Season 9 Episode 14

Life Before His Eyes

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2012 on CBS

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  • Yuck.

    I'm guessing someone watched or read "Seven People You Meet In Heaven" and decided to write an episode based on that. Utterly horrible idea, based on a horrible book/movie. Pure religious BS, and it isn't even internally consistent. When does all of this happen? A dream? Some sort of premonition? The writer should be smacked with a mack truck for this mindless drivel.
  • Horrible!

    Very boring episode. Since it was a milestone episode, it should have been team centered-not centered on one character. Most of the what if scenarios were unbelievable and somewhat lame. About the only scene I liked was Tony's interrogation of Ziva, which should have been longer (it actually felt as if part of the scene was cut). Most of the guest appearances were wasted-they just sat there and said absolutely nothing! You could tell Jenny was CGIed in, but at least they had her there. Overall, a very poor episode.
  • Not nearly good enough for a milestone episode!

    I thought the episode was boring. Milestone episodes should focus on the team (like Chimera) not one character. Some of the things that may have happened if Gibbs had done something different were so unlikely (like Tony being with Kate) while some were right on the money (Ziva definitely would be a different person if she hadn't met Gibbs). I wish the interrogation scene between Tony and Ziva had been longer. I wonder if GG wrote this episode, because it just painfully bad!
  • 200th Episode, How time flies?

    So many things, not enough time. 10 years and you have 44 minutes, after commercials. Not many TV programs are on 10 years NCIS is a huge money maker for CBS.

    This is what I would do if I were President of . From 8 pm to 11 pm, NCIS 3 hour Special. There are story lines, for example, Jenny and Gibbs in one Black Op Flashback. Did they love one another? Jenny put career above her personal life. We have seen in past episodes how Kate and McGee's characters began and evolved. How and when Gibbs met Ducky? Did Abby always Goth? What a job interview that could be?

    Kate and Tony, a married couple, unbelievable story line. Now if Kate did not would there be a Ziva ?

    I say yes. Jenny knew Ziva from a past Black Op they both were on . Ziva's father made a couple of phone calls, Ziva David, Massad Liason Officer now with NCIS. Would Kate be jealous of Ziva? Sasha Alexander opted out but in other past TV shows they had another person play the same roll. Dick York left Bewitched and Dick Sargent was now Darrin Stevens. Would Tony be on the prowl for the Massad characteristics of Ziva?

  • disappointing

    This idea of flashbacks ie what would life have been like if he hadn't taken a certain action, has been done many times before and better. The case in this episode was uninteresting and the constant fuzzy flashbacks annoying. All round a very disappointing episode for the 200th.
  • "NCIS" Marks Its 200th Episode With Gibbs Recalling His Past Decisions, After He Is Shot At His Usual Diner.

    The milestone episode was good but far from perfect. The opening scene was clever and it hit my interest but the case was extremely dull and it could have been better. I even think that the episode would have made it without the case. I liked the flashbacks in this episode. They were great and it was nice too see what would have happened if Ari never took the shot on Kate. Speaking of Ari, he returned to this episode but he did not even say a word. Come on writers. He could have had a nice dialogue with Gibbs. The best parts of this episode were the scenes where Gibbs interacted with his mother or father. Anyway, an episode worth seeing despite its flaws. If you want a perfect milestone episode, jump back to the 100th episode, "Chimera".
  • Not as good as I expected

    I liked the general idea, because Gibbs is the character which has the darkest past and it was good to understand his choices better. But I really didn't had the feeling that I was watching NCIS, in fact, it reminded me of the episode "If/then" of Greys anatomy : (. And I expected much more feelings in the scene with his wife and daughter, at least not the "Thank God we're dead because I'd rather see myself and my daughter die than you." and she was calling him Gibbs all the time !! Even Ducky calls him Jethro from time to time, but not even his wife ?

    I've been a NCIS fan from season 1 and I feel it's "jumping the shark" as I read in other reviews. Too bad...
  • The case was dull, but the look back at some important moments was much appreciated.

    The episode had its flaws, and wasn't the most interesting, but I absolutely loved it because we relived some huge moments of NCIS.

    Kate & Tony married with a baby Kelly is hard to imagine! Tony called Ziva 'Viza' which was just LOL!!!

    I thought the story's theme was interesting. How one second can change your life in such enormous ways. It was certainly something interesting to think about.

    I cant wait for more! 200 great episodes (well, at least ost of them were) and I hope that the next 200 which will be just as good, if not better! Can't wait!
  • Liked the turn of events

    It's hard to believe NCIS has had it's 200th episode. I enjoyed how it showed things from the perspective of how he handled himself and how things have happened. I also liked how it went back to his training as a sniper, and what if he was able to Kate being shot. It shows all the "what ifs" that some people think about in real life. Goes to show, that we end up touching more people's lives then we think. I thought it was funny how Kate and Tony became a couple, and McGee and Abby were still a couple. So much for Rule 12.
  • Introspection

    The episode wasn't perfect. No episode ever is. Truth is though that every show needs an introspective episode. NCIS does not do that. They cling onto the past rarely, and like to make sure that every episode is new, current, and interesting. The only problem with that is the show becomes very CSI-esque. Someone died, find out who. Someone ELSE died, find out who. That gets monotonous and boring. Gibbs is the most secretive and the most important character in the show, and there is NO better time to look inside his choices and understand how we got here than during the 200th episode. Bringing back Mike and Hernandez, Jenny, Shannon and Kelly was great. Just like the episode in which we find out that Gibbs killed his wife and daughter's murderer, we got to understand why Gibbs is the way he is. His strength battles his guilt everyday because he realizes he is no better than any of the men he's put away. I loved Gibbs's mom. It's always great to have a new character brought in, and you KNOW she's not coming back in future episodes, but was just a character used to teach Gibbs a lesson: if she hadn't left, Gibbs would not have grown up faster, he might never have needed to leave Pennsylvania, and join the Marines, which means he might never have met Shannon. Ripple effect. Interesting storyline, great execution, fantastic episode. If you don't think so, that's alright. Your opinion is your opinion, but for me, nothing marks a 200th episode like introspection.
  • Just Became a NCIS Fan THIS SEASON!!!

    IDK but... I may have a lot of back tracking to do but "Is there something going on between Gibbs & Abby?" EOTH and the basement scene in this ep I couldn't help but notice all the eye contact.... Don't tell me age difference right? LOL I'm just wondering because I started watching because Gibbs and Abby have scenes together that just made me question what type of relationship they have. IDK but just thought I toss my Q in here LOL
  • Was there a writers strike? Flakey.

    Not quite a waste of 41 minutes, but close. There must have been an original script developing the Chinese Espionage angle. But due to the USA owing so much to money to the Chinese, somebody thought they might be offended and last minute threw together this hodgepodge of past clips to fill the time slot.
  • Gibbs is responsible for everyone elses unhappiness?

    So I watched this episode last night and it seemed the main theme was if Gibbs had done any of a number of things differently then Kate and Tony would be together with a kid, and Abbie and Tim would be together. Are we supposed to think those things are terrible and it's a good thing Gibbs made all the decisions he made.

    The flashback where he didn't shoot the drug lord didn't even bother to explain how Kate lived because of that choice.

    I have been losing interest in this show for the last few years, and the writing this season has not really changed my mind. Every line seems cliche, Abbie must be at least over 30 and still acts like a child, and Ziva has started to make those stupid phrase word mistakes she hasn't done since the 5th season, I'm starting to think she is just trolling everyone.
  • Really?

    NCIS is my favourite show, I love how the characters and storylines develop, but this episode just wasn't good. It seems like every TV show now has to have one of these episodes where they look back on decisions a character has made and involving destiny... I like NCIS because up to now, they hadn't done such an episode (that one with Kate appearing to the others after she was shot was enough for me). Mike talking about the decisions Gibbs has made, and then flashing back to the case and the boy saying to Gibbs that it's all for him to decide, that was pretty neat, wasn't it (attention: sarcasm)? And in the end, Gibbs saying he wouldn't have it any other way, like he was saying "yeah, I like being shot on a regular basis, at least I'm saving some lives in the process", that was just a bit too cheesy for my taste. And having the Tony/Kate issue popping up now and again isn't just working. All in all, you can't change the things you've done, so there's no point in discussing it (unless you're starring in Lost or Heroes).
  • Why oh Why.....

    I,like many others,were waiting for this 200th episode to be aired.Well what a waste of air-time.

    Has CBS suddenly had an influx of "PROBIE" script-writers for the show,I don't thinks so which leaves me to ask 'why oh why' did they miss-out on something which by rights should've been amazing,etc,etc,etc.Just like Michael Weatherly I too love and watch all 3 CSI's.Now CSI-NY hadjust done a show,with the script having 9/11 as it's neucleus and that was done with a score I would have put at 12/10....Ok there were the odd flash backs but the writers made it work.

    Now NCIS tried something similar,trouble is they got ''Egg on their Faces'',cos' it did'nt work

    now the cast were'nt to blame but MH should've opened his mouth if he thought it was wrong.In the diner scene apart from Mike Franks,(sadly missed off the show by the way)the

    only other person to recognise MH/Gibbs is Ducky.

    It left me with the feeling that the producers were trying to do an 'Icarus',we all know what he

    ended up doing .........FALLING.Now I know the show will only return to it's magical formulae

    but,take note CBS you've only got 2 more strikes left and then your out......!!!!

  • Disappointing

    I love NCIS but this 200th episode was disappointing. Tony & Kate are/were not a believable couple and neither are Abbey and McGee. The past two seasons just have not been as good as the previous ones and the characters are not progressing. McGee has changed over the years and so has Ziva (although I prefer how she was before). But Abbey's character really needs to grow up! I like Abbey but I am tired of her acting like a child. This episode was also disappointing due to the fact that they couldn't get Sasha Alexander and Lauren Holly to actually come back but instead used clips from previous episodes like we wouldn't notice. The show is starting to lack suspense and when you can figure out in the first five minutes "who dun it" then it's time to look at the writers. I was expecting more from this show and this whole season and so far have been very disappointed. :(
  • Excellent

    The reason that there is so much Kate, and not Ziva, is that in this reality, Ziva is a terrorist, and not a NCIS agent. While not everyone agrees that it was a good episode, that is similar to the show, we all have our own opinions and choices. We may not always like the ones that are made. This made me reflect on my own life as I watched this. Makes you wonder if this is what it is like, where you finally confront your choices that were made in life.

    I was hoping they would answer the question that I am sure everyone wanted answered, How does he get the boat from his basement?
  • Can't Go Back

    My first bad review for NCIS. I'm thankful that I watched this on because I was able to fast-forward...

    -- #1 The choices you make, the things you do can never be changed. You may be able to fix mistakes and make changes in your own life but that's it.

    -- I really love Mark Harmon in NCIS but the script was terrible. Flash-backs, etc. are never interesting to watch. I Really Expected a Lot More than This!

    -- This should have been a Memorable 200th Episode. well it's NOT!
  • Zzzzzzzzzzz

    Pointless. Boring. Don't do this again please
  • Beyond BAD

    If this is all the writers can come up with it is time to end the show!!!
  • NCIS meets Fringe

    Somehow I found this episode dull, even thought the premise could have made an excellent episode.

    Unfortunately the alternative universe history felt disconnected and it didn't captivate me.
  • Don't....

    9.0 this again please.
  • 200th episode

    There was way too much Kate in this episode. I can't believe she and Tony get married in the alternative reality. There wasn't enough Ziva!!!! Or Tony and Ziva interaction. I wanted to see what would have happened between them in another world.

    Gibbs seeing Kelly and Shannon again was so sad. I liked learning more about Gibbs past though, and the decisions he's made and how that has impacted on everything. Overall it was a good episode.
  • All of Gibbs' ghosts come home to roost

    I'm a huge fan of alternative universes, so I was particular intrigued with the use of "What if . . ." in this episode. While Gibbs on the surface has dealt with his two biggest regrets in life, they come roaring back in full force here as he faces his regrets and deepest sorrows in not being able to protect Shannon and Kelly, and not being able to save Kate.

    Would Kate and Tony have married and had a baby if Kate hadn't been killed by Ari? Would McGee and Abby become a couple, with a new place, happily cooking gumbo and bread pudding? Would Ziva have become more deeply emeshed in Mossad and Ari's terrorism tactics?

    The real-time story of a man who made bad choices in trying to save his family didn't really quite mesh the way it was intended. It was supposed to serve as a counterpoint to "when good people do bad things" -- Gibbs killed Pedro Hernandez in revenge for the murder of his family. Does that mean that the father in this episode had equal cause for killing his co-thieves, to save the world from the results of espionage (and, by the way, put some money in his pocket so he won't have to face losing his house or telling his son that they can't afford college.) To me, the comparison didn't quite hold up.

    In season 8, Gibbs tells Paloma Renosa that he didn't lose a single night's sleep over killing her father. But this episode seems to contradict that declaration. Mike Franks (in the role of "It's A Wonderful Life"'s angel, Clarence) suggests that if Gibbs had not killed Hernandez, his inaction would have eventually destroyed him. At one point, Gibbs tells him "I shot the son-of-a-bitch, but when I got home, my home was empty -- and my girls were still gone," which suggests there was going to be anguish and regrets either way. So what was the "right" choice?

    Shannon suggests that if things had turned out differently -- if he had been able to save them -- then he would not have joined NIS, and would have stayed in the Marines. "And the loss would have fallen on us," she tells him gently. His death in battle would have meant that he would not have been at NCIS to solve the hundreds of cases that he had solved.

    The parade of "This is your life" characters was entertaining. A beautiful Jenny, a sneering Ari, a somber Pedro Hernandez, Joan Matteson embracing a young Jethro -- and finally meeting Gibb's proud mother, Ann. It was strange to hear Shannon chide Gibbs -- "No Tony? No Ziva?" -- when he protested that he would have given it all up to stay with her.

    This was a very different episode -- reflective and thoughtful. Every season gives us new insights into what made Gibbs the man he is today -- the sense of duty, the bruised honor that he reclaims with every case solved at NCIS. We have never gotten a true sense of resolution with Gibbs' shooting of Hernandez -- we saw his sympathy as Abby struggled with her discovery, but we never saw him deal with it. In this episode, we did -- and perhaps he can finally put it to rest.

    (A small quibble: The editing in of Kate after the birth of the baby was a little clumsy. She was wearing almost the same pajamas that she wore in "SWAK", and her "What?!" was just a little too 'off' and obviously spliced in. I would have liked to have seen a warmer, softer Kate as a new mom.)
  • 200th Episode, only good.

    We learnt a lot about Gibbs in this episode, why he's attracted to red heads (that part was very sweet!), what would have happened if he didn't shoot the Mexican drug lord, what would have happened if Kate wasn't killed, the sad lonely man who was just a shell without his NCIS work. The people who made a significant mark in Gibbs life were seen throughout the episode, Jenny, Ari, Pacci, Fornell, young Gibbs, Shannon and Kellie.

    this episode showcased the events which helped make Gibbs the agent and man he is today, and the people who are with him now are the family he chose - not to replace the ones he lost. I liked this episode mainly due to the fact we get to see/meet Gibbs Mum and the scene with Shannon and Kellie almost had me in tears. (McGee and Abby being married was an extra bonus!)

  • Major Disapointment!

    MH and Muse were amazing together-the rest of the episode not.Tate-wrong on many levels.McAbby-love them but didn't fit.And Ziva-why bother with that interrogation scene-served no purpose.Episode gave more time to Kate than Ziva. Love Sasha but Kate was this one dimenisonal character but maybe that is why she is liked-easier to write for.

    TPTB need to respect these characters and their history and IF they dothat, they will be repecting the fans. Right now I feel like I've been slapped in the face and not sure if I want to take it anymore.
  • Online episode???

    when are they going to post this video up?? i liked it and want to see it again.
  • Horrible episode

    I do not want to say this. I've been looking forward to this for weeks, and the episode turned out to be a huge disappointment.

    Too many things were going on through the episode, and it didn't really have a clear point. It just seemed very unnecessary. It would've been better if they had focused on present story-lines, like the relationship between Tony and Ziva or the fact that Abby's adopted.

    The episode was not exciting. To be honest, the only part I actually enjoyed was when Gibbs met Kelly and Shannon. That made me cry.

    This episode should not have been the 200th. "A Desperate Man" would've been a better choice.
  • Too Rushed

    To me, too many things were rushed and simply left dangling. For instance, my brain has been itching to find out exactly why Ziva was being interrogated at NCIS? Were Ari and Vance playing a chess game of Gibbs' life? if Tony and Kate were so happy and made a baby why the heck was he talking so nasty to her after the delivery? Makes me want them to have the deleted scenes on the DVD set for the season so I can find out these answers!

    I did like Ann Gibbs. Those scenes with Gibbs were extremely touching. And, as always, anytime Gibbs has a scene with Shannon it's heartbreaking.
  • Meh, not so good.

    I usually love NCIS episodes. However I thought there would be something more expolsive for the 200th episode. Maybe it's because I'm a hardcore Ziva fan. I did however like that at the end he realised despite Kate's death he wouldn't have his team any other way.