Season 6 Episode 1

Last Man Standing

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on CBS

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  • The 6th Season Begins With The "New" Team Investigating A Petty Officer's Death. Where The Trail Leads To Angers And Threatens The Team.

    This episode was a great way to start the season but not the best. Don't get me wrong but I loved how we did not see the normal team in action, since three new agents sitting in the seats of Ziva, Tony and Tim. It was great to see what the team could have been instead of the regular one. The team was depressing and there was no chemistry at all between the characters. The case was well written so I'll give some bonus points for that too. The first half of this episode was boring and at first it did not interest me. The final 10 minutes were perfect! The team finally got back together. The suspense is a highlight in this episode. The ending was frightening. You'll understand when you watch it! I would have rated it as a 7, but the last 10 minutes were so great that I had to give it an 8. A great start!
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