts about what could they possibly do to redeem Vance since he was now a series regular....spoilers ahead.

    These NCIS writers proved that even with the writers strike of last season that they could still provide hard hitting drama laced with humor and characters that you love.

    Abby - As always the heart of the show as she tries to bargain with Gibbs for her '3 Muskeeteers back'. She even turned to down 2 Caf-Pows from her 'silver haired fox'. We know she must've been upset.

    Ducky - Loved him as always, he seemed a little peeved at the lack of his team as well.

    Gibbs - Is the epitome of humor without trying. You felt his frustration at the lack of a good team. Poor Gibbs! Once he knew what Vance was doing he was humorous to watch.

    Vance - Hated him in the beginning, learned his reasons and now I will tolerate him. I do like how he messed with Gibbs mind for '126' days.

    Lee - No words, and they will remain that way.

    Ziva - She is not the same Mossad agent that we first saw in Season 3 who was supposed to take Kate's role. She has clearly evolved which is evident from her joyful reunion with the team.

    Tony - As always the hottie and comic relief of the show....

    Can't wait for the next episode!
  • The first reviewer had his review up before the episode was broadcast and he could not have watched it as nothing he said was correct.

    I was so surprised how well they did this episode, and no they did not do a House cleaning on this show. The new Director broke apart the team to give Gibbs three agents suspected in a plot to sell a classified file. The director does not bother to tell Gibbs and when the person who tipped off the director is found dead and his friend was killed recently in Morocco, thing start to add up. Gibbs approaches the director and get the whole story.
    When they start questioning the three, the other two find an access card and go into a secure computer area where Palmers exlover kills the Lapaglia character. However as the show fades to black, it looks like the wrong person was killed, we will see her again.
  • great way to explain separating the team

    So, I was actually excited when they separated the team because I was curious to see what they would do with it - and they did something I didn't expect. The director placed three agents that could be spies in his team so he could figure out who the spy was. I thought it was Lee the whole time...and guess was Lee! I can't wait to see how this story line plays out! Anyways, McGee and Ziva had roles in this episode and Tony had a small one also. They weren't on the team, but it still had the NCIS feeling. I loved this episode and I loved the story and I can't wait for what's to come!
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