Season 3 Episode 14

Light Sleeper

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2006 on CBS

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  • Country clubs??


    Two quibbles with the episode.

    1: Abby said the call she traced from Joon to her husband came from a pay phone at the intersection of "Ravens Road and Lancaster Drive" when the map on her monitor indicates the intersection of Ravensworth Road and Fountain Head Drive.

    2: She also said the area is "nothing but country clubs". I used to live on McWhorter Place (2 blocks north on her map off Ravensworth Road. The house I lived in can be seen on the screen just under the "M" in McWhorter), and can attest that the area is heavily residential and has been for a long time. Some of the houses there are 45+ years old. There are no country clubs anywhere in that area, nor any indications that there have been any.

    Other than that, a stellar episode all around
  • The NCIS team investigates a murder of two Marine's wives, and must find the murderers before they attack their next target, a another woman.

    This was a good episode showing, again Gibbs as a family man. He had compassion but was still all powerful, to the point of being nice. The interrogation of the Marine whose Wife had died was done with skill, until Gibbs suddenly started for real. The bit in the middle with Abby imitating Gibbs, was a bit far fetched, but that can be ignored. The final ending was unexpected and did make you wonder if you had missed something, and was the suspect really a spy or not and if so for which side. All in all a good episode as usual, but the final words from Gibbs “ if either of you wing nuts refuse an order I will kill you myself” was just Gibbs classic quote.
  • A lovely episode with a nice twist.

    This is a very interesting episode – what appears to be the brutal murders of two women turns out to be stopping a terrorist attack. The story about Yoon is a lovely one.

    There are often hints about Gibbs being a father and it was so sweet seeing him with the baby. Combined with his gift with children, he must have been a wonderful father. Gibbs' instincts about Yoon loving her daughter were obvious from the first – the way she recoiled with the baby from the sick woman, that's not the actions of someone who doesn't love her child.

    This is a really sweet episode – a spy who turns on her country for the love of her husband and child. Falling in love with her target then deciding to save lives.
  • Unexpected turns

    That was great episode. It was cleverly plotted, it had unexpected turns and it had nice ending. We do not get those too often: I mean.. Gibbs were right and she was an agent but she helped to save the bomb, she did cared about her family and all she did was for them. That sounds like way too nice for NCIS standarts but.. I am glad to have episode like that around sometimes.

    I liked how Ziva thought she knew everything that woman will do but Gibbs was right: she did not thought her having the baby and what that made her do. And the whole Abby vs McGee was great.. plus Abby filling in sentences for Gibbs. So some fun too.
  • An awesome episode!

    I really loved this episode of NCIS, because it was entertaining, funny and enjoyable. The storyline was extremely interesting and rather unpredictable, which I enjoyed quite a lot about this one.

    However, there are a couple of parts which are a little 'dragged on', but overall, the episode is a well constructed and well written one.

    I really enjoyed the ending to this one, and I thought superb writing had a lot to do with it, leading to a suspenseful climax!

    I also found some quite funny moments from the episode, which added to the excitement.

    I highly recommend this episode for all the reasons listed above. Such an awesome one, in my opinion!
  • A terrorist cell is discovered

    This episode opens with a woman going to see her friends and taking them groceries. She enters the house with her baby and with a neighbour helping her to take in the groceries. As they enter they hear Korean music playing, they turn it down and discover all of her friends have been murdered. We see the team going to a sensitivity seminar. Just as they are about to enter, Gibbs stops them and tells them they have a case. The team go in search of Sun' (one of the victims) husband, as he had a history of abusing his wife. They learn he is at a bar but when they arrive he isn't there. Gibbs spots his car and the team find him inside passed out. They arrest him for the double murder. On Sun's body Ducky finds evidence that she was abused. The husband is questioned by Gibbs and we learn that it was not him who was the abuser, but his wife. He shows Gibbs his bruises when he doesn't believe him. Gibbs and the team go to see the woman who found the bodies, but when they go into the room, where she is suppose to be, she isn't there. The baby is in the room crying, and the window has be smashed and the room in a mess. The team discover that the window was broken from the outside. The team stake out payphone which the women were receiving phone calls from. As the latest call is made, they track the number back to the missing woman's cell phone. They see her walking towards the telephone and she pulls a gun. The team chase after her, and she vanishes. Until Ziva finds her hat and discovers that she climbed up the side of a building to escape. Gibbs informs the shop owner that Ming &Sun are dead. We learn that he answer the payphone and takes messages for people in the community. The team now believe that she is a spy. The team go to see the husband who doesn't believe them until they show him a photo of her attempting to kill the shop owner. The following day the shop owner is hosting an event, and the woman turns up there. She ties him up and asks him where something is. When he doesn't tell her, she shoots him in the knee. As NCIS enter and find them, we learn that there is a bomb in the building. We learn that Sun, Ming her and the shop owner are all part of a sleeper cell. Gibbs finds the bomb, with Ziva and the woman. Gibbs can't disarm it, nor can Ziva, so the woman offers to try and stop it from going off. She admits to killing Sun & Ming to stop them from completing their mission. Gibbs tells everyone to leave, but Tony & Ziva stay (even though he tells them that if they survive they will be fired). Luckily she manages to disable the bomb in time. At the end, husband and wife say goodbye (with their daughter who is sleeping in her father's arms), before she is taken away.
  • There are 2 military wives are mysteriously murdered and another has gone missing. They are korean now they are trying to figure out who would want to kill them and why.

    It turns out that the 3rd wife is the one who actually the one who killed the other 2. Is she a spy? Who knows? She has a husband a baby girl and now all of a sudden she is doing this, Why? They find out that all 3 were waitress with a korean catering service. Will they find her and find out what she has been up to. When they finally catch up with her she is at a catering job and she is trying to stop the owner of the service from setting off a huge bomb. They are not sure wether to believe her or not but they have to do something because she is the only one there who can deactivate it. She says she is trying to stop this, she at one time was there to be a spy but no longer wishes to go through with it. She says she is trying to protect her daughter. Tony and ziva both refuse to leave Gibbs there while she deactivates the bomb. He tells them if they live throught it they are fired. She proves herself to them that she was there to stop him. She helped bring down the whole north korean cell. So they are guessing that they will give her some kind of deal. This was a very touchy episode. She was trying to change the outcome of the ordeal. What would anybody else do? who could she tell? I figure she did the only thing she could do. very realistic.
  • Amazing episode.

    I don't know exactly why, but this is one of my favorite NCIS episode. Usually my favorite episodes are the one that surround the lead characters, but that was not the case with this one. I think the plot of this episode and the characters really got to me. The NCIS team investigates the murder of two Marine wives, and must find the murderers before they attack their next target, another woman.
    It turns out that those Marine wives where spies, and where up to no good. So the third one kills the other two to safe innocent lies. She was one of them, but is so happened that she really fell in love with the man she married and they had a daughter together and she was happy with that family. So in the end she did the right thing even though that meant killing two of three people.]

    I can just watch this episode over and over again!
  • good episode...

    Two marine wives are found dead in their home nad it turned out they were part of some sleeper cell for North Korea. I was not expecting that. . . This episode had a good story and I really liked how the one wife really loved her husband and wanted to be with him. I also like how the ending leaves way to show that the couple would be able to be together. This episode had the usual amazing humor that I have come to love of NCIS. Overall, this episode had a good story, good humor, and more great character development.
  • great episode

    This is the kind of episode that we must see in NCIS. Foreign spies is a staple of any military themed show. The story begins when two immigrant marine wives are shot to death at a home of a marine. The NCIS team investigates and they soon find out that a marine's foreign born wife is behind the murders. But the case gets even stranger when they find out that the marine wife suspect is actually a part of a north korean spy cell that have infiltrated the marine base with a terrorist attack plan on the works. I really enjoyed this episode, there should be more episodes like this in NCIS.
  • A really good episode!

    I'll be real, the episode was not excellent, because comparing to the real excellent episodes of this show, this one is really good, of course, everybody has different taste.

    But, considering everything, the plot that was OK, and the episode was also "Character development", and some funny scenes, like the one where McGee was... trying to hold the baby ( lol ) and then Gibbs comes and he holds the baby; that was an excellent scene. And the case that they were dealing with was also excellent, who could tell that the wife would kill her two friends. . .
  • A woman comes to a house, only to find that her 2 best friends were murdered.

    A woman comes to a house, only to find that her 2 best friends were murdered. The NCIS team now investigates the death of these 2 marine wifes. The woman who found the 2, their friend, maybe next. While the NCIS team comes to talk to the husband, of the woman who found her dead friends, and the woman, they find out that the woman was kidnapped.
  • A marine's wife gone bad. What will Ncis do?

    I watched this episode with my Korean friend. So it was very intersting. She translated the few parts where the actors actually spoke Korean.She wasnt really a NCIS fan before she saw the episode. In fact, I think she hasn't even seen a episode before I showed her this one. How can she live? Anyway, I think she really like the show now. I bet she'll be watching another epsoide, just like I will. Overall this was a pretty good one.
  • What a great episode.

    I really enjoyed this episode of NCIS. The actor, Karl Makinen, who played Dawson was unbelievable. He really touched our hearts and we just couldn\'t stop crying at the end. Very moving. So where has this Karl Makinen been and why isn\'t he on every weeK? We would love to see more of his work.
  • Good episode, but where's the director?

    This is two weeks in a row that the director has not been on the show. What's up? Not that I don't mind not seeing those Paris flashbacks between her and Gibbs. Service personnel marrying citizens of other countries is not new. However, NCIS takes this concept in a new direction and it turns out the culprit has had a change of heart and is trying to undo the what is to come by the only way she knows how. It was also good to see more interaction between Gibbs and Ziva. Good episode.
  • Marine wives getting killed

    Two marine wives are killed and the third wife goes missing. Pretty good episode. I didn't see a bomb coming or the whole spy angle. I thought at the end the family was just a front for the spy. Just goes to show I watch too much Alias. Not a bad episode.