Season 1 Episode 10

Left for Dead

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2004 on CBS

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  • Interesting, but Kate was annoying.

    Yeah I have to agree with others about the Amnesia.. l don't feel it was done well. Personally am not an expert on it but it just wasn't convincing. She remembered things conveniently, and the whole bomb thing at the start.

    I actually felt sorry for DiNozzo.. Why everyone was completely against him staying the night, and it's hardly his fault that the boiler blew up. Some friends. Especially since Gibbs does sleep in his basement mostly. Ducky lives in basically a mansion (but I suppose - his mother). Kate definitely not, I think she'd just make him feel like worse of a person. But naturally Kate lets a complete stranger with ties to bombs stay, but won't even be nice to Tony. I am glad Gibbs gives in eventually though.

    Kate's automatic 'sister bond' with her was a bit annoying. I suppose it may be realistic, she felt very sorry for her. But how much worse she got throughout the entire episode was annoying. And before they had even spoken "the look in her eyes". And when Tony says things, Kate defending her with death stares and saying "she's not the type" - you don't even know her type! She's a horrible profiler. If she's so sure of her innocence from 'the look of her' and kate just KNOWS. Then the moment Suzanne remembers she's a murderer, Kate should be able to tell right. Then she becomes a double murderer and suicide bomber.

    Ahh the two MEs, and Ducky b*tch talking with Digger. That was funny.

    She's a psychopath, and that explosion was so big it should've done more damage to them. The flames reached them.
  • One of my all-time favourite episodes!

    The two teams - Gibbs, Tony, Ducky, and Abby on one side, and Kate on the other side - gave this episode a JAG-feeling. From a todays' point of view it proved that they don't need a female field agent at all. But I liked Kate a lot in this episode because her interactions with Suzzanne were great. It was a fine counterbalance to Gibbs and Tony who were amazing as a team, real father-and-son-stuff. I love the final scene when Gibbs tells Tony that his door was unlocked. Hilarious scene when they met Ducky at the place where Suzzanne was buried, and sent Ducky to search for a body he could work with.

    As a native speaker the German parts were hilarious, too. (Probably as funny as my reviews in English might be to a native speaker. :D) As it is mentioned in the trivia there were some mistakes in the translation and in the spelling because none of the actors who supposed to be Germans were native speakers.

    A strange bit was that Tony was wearing glasses from JAG onwards now and then but clearly never needed them - and now he was the one who spotted "The Apartment" on the key. Sometimes the writers really messed up their storylines, and the characters' backgrounds. But never mind in this case.
  • Good unusual episode. "No one dumps me, Stephen."

    Good unusual episode. "No one dumps me, Stephen."

    This was like many other NCIS episodes in that what looks to be a major foreign intrigue or secrets-selling case turns out to be a mere personal domestic issue. The episode is unusual in that there was nothing NCIS could have done that would have changed the outcome of the case. Still it was fun to see the imaginative mystery unfold. Lots of viewers criticize Kate for being taken in by the "amnesiac," but how could Kate know she was crazy?

    For those who missed some details (**spoilers**): an employee (Fenn) has an affair with her married boss. Fenn insists on the boss divorcing his wife and marrying her. But he has his subordinate fire Fenn and give her 6 months severance pay. Crazy Fenn kills the subordinate, and then attacks the boss, who fends her off, accidentally knocking her unconscious. Thinking her dead, he quickly buries her. Later she comes to, with amnesia. Kate looks after/befriends Fenn, who slowly regains her memory, and then kills the boss!

    One good part was Tony waking Gibbs with the news that began the case and then pestering his teammates to allow him to stay at their place for a month while his apartment could be repaired.
  • A woman climbs out of shallow grave with no memories of who she is or why she got there. Bit of a strange episode all round.

    I don't hate this episode, but it's not amongst my all time favourites. There are going to be some SPOILERS in here by the way.

    Sherilyn Fenn does quite a good job as the amnesiac and Sasha Alexander as always does a great job as the team member who befriends her, only to be ultimately betrayed.

    My problem is really with the story, because you follow it along, but it's not quite clear to what extent the amnesia is real and not. She keeps having flashbacks to events that fill in what appear to be blanks, but then at the end, she seems to know exactly what she's doing. If she were really an amnesiac then even filling in the blanks would hardly lead to the terrible act at the end, especially as it revolved only around a love triangle. Plus she has the bomb in her hand seemingly before she gets the full flashbacks about her lover's refusal to leave his wife.

    It's an interesting episode and it's good to see Kate going through a range of emotions as she befriends Jane Doe then suddenly realises towards the end, she's not the innocent she thought she was.

    Just somehow unsatisfying despite everything.
  • terrible episode...

    Wow, where to start. I hated this episode. A lady is buried alive and eventually gets out but has amnesia. Kate grows attached to her and tries to help her. In the end, the girl blows herself up. It was so pointless. Granted, it had a little bit of character development with Kate, but other than that, it was so boreing. Overall, I think it was pointless. The episode was predictable and had a lot of talking and more talking...and it was just boreing. Honestly, I will never watch it again and I am ashamed to classify this as an NCIS episode.
  • Waking up in a shallow grave – who wouldn't get amnesia?!

    Now this is a horror story – waking up with amnesia in a shallow grave in the middle of the woods. That alone would be enough to give anyone amnesia.

    Kate's fatal flaw of jumping to a conclusion and sticking to it no matter what proves catastrophic here. She assumes Jane Doe is innocent, despite all the indications to the contrary and a man got killed because of it. It's absolutely her worst personality trait. Gibbs keeps trying to break her of it but she's too entrenched in her ways and refuses to change, despite how it damages her abilities as an investigator. Times like this, I wonder if Gibbs regrets recruiting Kate.

    Nice to see Derek de Lint, always loved him since Poltergeist: The Legacy.

    Very interesting episode.
  • A very well written and well constructed episode.

    This episode of NCIS is not an all-time favorite, however, it was certainly impeccable, in my opinion.

    "Jane Doe", suffers from amnesia, but Gibbs and the team will soon discover that not everything is as it seems, and that "Jane Doe" may remember more than she is letting on.

    As I mentioned, I really like this episode. I felt that it is one of the best to this point in the series, and it was plotted out remarkably well.

    The story had captured my attention and was very interesting, and I didn't foresee the ending to this one.

    Really, a great episode! One that I look forward to watching again! Awesome!
  • Being buried alive isn't all its cracked up to be

    This episode opens with a woman digging herself out of her own grave, with her bare hands. She then stumbles out onto the road, and explains to the driver that she was buried. She can't remember anything apart from there is a bomb on a navy ship. While Gibbs, Tony & Ducky investigate the scene, Kate goes to the hospital to visit the victim, Jane Doe. Kate tells the victim to use her cousins' name, address etc, so that they can get her released to find out where the bomb is. Kate lets her stay in her apartment hoping to get her to remember something about where the bomb is. The prime suspect in the attempted murder of Jane Doe is found murdered. When Gibbs and Tony go to the office where the murdered man worked they discover that Jane Doe also worked there. When she goes to see the body with Kate she remembers killing him. But she lies to Kate & Ducky and tells them that she doesn't remember anything. We later learn that she was the one who killed the man on Ducky's table. Jane Doe's real name is Suzanne McNeil. The navy ship she was remembering is actually a mock up which is inside of a lab. Kate takes Suzanne to where she works in the hope to get her memory back. Suzanne goes to her office whilst Kate waits downstairs in the lobby. As Suzanne walks back in, she remembers what Steven the manager of the company did to her (he buried her alive, believing that she was dead), although she plays dumb.

    He takes her to sit down to talk, and he learns that she remembers everything. Kate the pieces together things and learns that she remembered everything. Suzanne has a bomb in her hand and drops it. BANG! Goes the building. We then see Kate and the team being patched up outside by ambulance workers.
  • A woman climbs out of a grave with amnesia, however, she has a flash memory and believes there is a bomb on a Navy ship.

    While trying to help Jane Doe recover her identity, the team finds out that not everything is what it seemed at first.

    Turns out that the woman works for a German bomb maker. She designs bombs for testing a machine that is suppose to be able to detect any kind of bomb. She was also having an affair with her boss and killed the messanger, who told her to leave with the money. Because her boss would not leave his wife for her she drops a bomb and kills herself with her lover.

    This was not my all time favorite. It was well written and executed. I Kate was upset with herself for not helpping the victum better or something.
  • nice episode

    A woman wakes up after being buried alive. The attention of the NCIS team is alerted after the woman reports of a ship being blown up. Gibbs investigates the case right away after, they help the woman remember what she went through. Piece by piece, the woman remembers pieces of her past as she encounters familiar objects and places from her past. The team proceeds with her former work place where they meet her boss. This episode is like a classic detective story with twist and turns. It's well done, it's really entertaining. I really enjoyed this one, it's a good one.
  • Buried Alive!

    Now that is one thing that I never want to experience. Being buried alive! But the whole episode (in my opinion) was cleverly plotted, getting the audience on Suzane's side before exposing the truth about her right at the very end and therefore confusing a heck of a lot of viewers!!

    Poor Kate!!!!!! She put herself on the line for Suzane before having all her efforts turned on her! She provided clothes, shelter and food! and was repaid with nothing but a bomb exploding in her face. But once again... VERY. EXTREMELY well plotted. And Tony trying to get a place to stay!! Tony: You remember when I stayed with you that time, when it didn't really go so well?
    Gibbs: Yeah. I remember, DiNozzo.
    Tony: Well, listen. I was younger then. Immature, a little unfocused...
    Gibbs: It was six months ago, Tony.
    teheehehe... gotta love it. By it of course i mean the humour and the characters. They flow great in the ep. :)
  • Not the best episode...

    An interesting story line, but not the most intriging episode. A woman is found buried alive with amesia but she has some knowledge of a bomb on a Navy ship.
    I did like the relationship that develops between her and Kate.
    In the end she turned on everyone that helped her and Kate learned that no matter how nice and innocent people seem it doens't mean they are nice and innocent. She saw how harsh reality is.
  • Did this woman ever really have amnesia? Or was this just a cleverly devised plan of a jilted lover out for revenge?

    A very interesting episode... A woman wakes up after being buried alive, and she can't remember who she is. But she does remember that there's a bomb on a Navy ship. The NCIS team gets involved to track down the bomb, and Kate's job is helping the woman to regain her memory. Kate's heart is compassionate toward this woman, who has several memory flashes throughout the episode. In the end, we learn that everything is not what it seemed, and Kate learns the harsh reality of the consequences of taking someone's story at face value.

    Overall, I found this storyline interesting and a little sad, but I was more entertained by the interactions between the different team members. I love how Ducky seems unfazed that no one really wants to hear his stories. We saw more development of the Gibbs/Tony relationship and came to understand more of why Gibbs treats Tony the way he does. Love the playful banter between Abby, Tony, and Gibbs!

    Favorite lines: "You have a chastity belt?" "So much more information than I need to know about Abby." (Heehee!)

    "Kate will give her spare bedroom to Jane Doe, but not me." "Shocking!"
  • Amnesia is really big on tv!

    A woman is buried alive and that she comes out
    With mud as well as claiming not to remember
    As she is given a Jane Doe name and that the
    Team tries to help her with her memory and they find
    Out not all that seems to be true. Very good show
    And still coming into its own!
  • A woman is buried alive. Not in a coffin or anything, but just with mud and the ground.

    A woman is buried alive. Not in a coffin or anything, but just with mud and the ground. After she gets out, she runs into the street and a car stops for her. She then remembers that there is a bomb on a ship somewhere.
    NCIS team goes to talk to her in the hospital. She doesn't remember anything. Kate becomes froms with her. The ending of this episode makes me sad.