Season 2 Episode 4

Lt. Jane Doe

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2004 on CBS

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  • Ducky takes it personally

    A old case from Ducky's past seems to be returned when similar murder happens. Ducky has always had quite special way of dealing with dead people but this time it is even more out of the usual. That scene when the girl wakes up and tells him to give closer to her family. It's probably how Ducky sees his dead bodies on morgue.

    But also.. the way they met the murderer so early on the episode and she looked so sweet and innocent and you would expect anyone else but not her. That was quite a shock.. as McGee had stunning expression when he realized. Poor him..
  • Go on, amaze me. Over and over and over and over...



    Don't you hate when in a wuddunnit is blatantly obvious who actually did it ?

    There are many ways to completely botch up this kind of plot. One of the most common of those, expecially when almost every thriller nowadays tries to be "clever" giving the audience the "big shock" of the "most unexpected", is to give in to a big temptation. "Let's make a friendly character the culprit!", the writer thinks. Sounds good on paper, but it is not so good in reality when said character is introduced so abruptly and gratuitously that the first thing an experienced viewer has to think is: "Ok, and what has this guy to do with the case?".

    Same things happens here; the identity of the killer is obvious from the first scene where appears, an overused cliche, not a genuine shock like, for instance, in the first episode of this season. And when the main plot device is so painfully obvious, all that is left for the viewer is counting the minutes towards the end... Well, not really and not necessarily. After all, when the mistery doesn't deliver, you can always enjoy the ride, watching the investigation unfold. Well, what can I say about that... I liked the first part, when the coroner character got to show a more serious, intense side of his personality. Almost every other thing about the sleuthing process, gotta "love" how those big forensics geniuses managed to botch completely their case, failing to analyze correctly sperm and/or being completely unaware of the basic background of suspects...a plot device that Agatha Christie (over)used, justa bit unlikely nowadays.

    And as for the humour, which seems to play such a big part in this series' success... Well, I laughed out loud at the "CSI" jab: nice and clever, good writing!
    Whiiiiich I'm not sure I can say of the gazillion o' slapstick comedy this episode was filled of. Jeez.

    In short: didn't like the plot at all, and the execution in general wasn't my cup of tea. Most important, I hate when in a movie/book/episode they make the "do-not-pay-attention-to-me-I-am-no-suspect-no-really" person the bad guy. It's the king of cliches, the thing that cementes the idea that every single bit of casual information featured is obviously part of a case's solution. It's third rate writing, really. This is not the only episode of this series that pulls this stunt on the viewer (duh, just watch the NEXT episode to see this lame trick exploited once again!), but this installment seemed very poor to me, much worse than other efforts seen right on this season.
  • Very interesting old murder which has Ducky all hot and bothered.

    Very interesting case, an old murder and a personal case for Ducky.

    Clarkson is very impressive, makes you wonder about her training – it's very rare to find a non-cop who is that thorough and careful. Gibbs was unreasonable. She's enthusiastic and Abby as just rude, jealousy's not a good look on her.

    It was a perfect crime and what revealed the truth was something Clarkson never could have anticipated – the original killer died before Santos was killed. That's just very bad luck.

    David Marciano – The only time I've seen him since 'Due South'. Such a shame, always loved him, I'm still sentimentally attached to him.

    Wonderful episode.
  • An interesting case!

    This episode provided a few different elements to the show, while also providing us with a great case.

    I enjoyed seeing a different side to Ducky, and this episode gave us a further insight into his personality.

    The case was a thoroughly interesting one, and it was also rather different to the things that we have seen prior to this.

    Another great element for me was the fact that the ending was rather unpredictable. I personally did not see it coming, and that helped turn the episode into a really memorable one for me.

    This episode was very well constructed and I think it is very enjoyable. I recommend it as the second best episode from this season, so far.
  • Very interesting case.

    A pretty emotional episode, and really shows what a great actor David McCallum, who plays Ducky on the show, actually is. This was in my eyes a very good episode, and wow I did not see that ending happening. The end really came as a shock to me, though I'm still not actually sure why she did it. I mean Gibbs said that she rejected her, but there was never really a response to that. So even though I think Gibbs was right, I am not completely sure.

    Love McGee in this episode, but then again I always love McGee. I think that he really showed that he is an important member of this team.
  • Tony learns a thing or two about karma.

    This episode opens with two men on their way to met up with their girlfriends, one of them needs to go to the bathroom before, so they pull over. As he is reliving himself by a tree he sees a dead body. During the autopsy Ducky notices a mark on the victim neck and simply says you're back aren't you. We then learn that there was a previous victim, who was also killed in the same way, although that was 10 years ago. The man, who found the first victim 10 years ago, is called in for questioning by Gibbs. The team main suspect in both murders, died 6 weeks away. At a bar Tony & Kate discover that the latest victim played drums in a band and her name is Janice Santos. The barmaid gives them her address and they go to her apartment to investigate. They discover that her apartment has been cleaned out due to no personal effects and no clothes in the apartment. The seaman from the latest victim and the first victim both match the deceased suspect, even though he died 6 weeks before. They discover that the seaman used was from the first victim, was in storage. Whilst investigating the video evidence from the storage unit, they discover that the petty officer, who was one of the first on the scene of the murder, killed the latest victim.
  • An fairly standard case with a not so standard ending.

    The case started out as a normal dead body found on a naval base. It became less and less normal as the episode progressed.

    I liked that you learned a little more about McGee's past, i.e. that he had worked on that base before. And evidently got along well with the people he worked for. Kate and Tony's bar-hopping to learn the identity of the killer was amusing, if expected. Tony's reply to the bar-tenders remarks about what had happened to her friend was funny. "I didn't do it."

    Duckys' connection with the dead young women was heart-wrenching. It was obviously agonizing for a man who prides himeself on his work to not be able to identify Jane Doe.

    I could also appreciate the way that NCIS danced around the gay issue. It acknowledges it exists, but didn't expound on it one way or another. The killer's identity, and their connection to NCIS was a nice little twist. The NCIS connections, both past and present were a good touch, and were what made the episode escape being a cliche.

    This was a good, solid piece of writing and acting. It may not be on a par with 'Twilight' or 'Hiatus', but it is not to be discounted. The best writing of other shows can't even come close to this, average, episode of NCIS.

    And that is something that the people involved in producing the show should be proud of.
  • Tony experiences Karma and McGee meets an old friend.

    Abby was jealous of Cluxton and jumped to the wrong conclusions about the two. Cluxton was gay so McGee really wasn't her type.

    I like the scene where McGee was under Abby's desk. It was real funny.

    I like the scenes with Tony slipping on he floor and pouring coffee on himself.

    Ducky finally got some closure on his Jane Doe. I guess I would have liked the ending better if Ducky had been able to identify Jane Doe/

    The tweeker Tony interviewed was funny. He must have been really high to think the picture of the dead woman was radiant. Too bad McGee's old friend turned out to be a murderer.
  • A Lt. is raped and murdered just like another woman was ten years ago.

    Turns out neither woman was ever in the military. They also had another similarity- both had a triton cut onto the left side of their necks.

    I honestly did not suspect a thing! I did not even realize that Tony and Kate went to a lesbian club to find out who the second victim was until they told us.

    As it turned out, both ladies had a different killer. The murderer of the second victim wanted us to believe it was the same person from ten years ago. This plan was perfect, there was only one problem- the man responsible ten years ago, a Harlan Wilson died five weeks before the second murder took place.
  • A body of a woman in a Navy uniform is found by two sailors. Ducky links the murder to an unsolved case 10 years ago, and starts behaving strangely. A serial murderer leaves a note on the body, promising to return.

    This was a good programme where Gibbs (MH) showed his hard side interrogation skills. It was “more adult” I would say but then again all the actors keeping straight faces as they talked about vagina monologue" type talk. Have seen vagina monologue and it takes a strong man to talk like that
  • A very Ducky episode! When Ducky finds a connection between a new murder and one that stumped him 10 years ago he asks for the NCIS team's help.

    I enjoyed this episode for many reasons. First I enjoy David McCallum's work, particularly his portrayal of Dr. Donald Mallard and we got to see a lot of Ducky in this episode. He really mad me feel his anguish over having not been able to send the previous victim home to her family and his passion for not letting the murderer get away again. The trademarks of humor, action and drama that hallmark this show were once again in top form. The writers were very successful in misdirecting us and, once again, slipped on a very surprising ending. There are a lot of good shows out there but in my opinion this show is the best entertainment on TV.
  • Great episode!!!

    Gibbs was great. Love that smile when he got Abby to involve Ducky.Abbs raising her hand like in classroom was cute. Just like Gibbs' reply to it was "need to go to the head?".I liked that it featured and was told more from Ducky's POV than the team's. The final scene was excellent. Showing how DUCKY finally got some closure with the case that happened in 1999.Lovely Gibbs/Kate/Tony interaction:
    Tony:PSA is Personnel Support Activity.
    Kate:I've been here a year, Tony.I know the acronyms.
    Tony:Seems like only yesterday you were mixing up NAV-SOCs with NAV-SUPs.Our little girl's growing up fast, isn't she, boss?
    Gibbs smaks Tony
    Tony:What was that for?
    Gibbs:Not growing up.

    Kate:*grinning in front of Gibbs*
    Gibbs:Gas pain?
    Gibbs:Well, then stop grinning and tell me what you got.
    Kate:When he found the first Jane Doe while jogging,Petty Officer Goetz was in port on a carrier, the Teddy Roosevelt.
    Gibbs:Really? Agent Dawes interrogated him a number of times on the Big Stick and here.
    Kate:Big Stick?
    Gibbs:Teddy Roosevelt."Talk softly, carry a...
    Kate:Carry a big stick. Cute.*both grinning*Goetz stayed in the Navy, is a chief and arrived in Norfolk on the same carrier as the seamen who found our Jane Doe.Uh, the "Honest Abe."
    Gibbs:"Shall Not Perish."
    Gibbs:The Lincoln's not the "Honest Abe."It's "Shall Not Perish."
    Kate:What kind of a nickname is "Shall Not Perish"?
    Gibbs:Ask Chief Goetz when you pull him in for questioning.
  • Amazing how good is the character "Abby" is!!!

    It's amazing that how good "Abby" is to be able to do something which happened for almsot 10-yrs ago in terms of finding the DNA of the first killing.

    But it's still kinda of sad that they are unable to identify who's e "Lt. Jane Doe" that was killed by "Harlan Wilson".

    I guess that's the "not so perfect" part coming up. Really hope they can always find the killer(s) but what about really & really finding out the missing person's ID?

    Born in a family-tighten family, I felt that family members got every rights to be protected and notified whenever someone got any problems, so I am quite upset that they just leave the "Lt. Jane Doe" case in this way even though it's good that thye find out who's the killer for her.... But if it's me, I think I will never be able to R.I.P if I am not being told to my family that I am already "dead".

    But it's good that "Ducky" can finally make his peace... :)