Season 9 Episode 14

Life Before His Eyes

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2012 on CBS

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  • Really?

    NCIS is my favourite show, I love how the characters and storylines develop, but this episode just wasn't good. It seems like every TV show now has to have one of these episodes where they look back on decisions a character has made and involving destiny... I like NCIS because up to now, they hadn't done such an episode (that one with Kate appearing to the others after she was shot was enough for me). Mike talking about the decisions Gibbs has made, and then flashing back to the case and the boy saying to Gibbs that it's all for him to decide, that was pretty neat, wasn't it (attention: sarcasm)? And in the end, Gibbs saying he wouldn't have it any other way, like he was saying "yeah, I like being shot on a regular basis, at least I'm saving some lives in the process", that was just a bit too cheesy for my taste. And having the Tony/Kate issue popping up now and again isn't just working. All in all, you can't change the things you've done, so there's no point in discussing it (unless you're starring in Lost or Heroes).