Season 5 Episode 5

Leap of Faith

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2007 on CBS

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  • A good one.

    I'll always love NCIS but the one thing that just bothers me is the blatant disrespect for authority sometimes. Not every episode, but sometimes Gibbs' attitude to bosses and those higher up is annoying. There's a chain of command, there's things that are classified and you don't have a right to know about them. If just anyone could get this information then we wouldn't need spies and moles!

    And the making fun of Nikki because she dislikes germs? Ziva thinks someone who doesn't wash his hands is the most disgusting man alive, but this girl is extra clean and she too judges?

    Anyway good episode, good storyline, think credit is due where it's due, and Tony solved the case not Abby.
  • Great communication between the team members, after a long time, I felt that the team is again a team with all that1s needed.

    Interesting plot, why kill someone who was trying to kill himself? Somebody must have been waiting fot the suicide attempt and wanted to be sure, that he will all costs. I really liked the begginning and also the whole investigation, even though as I said in the summary, in this episode the crime wasn`t what I liked the most(bu it was one of the best). I liked, when Gibbs himself canceled his own rule "Always work as a team." and game his agents free handds to find profe, that theit theory was the right one. And as we all know, Tonys sense won this time...(well his "wife kills husband for money" theory wasn`t exactlky right, but the hit the person, who they were looking for:) )

    And off course, humour...great, scene at the doctor was great(It`s safe here Timmy:) )

    Well one of the best episodes, but even though, I can`t wait to see Chimera.

    P.S. Wil Tony really do what he said, and never give McGee a hard time again? We will see.
  • Leap of Faith

    "I love you, McGee! I promise never to give you a hard time again!"

    Lol, nice episode of NCIS that started with an agent on top of a 10 story building threatening to commit suicide, and ended with a revelation about his wife that nobody saw coming (or probably did not see coming.)

    The episode saw some nice banter and exchanges between Tony and McGee, but saw very little of Ziva. Abby was featured heavily as it was rumored she had another job offer, but did anybody actually think she was leaving?

    And of course Gibbs going all Gibbs didn't need to be put in. You know you're gonna see that when you watch this show.
  • A very interesting episode!

    To start off, I would like to say that the first scene was amazingly innovative and I thoroughly enjoyed that. I also loved the whole scene of Gibbs trying to get the man off the ledge, and that was quite suspenseful for me, which was terrific!

    I also thought that the addition of Nikki Jardine was an excellent idea, and she seems very interesting so far!

    I thought that this was the funniest episode in Season Five so far, but there is still a lot more to come.

    I also loved the last scene in the chase through the carpark, which was brilliantly done!

    I highly recommend this episode because it had all the features of a great episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Another good one

    This episode opens with 2 colleagues meeting in a hotel room on their lunch break. They then spot a man standing on a roof, getting ready to jump. When it is learned that he is a sailor NCIS are called in. They go up to try and talk him down. They manage to ID him. Just as he is about to come down, he is shot and killed. The team all looked shocked at what has just happened. The team learn that he and his wife were having a hard time and she had moved out of their home. They learn he was tracking down an AL-Qaeda operative in the country. They learn that the last phone he received was from inside of NCIS. Throughout the episode there are rumours that Abby will be leaving NCIS, for another job. They learn that he is a double agent. Abby and Ducky learns that he was poisoned through the solution used on his contact lenses. As the rumour swirl about Abby's job offer she tells them that she gets 3 or 4 offers a year but she won't leave. When Abby runs DNA from his wife they discover that she has a record and is the mole (wanted by Interpol). As the team go to arrest her, she has just left the building. Luckily they manage to arrest her, but before she made her great getaway.
  • great episode

    The naval officer attempts suicide for unknown reasons. The NCIS team is called to stop him from jumping to his death. Agent Gibbs successfully reasons with the officer and convinces him to get off the ledge. Just as this is happening a sniper shoots him from an unseen location and kills him. The NCIS team investigates what made the naval officer go suicidal, but the deeper they get into the case the figure out that espionage might have been involved. They race against time to find the mole working at the pentagon. This is a really exciting episode. The writers did a good job making this episode watchable, there is action and adventure.
  • Great team interaction and good action sequences.

    A suicide turns into a homicide; a Navy Lieutenant who worked for the Pentagon is killed on a rooftop and the team must find what happened to him.
    His background suggest that he could have been a mole and the wealthly economic situation of his family could also had been a motive for his wife to kill him; to solve this case the Director temporarily assign Intel analyst Nikki Jardine to Gibbs' team. Thanks to Nikki's informations the team finally manage to stop Arnett's wife, a Syrian spy, who shot Arnett to mantain her cover.
    Great team interaction especially between Tony and McGee... and Abby with he rest of the team because of her job offers. that till she clarify that she would never leave her job at NCIS 'cause they are a family.
  • Well written, with wonderful character interaction.

    This episode is classic NCIS. The way the characters interracted made the whole episode; far more than the story about the man that Gibbs failed to save

    You have Tony teasing McGee, Ziva being companionable, but not overly flirty with Tony, the rumours flying around the building about Abby leaving, and Gibbs' guilt over not being able to save Arnett. And added to the mix is the intel analyst, Nikki Jardine, who has a more than mild case of germophobia. The scene where the team, inluding Gibbs watches her as she wipes down the desk with sanitizing wipes was hysterical. Not a word was said, but the expressions on their faces, even Gibbs, was quite eloquent.

    The pacing was well done, including Gibbs confronting Abby with the job offer. Abby's reaction to the teams knowledge of her job offers was classic. What I wouldn't have given to find out what she said to Dinozzo after McGee shoved him out of the elevator.... : )

    All in all, it was a very satisfying episode to watch.
  • This was an interesting episode, and well written.

    I liked the episode it's just kind of getting old at least for me that everything seems to be some government conspiracy to not give them information, this is the 2nd episode they have done that with, I just now saw it in the repeats, so not sure when the other one originally aired. If they start playing politics like other shows then I'm done with this show. The rest was good as usual, the action and the evidence that's what I like about this episode and this show in general, as well as the humor. This wasn't the best episode but it wasn't bad at all.
  • Great team episode.

    This was a great team installment of NCIS. They were all involved from the get-go with a Navy officer threatening to commit suicide. The team dynamics being represented by the leader Gibbs, going out on the ledge, McGee and Abby giving Tech back up with Tony and Ziva providing cover. It was an unusual turn for the Gibbs character as he was affected by his interaction and death of Arnett. Instead of being tenacious and going after the killer he took the back seat, which I thought was a little out of character. He blamed himself yet we were never given any real reason why

    There was some excellent DiNozzo/McGee relationship developments with the hilarious scenes in the shrinks office and of course when McGee saves Tony at the end.

    And of course Abby's reaction to all the 'job offer' rumors was a great moment.

    All together a really strong episode.
  • The return of the Head slaps!

    For me, this is a return to the old form for NCIS, which for me is a good thing! First and foremost, It's the first episode in a long time where there were actually some head-slapping going again! There were some great funny scenes in this episode, and the one that stood out for me was Abbey's monologue imitating Gibbs.

    The OCD addition to the team for this episode was another welcome way to increase the funnies, even though it may be a bit cliche :p. However, I did find it strange that Ziva didn't pick on her like she did to the FBI agent of last episode, when she found out that Tony found her cute.

    The running background theme of Abbey leaving was also quite funny, with a typical game of Chinese whispers and rumours flying around Abbey, and having a mushy ending to that was also very nice, too.

    Overall, I thought of it as one of the better episodes, but still not one of the great episodes.
  • Back to Normal

    Ok I am really glad now that NCIS is back to its old format. I really enjoyed this episode. I laughed quite a bit on this one. The office scene with Tony and McGee had me rolling. I know that the fanfictions are going to go wild with that one. I thought that the tension about Abby getting a new job was really cool. I think that Tony should have been the one to give the flowers at the end, but only as a secret between him and Abby, but I guess Im not writing these episodes. Im in love with Tony so I couldn't wait for this one to play because of the Tony tension and I am REALLY glad that it was Tim that rescued him. I think that those two do need a closer friendship. I have a feeling that Tim's fear of heights will come up again. heehee. I loved Nikki Jardine the NCIS analyst. Her OCD and the looks that the team gave her were hilarious. I hope that they bring her back. I did feel sorry for Gibbs, cuz you know that once he gets that Poppa Bear look, he won't let it go, and I am pretty sure that he felt it for Michael Arnett.
  • good episode...

    The team is called in to stop a sailor from comitting suicide, but as the sailor decides not to commit suicide he is shot. In the end, it turned out that his wife was a terrorist and she killed him. The story was interesting and I loved how Abby was basically the one that solved it. I liked the new girl. I also liked the emotional toll that the case took on Gibbs. It showed that he was human. Overall, great episode with good character development and many good funny moments. McGee afraid of heights and Tony almost falling down a long way...halarious.
  • Another good episode of NCIS with a well paced case and plenty of tension with the team. The case had great back and forth with the suicide of a navel intelligence officer that turned into murder. As Gibbs was bringing him off the

    Another good episode of NCIS with a well paced case and plenty of tension with the team. The case had great back and forth with the suicide of a navel intelligence officer that turned into murder. As Gibbs was bringing him off the lead an assassins bullet took him down. We later find that the American as apple pie wife of his is a Syrian spy. She almost kills Tony who needs to be rescued by Mcgee which was hilarious. Behind the scenes a cute little hypocondriac keeps the team in stitches but Ziva's Tony is safe since as he said what would they do it in a hazmat suit. Abby had to endure strange looks due to a rumor that she was leaving the team. Good episode had lots of participation from the whole team and a case that kept my interest.
  • Great characters, great case, and a good action sequence.

    I love the chase. I enjoy being presented with the situation and the characters and then set to flail about as the team finds the clues that will pick one of the suspects and make them a criminal. This is what we get just about every week with this show, and I don't get tired of it.

    This episode gave us plenty of herrings, red and otherwise, as we delved deeply into this case.

    I thought it was a nice touch having the team argue their different theories passionately. Often they have the leadership of Gibbs to direct them...but Gibbs, stuck in guilt was a little less than his typical hero.

    Also in the mix a germophobe investigator who Tony might have an eye on. (How does Ziva feel about this?...giggle giggle.)

    The end of the episode (always a nice touch) was poignant and sweet. Good stuff!
  • Nice character growth.

    Thom E Gemcity comes on his own. Nice to know our man Probie is finally getting recognized for being a toughie. The intel analyst phobia was funny. Even unflappable Gibbs has to lean across to find out what the heck she was doing wiping the phone with a wet tissue. HA-HA-HA! Is it my imagination or is Ziva going soft? I mean this is the second episode where she is being gentle and kind? Hello! I think we are being setup. Soon she is going to declare to Tony that she is in love with him. Oh! boY! I can see that coming a mile away. The last minutes showed the phobic analyst being happy of the approval recieved by the great impatient Gibbs. I guess she realized despite the hard demeanor, the man in the end is fair honest and respected.
  • Just what I thought.

    This was a very good episode.It had some funny moments with McGee and DiNozzo. I loved the one when they were in the Shrinks office and Tony was going to put the video he had of McGee being scared of heights online and them fighting and the shrink comes out and they are in a weird position. And then the shrink think that there gay and McGee denies it and Tony goes along with it.It was so funny. It scared me though when they were talking about Abby getting another job, and I liked how she explained that she would never leave because they were like a "family". I love that scene. But although I thought it was a good episode I didnt like the parking garage scene. I like the Tony being in danger part but it could have had a differnt ending.Thats my opinion.But overall this was a great episode.
  • Humour abounds in Leap of Faith.

    McGee and Tony were funny is the doctors office. I loved that Tony was going to upload McGee hugging the stairs on youtube. I loved that McGee was trying to grab Tony's cell phone. I really like the look on McGee face when the doctor thought he and Tony were a couple. I could not stop laughing during this scene.

    McGee got a chance to be the hero and pull Tony back over the edge. I loved when Tony got Gibbs slapped for spreading rumours about Abby's job offers. Gibbs believed him. Gibbs should have gave himself a head slap for believing scuttlebut.

    Abby remains the favorite. Poor Tony! Atleast, he got a rose!
  • Another great episode with a lot of character interaction and support from each other.

    As usual, a hit with me. I loved the great interaction with Tony and McGee and especially the fact that now Tony has to be indebted to the Probie. At least now that Tim has saved Tony's live, he can't keep teasing him about the acrophobia.
    Poor Abby stuck down there in the lab alone all the time feeling taken for granted was too cute. But of course her knight in shining armor Leroy Jethro Gibbs rides in on his stead and lets his little damsel know that she is loved and appreciated. I just love the relationship these two characters have. It is just so believable.
  • When a naval officer attemps a suicide NCIS is called in to help. Just as he tries to take Gibbs' hand he is shot in the shoulder and falls down. A suicide turns into murder and it's up to NCIS to solve it.

    Overall it was a good episode, not as great as some other episode but good nevertheless. I feel like this is the first episodes where everything is getting back to normal after Gibbs leaving and Tony's undercover assignment. Their banter is getting back and it starts look like a real family again! So I'm not really going to review the plot but more the characters.

    I think you can see that McGee has grown as a character, he stands up to Tony now and he is more confident(except for the ladder part). Also the speech from Abby was great! She rocks and she really made her point and she said what we've have known all along: that they really are one big family. There was some humour in it, but for the most part she was really serious and I it help to built Abby's character even more.

    There was also some character building for Gibbs, him dealing with the death of the naval officer and blaming himseslf for his death. It was so sweet of Gibbs calling the sister of the naval officer. For once you get to see his sensitive side.

    There was also lots of banter and humor. The scene with Tony and McGee when they're at shrink was hilarious. Didn't see it coming, but they played it really well! Then the scenes with the germ-phobia agent! And Tony 'sneezing' right at her was amusing!

    The only thing I missed was some Tiva, I really think they have to increase the Tiva-level
  • I love you Timmy.

    Despite the seriousness of the case, the gang totally brought the comic relief out. Nikki definitely hit the top of my favourite guest star agents list. It's a good thing that I wasn't drinking anything or had to use the facilities because that scene with Tony and McGee fighting in the waiting room of the shrink's office was hilarious.

    I confess, I was a little freaked out when they were talking about Abby leaving. Thankfully, it was just Tony being an idiot. Lol, I love dog piles, there's never enough, but just enough, you know? Chasing the black widow in the parking garage was so cool.
  • Sailor ready to jump ... sheep in wolves clothing.

    What a great way to lighten up a serious subject. The whole Tony and McGee dialogue was hilarious! And the way Abby told everybody off! Wow! It wasn't just Tony's mouth that was dropped open. I was stunned and laughing all at the same time. I even liked the germ-o-phobe new character. What ever happened to Agent Lee? Last week there was eight crime dramas on the top 20 rankings ....and while they all have their virtures, it's no wonder why this show is rated in the top 10! It just shows you can still be funny in a drama!
  • Male bonding between Tony & McGee!

    A suicide turns into a murder as the NCIS has little to go on as well as a stonewall Pentagon. While investigating the man who was killed. Loved the Tony-McGee brotherly relationship as Tony is the big brother to McGee's little brother. Abby, is a riot as usual. But also she really was so neat and funny. IMHO, she is the show's breakout character. The way that Tony "sneezed" when an OCD agent was brushing the phone to see how she does. Really felt bad for Jethro as he was trying to save that man's life. Only for the man to be murdered. As everybody is to blame it seems.
  • When the group investigates a Suicide turned Homicide, they have to work with very little due to the high profile case of a pentagon agent.Everyone associated to the dead man is a suspect and NCIS must figure out who killed this man and why.

    This was a really amazing episode. It had many aspects to it. It was great to see all the members go after their different leads against each other.

    It also brought up the "family" aspect of the team with the sub story line of Abby's job offer. Her getting mad and yelling scene was a good one.

    The Tony and McGee scenes both in the therapists office as the gay couple and with McGee saving Tony where fantastic.

    In my opinion the funniest scene was the one where they all watched the OCD agent cleaning the phone and then Tony faked sneezing on her to see what she'd do.
    So far...this episode a personal favorite of the Season
  • a suicide gone wrong and its always the first one you think of to blame

    Oh my god this was amazing, I think this was the best McGee/Tony brotherly bonding I have ever seen

    the neat freak woman was fun and the cookies the whole episode was just amazing I loved Abby though when she played Gibbs and then her slapping Tony for spreading the rumor of her classic

    it was a sad one for Gibbs though but it was still so awesome and we found out rule 15 always work as a team

    all the ships had small moments which is always great especially the tiva one with Ziva chuckingg paper at DiNozzo's head and Jenny knowing Gibbs was there in all this is my favorite of the season so far