Season 10 Episode 4

Lost at Sea

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2012 on CBS

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  • 10x04 - Lost at Sea

    I thought it was a decent episode. Agent Borin is always interesting to watch. I also liked the twistyness of the mystery although the ending was rather predictable, especially when the salvage guy who pulled a knife on federal agents DIDN'T get arrested for such a stunt. But overall I enjoyed it. Especially Tony comparing Borin to Gibbs, McGee figuring that wasn't so bad, and Gibbs teasing Vance over his tie. heh.
  • NCIS investigate a helicopter crash which wasn't a helicopter crash.

    This was a good episode with agent Borin returning and NCIS investigating a fake crash but the pilot was the only person dead and through the episode he was getting blamed for being a coward but he turned out to be a hero in the end.
  • Great episode - despite the uncharacteristic military goofs

    1 - The pilot is called a Lieutenant Commander but his picture on the NCIS screen shows him wearing a saucer cap with "scrambled eggs" on the visor. In the Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard, an officer doesn't start wearing that type of cap until he reaches "full" commander (in the Navy & CG) or Lieutenant Colonel (Marines or USAF), pay grade O-5. The Army differs in that you switch to the scrambled eggs visor upon reaching Major, pay grade O-4.

    2 - When Petty Officer Sparks is in the NCIS interrogation room, her JAG counsel refers to her as "Lieutenant" Sparks. NOT an error that would ever happen.

    As a retired military officer, I've always been impressed by NCIS' ability to get the military details right. The first error was somewhat subtle. The second one wasn't.

  • Agent Borin Appears

    It is hearworming to see agent Borin again. I wish to see cooperation of NCIS and the coast-guard more often. The early appearance of the "captain" was a clue but nonetheless the episode is very entertaining
  • Phenomenal case!

    This was yet another very intriguing NCIS case, and this one reminded me of a couple of episodes from the first couple of seasons which had similar, yet different, storylines.

    I was very glad to see Agent Borin again, as her episodes have always vbeen very, very good! Her inteeractions with our team members are always great and really funny.

    So far, it has been four incredible episodes to kickstart Season 10! I sure hope NCIS is able to continue in this vain!
  • Very good

    Well worth watching. shows greed, murder, good & bad - along with a family's health problems & personal problems. Along with the usualy Zeva getting one over on the other 2.

    Add Agent Boren & Gibbs with the great comments..


    I just love watching Gibb's team at work..............
  • Lost at sea

    I thought it was great, i love it when the show is about solving a naval crime, Gibbs and the team working together was awesome. And would love to see Steve Valentine back i love the british accent
  • Again Superb!

    All episodes the agent Borin appears are always very entertaining and exciting. The sensitivity that Gibbs shows is very endearing and the crafted episode moves in a fluid manner that kept my attention and concentration throughout the episode. One more time, I can say that season 10 appears to be very promising in the traditional NCIS manner. Great episode!
  • OMG!!

    That mention of Neurofibromatosis type 2!! I have Neurofibromatosis type 1!!! How cool my FAVORITE tv show knows about NF (Neurofibromatosis)!!!