Season 5 Episode 9

Lost & Found

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2007 on CBS

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  • Lost And Found

    Great episode. Just a terrific storyline... oh, and loved those moments that made me smile:)
  • An average episode, seemingly written to continue the "Gibbs as a family man" storyline the writers have been pursuing this season.

    While last season was the "Season of Secrets!", this season seems to be the "Season of Gibbs as a Daddy". The majority of EPs, at least recently, seem to revolve around this theme, somewhat to the detriment of the show.
    And in this case, this episode it was a real snorer. I didn't hate the kid actor, but he wasn't instantly likable either. The whole Mini-Tony thing seemed forced, and until Abby or some other character mentioned it, I didn't recognize the Mini-Tony angle. The scene with Tony and Ziva in the kids bedroom wasn't obvious to me either - when Ziva kept saying "What/who does this room remind you of?", I was as clueless about it as Tony. The (one) movie poster on the wall and the skin mags under the mattress could be like 80% to 90% of the boys in the America's bedrooms - why was that so obviously Tony? And while I like Mark Harmon as an actor, there was no "ooh!" moment when he had one-on-one scenes with the kid. The scenes with the kid asking to see Abby's tats wasn't cute, it was kind of creepy.
    A couple of other notes, there's a scene where Jenny is looking at an article in Stars and Stripes that says Col. Mann has taken a job in Hawaii, which I guess means her romance with Gibbs is over. Plus, some of the fan sites said the producers decided to end the Mann/Gibbs romance storyline, but I didn't read anything about them deciding to have him resume it with Jenny. I'm not a Jenny-hater like some others, but I really don't think that's a good storyline, and it seemed in this EP like Jenny was trying to rekindle something with Gibbs. Also, there was no mention of Tim's new wild girlfriend from last week, so I guess we have to wait and see if that was a one-EP throw-away to advance the Tim/Abby relationship, or an ongoing storyline.
  • great episode

    Probie takes a boyscout troop to the NCIS forensics lab for a field trip. Abby demonstrates to the young scouts what their finger printing machine does and how cool it is to catch criminals with it. When Abby scans the prints of one scout, it brings in a hit, their database shows that the scout is a missing person. NCIS keeps the boy scout for awhile before they sort out what's going on with the missing record. This is an action pack episode. It's a really exciting story. The writers came up with a really cool episode. I really enjoyed every minute of it.
  • unusal but great

    This episode was one of my favourite episodes of season 5, it was unique and it was nice to see the chemistry between the team and how they are with children, i saw many different sides to the team which have not been shown/ been shown very little in the past, particually Jenny, i thought she was unusally nice in this episode whereas in other episodes she is very bossy. I was also funny when Tony and Ziva walked into the boys room because he was a mini Dinozzo, i was lovely to see a lot of character development again.
  • You can add this to the list of my favorites!

    In another incredible episode, this one has a very unusual, though incredible start to it and from that point on, it was extremely interesting.

    Also, I thought that the child who knew more about movies than DiNozzo was hilarious, and yet another great concept introduced by the writers.

    I am a big fan of the episodes where the team babysits a child, including "See No Evil" and "Honor Code", and I felt that this was right up there with them.

    The episode wasn't too funny, but I overlooked that, because the case, in my opinion, was sensational.

    I would recommend this episode extremely highly, and it is one of the best I have seen!
  • Lost and Found

    The latest offering from NCIS, Lost and Found, is quite possibly the best episode in series history; it was that good. The NCIS team hit the ball out of the park with this episode that saw Gibbs show his sensitive side, Tony his funny side and Abby her less annoying side. The storyline here was that the crew was looking after a little kid who possibly had a murderer for his father.

    On paper that does not sound too great, but the scenes it led to were not only comically amusing, but genuinely great television. From the movie trivia, to DiNozzo not noticing the trail sign, to Gibbs and Director, this was about as well done as you can expect from the Washington D.C. based series. Critics of NCIS need look no further than this to see just how great the show really is.
  • When a young boys prints are run, the team are all in for a suprise

    This episode opens with Abby giving a guide of her lab to a group of boy scouts, which McGee are in charge of. She shows them all of the equipment and one of them how they run prints using his. It comes back with a hit, which shows that hem Carson has been kidnapped. He is taken to an office until Gibbs is available. When they investigate further they learn that his own father is the one who abducted him. Carson's step-mother is in the Navy. They go to see his wife who tells them that he is out in the woods and she has no contact with him until he returns in a few days time. Until everything is sorted out Carson is staying at NCIS headquarters. Come night time instead of sending him to social services, Jenny (the Director) agrees to take him home. After running his father's prints Abby learns that they are on the run, because his father is wanted for murder. Whilst working on his computer the team discover where the father's base is when he is out training.
    Throughout the episode everyone keeps calling Carson a young Tony DiNozzo.
    The team discover that Carson used the director's cell phone to ring his father, to tell him of the situation. When they get to the camp where he is suppose to be, he has already gone. Gibbs gets a phone call from the father, Bryan. They track him down and head out there. Abby discovers that the evidence for the murder has been tampered with to frame Bryan. We then see Bryan walking into one of the Metro cops there to help the team, who worked on the murder case. Then we realise that it was him who set him up. We then see Gibbs and the team turn up. We then see that Bryan has on protective vest and has a voice recorder inside which has all the evidence needed on it. At the end of the episode, Mother, Father & Son are reunited.
  • NCIS is looking after a mini-DiNozzo.

    The first thing you will remember about this episode is the interaction of the team with Carson, and his strong resemblance with Tony.
    The "mini-DiNozzo" seems to handle well his not quite happy situation, and the team's efforts to solve the case as soon as possible while in the mean time help Carson to deal with the whole situation are well written.
    As usual the fans are rewarded with some good moments between the main characters; Tony and Ziva argument about who should lead the research in the park, and Carson eagerness to discover all Abby's tattoes are really funny. Besides, McGee dressed up like a boy-scout is something that can't be described with words.
  • NCIS meets mini-dinozzo

    loved carson.Out of all the mini-kid episodes that we've done he's the one that had the most spunk out of all of them. He got along well with Gibbs and Abby.loved tony's reaction to carson's bed car.It seems like the bed that tony would have had when he was a kid. Abby showing carson around NCIS was hysterical especially with the ballistics and she was showing him how she shoots the gun. Palmer was great and turned out to be a really good babysitter!Who would have thought that? Carson tipping his father off was a pretty big shock.It's not everyday that a kid up's one on the NCIS team. The father being set up was an intresting twist.Loved the fact that things worked out between carson and his family in the end. All in all it was a great episode.
  • Another kid lost story and he just happens to have the characteristics of a show star this time Dinozzo. The premise was nice in a Mcgees sponsored scout trip reveals after a playful run through AFIS. That one of the boys has been a

    Another kid lost story and he just happens to have the characteristics of a show star this time Dinozzo. The premise was nice in a Mcgees sponsored scout trip reveals after a playful run through AFIS. That one of the boys has been a missing person for some time now. We are lead to believe his father committed a murder and took the boy as he escaped prosecution. The kid in question had all the curiosity, movie prowess, and libido of Tony. Which was cute at times although the Gibbs a like kid was much better. In the end we get the treat of finding it was all the jerk detective who worked with Tony from a previous episode. Good episode to my disappointment Mann is officially gone leaving Gibbs love prospects to the director but other than that good episode.
  • great episode...

    The team investigates the abduction of a kid. In the end, the father was framed for murder but then they caught the cops that framed him and then the father, mother, and kid got reunited. I really liked this episode because of the case and the story. It was halarious that the kid was just like Tony and that Tony never really noticed. I also liked seeing the family side of Gibbs. I think Gibbs and Mann might be getting married or something because they keep doing episodes with Gibbs being a family man. Jenny and Gibbs had a moment; thank goodness that's over. Anyways, overall, great episode. One of my favorites this season.
  • The improved Honor Code

    This episode was great from start to finish, although i did have a feeling the cop was bad. There was some great character development, we got to see interaction between most characters (even the return of Jimmy). The team all know each other so well now they kinda have like this rythum so it doesn't just look like actors playing characters, funny bit was Ziva and Tony fighting over the map! I especially loved the scenes between Jenny and Jethro, they suit each other so well no awkward or stiff moments like there was between Gibbs and Mann! Funny bit was when Jenny was reading about Mann in the paper and Gibbs came in, she couldnt hide the paper quick enough although i think he new what she was trying to hide it! I am curious now though as to terms Gibbs and Mann are since she must of left him?!

    One of my top episodes!
  • Palmers back, and mini Dinozzo visits NCIS

    Palmer finally emerged from his hiding space. While he is not my favorite character I noticed his absence the last little while. When I saw him on the screen I actually cheered. I loved the lab scene where McGee was finishing Abby's sentences. It's great. There haven't been to many scenes between the two this season, and they are always entertaining to watch together.

    We got a look at mini DiNozzo. The kid was a great. His family life seemed a bit more stable than Tony's. I could see a lot of Dinozzo in him, but I suppose that was the point.
  • The NCIS team watch a kid as they try to uncover the truth about his father.

    I loved it!!!!! Definitely one of my favorite episodes! It was sooo funny that the kid was a "mini-me" of Tony - that whole concept was great! And I loved when Jimmy was like "Are you sure you don't know an Anthony DiNozzo?" haha...that just made my day! And the fact that Tony didn't "figure" it out was even funnier. Wow and I just love Gibbs even more after this eppy. He's so great with kids even though he comes off as a tough guy. I thought the actor that played Carson did a GREAT job...very talented! Over all, great episode - definitely worthy of a 10/10!
  • Team's new assignment: Babysitting!

    This was an unusual assignment for the team but it was pretty funny as the rookie McGree is a boy scout leader as we learn. As he is taking the scouts to the NCIS thing. And one of them is the center of the story. A boy named Carson who was cute as well as curious. Plus a playboy in the way of Tony Dinizzo. Really great to see the team show their "emotional" side of the case. As this boy's parents despite seemingly the good American home, was hiding something dark and deep. Which makes it more shocking. I hope that they bring back Carson as he was pretty funny in the show. Abby was her usual cute self. Talking about her reluctant tattoos to a group of horny scouts. Priceless.
  • Excellent Concept.....

    I loved the script. I thought having the similiarities between Carson and Tony was hysterical. Watching the team interact with Carson was great. The best was watching Gibbs with him. The twist of finding out Carson maybe be an abducted child during a field trip to NCIS was great. Then following the trail to the wife and a cold case that may have Carson's father involved in murder. The challenge for the team is that Carson is unfailing in his faith in is father. As the team works on finding him, they keep finding more twists and double crosses' but ultimately finding out the truth and reuniting a family.
  • Well after seeing the previews for this episode, I truly wondered.....

    whether this episode would have an happy ending. Last week we saw Ziva see reality when it came to romance so I was curious to see if we were going to be subjected to a little boy seeing reality when it came to his family, and the possibility that they were all criminals but fortunately we didn't.... What we saw was a good tight family who although had their secrets loved each other dearly and were able to come back together in the end despite all the secrecy surrounding them. I must admit I'm getting a bit disappointed by how Dinozzo just throws out there within the first five minutes the real culprit and its not until the last five minutes we find out he's right even though it's a flippant remark. That was certainly an interesting signoff to the Mann/Gibbs relationship, which really led me to believe that it wasn't driven by anybody except for the previous executive producer. She came and went rather uneventfully, although I must comment on the Jenny presence in this show in regards to their relationship. It was overwhelming and uncomfortable for me because I saw her get excited because she thought she had a chance with Gibbs and I didn't see it that way. If Gibbs wants you you'll know it, her forwardness was unwarranted and frankly IMHO tacky. I did enjoy the Dinozzo/Carson similarities which made for a humorous look into him as a child. I loved Abby as always and was worried when I hadn't seen Ducky but was glad to see both Ducky and Palmer come on the scene towards the end! I'm a little disconcerted about how they've been writing Ziva lately, while I agree that she feels something serious for Tony, the puppy-dog crushing Mossad Assassin Agent isn't doing it for me. I must give props to NCIS casting directors because each time that they cast children they always seem to search for the best and brightest stars so that you really feel whatever emotions they are trying to portray. So all in all, it was a good episode and I was glad I sat down for the hour.
  • its attack of the mini!!!!!

    heh heh heh Mini Tony how cute!!!!

    A young boy is left with the crew after his father has been thought to being a bastard sounds a little familiar

    it was a cute switch from Honor code, instead of the cool watchful Zac we get Carson the boy who beat Tony in his own game, he is a mini play boy in disguise

    even the way Tony couldnt place the way the kid reminded him of someone was Gibbs with Zac though Im not complaining this was fun to watch

    Where is all the McAbby fun though I ask, all Im allowed is the little flirty mock in the lab is that fair???
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