Season 2 Episode 4

Lt. Jane Doe

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

In the bullpen Kate chastises Tony for not returning the extra $1.85 when he got his change back. NCIS is called in to investigate the body of a Lt. Two seaman off the George Washington discovered the body of the woman. The two seaman flag down Petty Officer Cluxton. McGee and her worked together at Norfolk.

Ducky is called to the crime scene to look at the body. He is supposed to be going to London for The Society of Medical Examiner's conference. After seeing the body Ducky is shaken. Ducky orders Abby to run the finger prints and Semen samples ASAP.

Ducky goes to Norfolk to pick up sperm samples from an old case. He brings back the sample to compare to the sample found inside Jane Doe(Ducky tells the team that she is not really a Navy Lt.) Ducky had a case ten years previous with another women killed who had been dressed up to look like a Navy Lt with a trident carved in her next. Ducky has been carrying the ashes of the dead Jane Doe for ten years. She is the only Jane Doe he never identified.

Abby matches the two semen samples to one person. Tony experiences bad luck after not returning the money and Cluxon finds a note from the killer left at the crime scene that says I'm back(This note is similar to the one found by the first victim ten years prior).

Gibbs interrogates Chief P.O. Ian Goetz who found the first victim but he has an alibi named Dougal. Meanwhile McGee under covers a suspect: Harlon Wilson. Tony and McGee investigate and discover that Harlon is dead. McGee still hangs on to the idea that he committed the crime and takes Harlon's brush to Abby.

Tony and Kate identify the second victim as Mariela Santos at a local gay bar.

In the lab Abby analyzes the note that Cluxton brought, and questions McGee about their relationship at Norfolk.

Tony and Kate search Santos' apartment. They find that it has been cleaned.

Abby matches Wilson's sperm to both victims. The only problem is Wilson was dead before the second victim was killed. Harlon's sperm was inserted in the second victim by Cluxton. The second victim was her lover, and she had access to the evidence locker. She knew about the case because her father had investigated it ten years ago.

Ducky gives his Jane Doe a final resting place in a cemetery.