Season 9 Episode 14

Life Before His Eyes

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2012 on CBS

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  • "NCIS" Marks Its 200th Episode With Gibbs Recalling His Past Decisions, After He Is Shot At His Usual Diner.

    The milestone episode was good but far from perfect. The opening scene was clever and it hit my interest but the case was extremely dull and it could have been better. I even think that the episode would have made it without the case. I liked the flashbacks in this episode. They were great and it was nice too see what would have happened if Ari never took the shot on Kate. Speaking of Ari, he returned to this episode but he did not even say a word. Come on writers. He could have had a nice dialogue with Gibbs. The best parts of this episode were the scenes where Gibbs interacted with his mother or father. Anyway, an episode worth seeing despite its flaws. If you want a perfect milestone episode, jump back to the 100th episode, "Chimera".