Season 6 Episode 22

Legend, Part I

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2009 on CBS

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  • Too much time spent setting up spinoff!

    Bad enough that NCIS never gets a 2 hr episode, but then we get a two parter with more time spent on the spin off instead of the team! Yuck. Especially since I really didn't like most of the characters in the spinoff!
  • The two NCIS teams make an exciting episode.

    It was great to see the two NCIS teams work together when a man is murdered in DC who NCIS LA are looking for so Gibbs and McGee head to LA The two teams make an exciting episode where Gibbs and McGee are in LA ,Ziva and Tony work the murder in DC and Tony looks into Ziva's private life finding about Michael Rivkin who turns out to be involved in the LA case where it ends with a good cliffhanger when he meets Callen at the end.
  • Super cool toys!

    So finally, here we are.
    The last part of this season starts with a really nice and out of the ordinary episode; in which we learn the basics of the plot that will be continued in the next episode(s).
    Arms dealers, "super-cool technologic toys" and secret agencies are the main characters; Gibbs and the team must cooperate with the NCIS OSP in LA to catch the bad guys... in the meantime Tony's curiosity about Ziva's secret guy starts to make tony suspicious.
    Nice episode; clearly plotted to introduce the new characters and the events for the next episode, so could be considered as a filler, well sorta.
    The party has just begun...
  • Yes, it keeps getting better

    It is hard to believe, but the series just keeps getting better with few episodes being the exception. We can only hope that the spinoff is even half as good. It does appear to show promise. The characters are already becoming as approachable as the original NCIS crew. The plot swings and surprises appear to be there as well. The gadgets just keep getting more technical and innovative. Is there anyway that they can continue to improve in all these areas. Well, I for one am very hopeful, as it is truly one of the very few TV series worthy watching week after week.
  • great episode

    i like this episode a lot and i can totaly see why it got a 10 on the rating but the only problem i had with this episdoe is that it was verry hard to follow the whole episdoe it was jumping back and forth from l.a to washington, to the past to the present to abby, to mcgee and gibbs to gibbs and macy, to tony and ziva, and to ziva and that dude she is dating i think so i was verry confused i can ussualy focus 2 stories but this had like 6 so i was kinda confused but even though i was i still loving the episode soo much. i liked all of the stories but i think ill have to watch it again on my dvr and i also think that all of my questions will be answered in in the 2nd part lol bottom line great episode
    cant wait for the next part
  • B Team

    I knew they were kicking around a spin off and I was intrigued when they got Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J, even more so when Louise Lombard formerly of CSI joined up. I appreciated the fact of which it started as a normal episode with a case but shortly discovering that Gibbs and the crew were going to be bumping heads with another NCIS team out of Los Angeles. As Ziva's "secret" started unfolding my curiosity spiked and my mind started racing as to the possibilities. I appreciated tension aspects between Ziva and Tony as well as Macy and Gibbs. I really loved the fact that the team in Los Angeles had previous connections to Gibbs, making him even more mysterious. Overall, I'm actually really looking forward to the spin-off and see where it goes, if it's like it's parent it will be a not miss for me. One of the things I love about Abby and Gibbs is that their relationship is never been defined. It doesn't need to be and tonight's a perfect example of why they just are. Tim's Christmas list is going to be an expensive one but a neat one. Tony maybe annoying but he's good at what he does, very good.
  • great intro for the spin off team

    This was a great episode in general and a excelent intro for the new team. the new team seems to be close enough to the original to appeal to the die hards and different enough to bring in a new audeince. it seems that ziva is either being set up or is turning on ncis and that kinda sucks cuz if she is turning it may mean she is leaving the show. it realy sucks that tony is the one that found out since he's always had a thing for her and i hoped they might actualy get together. the new past being brought up with gibbs is interesting but annoying too. they still haven't explained the animosity between him and leon.
  • A Marine Private is found dead. Things are tied to an undercover terrorist situation in LA so Gibbs and McGee are off to LA leaving Tony in charge. Ziva is visited by a Mossad agent Michael Rivkin a friend of her father's. Tony is suspicious.

    Great introduction of a interesting NCIS OSP (Office of Special Projects) team in LA. Great cast with Chris O'Donnell as Callen, and LL Cool J as Hanna. The team is led by Louise Lombard as Special Agent Lara Macy who has a history with Gibbs of some kind. Rounding out the team are Daniela Ruah as Agent Blye, Peter Cambor as Operational Psychologist Nate Getz and Barrett Foa as Tech Operator Eric Beal.

    Showcased in this episode is some of the truly wonderful technology these teams use in their investigations. You could say in a way this was the big star of the show.

    It seems a Mossad agent is basically running thru a terrorist cell killing them all one by one. The only problem is this is the US and we don't do things that way. So the team has to deal with Mossad and the terrorists at the same time. Back at home Tony has picked up some intell and is wondering if Ziva can be trusted. He is aware of the fact that Michael Rivkin was in Washington and that she met with him. For the time being he keeps this to himself and Abby who did the search.

    Some truly exciting scenes. The intrigue is high and it is difficult to tell who the good guys are from the bad. Cullen and Gibbs have a history and it is obvious Cullen has Gibbs trust. Nate Getz is a very interesting character and I look forward to seeing more of the relationships within this crew.

    Part Two will be reviewed shortly. Thanks for reading...
  • Belated thoughts on Tony and Ziva...

    First off, I really like Tony as a character. I love Michael Weatherley's acting and have done since back when he was in Dark Angel with Jessica Alba in 2000-01. I know a lot of people dislike Tony because of his relaxed attitude and occasional unprofessionalism, but I think that just adds to his overall charm.
    However, the Tony in these final 4 episodes left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe I missed something from an earlier episode but why was Tony so suspicious of Rivkin from the moment he fist spoke to him on the phone? As soon as Ziva started speaking to someone from her home country he immediately went hyper-possessive and wanted to stop her from having any contact with Rivkin, and from what I could see, for absolutely no reason. So what if one of Ziva's friends or lovers was visiting from Israel, it's not such an uncommon thing. Is he really so arrogant that he would believe Ziva would not get involved with someone from her home country, it's not like she was going to get naturalized and stay in the US forever. His penchant for interfering in the personal lives of his co-workers and sticking his nose where it doesn't belong was really over the top. It should have been toned down and Tony only got suspicious after he learned that Rivkin was Mossad and involved with the case in LA, then he would at least have had a reason. By the end of the saga it felt to me like Tony wanted to kill Rivkin all along just so he could keep Ziva for himself.
    I just hope that when things go back to normal in season 7 with Ziva back at NCIS (and it will), that Tony's attitude will have changed a bit from this whole experience.
  • Booo-ring

    Wow. I really have to dig back a long time when I saw such a poor NCIS episode.
    First: What's with LL Cool J doing the Tom Cruise in Minority report all episode long and Magee's role in the Episode being standing behind him and saying "I want one, too!"? It's not that it's better than using a regular computer with a mouse...
    If that Macy-Character has appeared in a previous episode, she's been so pale that I couldn't even remember her.
    I just know that I will not watch that CSI-type spinoff once it his the market. Screwing with my favourite show makes me angry!
  • Legend Round 1

    I watch both NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles, but if I watched this episode before I started watching LA, I may not have become a fan of it. This was not a very good backdoor pilot. The new agents just came off as a complete ripoff of the current NCIS team, when LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell's characters on the show are really not like DiNozzo and McGee at all.

    There was some fun stuff going on here, but this was below the average NCIS in quality, and you would think it would be better since it featured double the cast.
  • An interesting first look at NCIS: Los Angeles!

    This episode featured out beloved NCIS team meeting the team that will make up the cast of NCIS: Los Angeles, hwhen the next season of NCIS starts.

    The case that the teams were working on was interesting, although it wasn't anything special.. There were some aspects of this episode that I really enjoyed, such as seeing McGee feeling overjoyed and stunned by the technology that the OSP has access to.

    I am also quite interesting and enthused by what will happen between Tony, Ziva and Michael Rivkin. This storyline is likely to become significant sooner or later.

    Keep it up, guys! I can't wait to see how Season 6 will finish! I'm really enjoying this season!
  • This episode is the first part of a double special. The summary so far looks to be a good storyline.

    This episode is the first part of a double special. The summary so far looks to be a good storyline. NCIS working alongside the FBI, very interesting. the tension between the two agencies are always high as the FBI always try to take over. Going to LA is wonderful for Tony as there's loads of girls there for him. But what could be bigger in solving a ordinary murder? this two part special should be very interesting as all the other two part specials where. this episode stars: Michael Bolus Max Talia
    Jhon Doria Stephano Kass
    Liisa Evastina Young Russian Woman
    Chris O'Donnell Special Agent G. Callen
    Barrett Foa Tech Operator Eric Beal
    Merik Tadros Michael Rivkin
    Brian Avers Mattie Ray
    Brian Burnett Benji Kass
    Peter Cambor Operational Psychologist Nate Getz
    Daniela Ruah Special Agent Kensi Blye
    LL Cool J Special Agent Sam Hanna
    Louise Lombard Special Agent Lara Macy
    Rocky Carroll Director Leon Vance
    David McCallum Chief Medical Examiner Ducky Mallard
    Pauley Perrette Forensics Specialist Abby Sciut
  • Aaaah! The tension! The brilliance!

    Aaaah! The tension! The brilliance!

    Perfectly put together, loved the music and the filming.

    I think the spin-off characters are great, though Nate seems a bit weird to me, but that'll pass.

    I loved the mystery between Lara Macy and Gibbs, and the acting was impressive with everyone.

    I'm glad we saw all the regulars in the episode, and that we saw them in more than one scene, and that they all played a major role.

    Tony's snooping had me clenching my hands and wiping the pouring sweat off my forehead throughout the episode.

    The episode was mainly very serious, and the coming together of the multiple personal and impersonal plots was brilliant, and the last... two scenes were killing me.

    One of the best episodes I've ever watched of NCIS. Can't wait for the next three of the season. I assure you the tension will be tremendous, not only between Tony and Ziva, but between Macy and Gibbs, Rivkin and Callen, etc, etc.

    I hope the next installment lives up to its potential.
  • this new spin off needs some work

    they seemed to be in a back trash lot or garage instead of a building like the ncis original it was a little boring and did not keep me interested i do hope that the second part is going to be better it just seemed like they crashed alot of cars any cop show can do that seen that a million times give me something to really watch the old ncis is a lot more exciting and the actors are funny not sour like these seem to be they need to liven it up the scean with gibbs and the other ncis agent that no one could find but gibbs that was a great scean even with the bad guys to it just bored me and no more gibbs hates every female thats the same rank or higher everyone messes up not just females
    men do to
  • This spin off needs work before it actually becomes a bonafide series! Back to the cutting room people!!

    This new show may turn out to be alright ... but for now it's pretty lifeless. This episode was tough to follow ... too much "past" that we don't know about that's causing angry tension between the players (Gibbs vs. Macy - apparently "nothing" happened but somebody wanted it to). It was all to stilted. Also, there was very little humor in this episode. That's part of the charm of the original team! The producers ought to just stick with NCIS ... it's a good thing! Don't mess it up by adding to and/or changing it. The NCIS cast and crew has worked hard to blend personalities and it shows - the chemistry of the cast just seems to work. We've enjoyed watching them for six years ... now's not the time to shake things up!
  • good introduction of the cast of the new spin-off

    I've been dreading this episode because of the introduction of the new characters, but I actually liked them a lot. LL Cool J was not annoying at all, though I was annoyed at all of the stupid gadgets. McGee was hilarious, like a kid in a candy store. I love the tension between Gibbs and Macy and I want to know more about their past as well as the other main character (I already forgot his name...). I really like the psychologist character as well. Actually, I have to say that I'm really impressed by all of the new characters and really excited to see more of them. I thought the side story with Tony and Ziva was interesting and the twist at the end was great. I can't wait to see the conclusion and start watching the new show.
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