Season 3 Episode 3

Mind Games

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2005 on CBS

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  • Creepy

    That was one really creepy episode.. I mean.. someone who managed to get to Gibbs and really drow him off guard and as it seems, that is not the first time.. It was great too see Ducky to worry about him.. and the whole tension that criminal and Gibbs had.. playing those game like with the sketchbook and lighter..

    But the whole case.. the way they got the sketchbook.. they were trying to find the dumping ground and when they did.. they realized they have missed something important.. I thought the new kills were clever trick to get them to postpone to execution but no.. it was another part of the storyline.. quite unexpected one, to be honest..
  • A remarkably interesting storyline!

    Another episode of NCIS brought another really interesting case, in which Gibbs had to find the dumping ground of a serial killer who was days away away from execution.

    I thought that this episode was really well written and I loved the mind games played by Gibbs and the convict, and this culminated into a great episode.

    The team discovers that the last few victims have been the work of a copycat, who now abducts Special Agent Paula Cassidy.

    I really enjoyed the last scene of the episode, and it was awesome to see the killer's plans thwarted at last.

    I highly recommend this episode because it is innovative and interesting. Great episode, NCIS!
  • One of my favorites!

    This one ranks among my NCIS favs! We get a peek into one of the few cases that truly unnerved Gibbs, and for good reason. Boone is wonderfully creepy - he made my skin crawl, and the actor who played him is just a little *too* good at it! It was fun to see Paula Cassidy - I've always liked the banter between her and Tony, and Tony really needed that here after the trauma of Kate's death. Their dynamic worked particularly well. The episode itself was great filler between the high drama of Twilight and Kill Ari, and the rest of season three.
  • A cop's worst nightmare – a serial killer with a protégé.

    Cassidy's certainly warmed to Tony, very cute. She's quite funny here. I like that no-one's allowed near Kate's desk. "They've suffered enough." Cassidy's obviously here to fill the female space between Kate and Ziva's arrival. As fond as I am of Ziva, I could definitely have gotten used to Cassidy long-term.

    Boone enjoys his mind games, not many people can shake Gibbs. The scrapbook is horrific and it's so Gibbs to refuse Boone access to it. Boone only has three days left so not only does he get to amuse himself but gets to play head games with Gibbs too, what more can a serial killer ask for? An accomplice which will amuse Boone, continue his work and possibly a reason to stay the execution. Boone said his biographer was trying to understand him. It's what every serial killer wants – immortality. To be robbed of that is the greatest punishment Gibbs could ever devise.

    Ducky certainly made an intriguing comment – that ten years ago, Gibbs was like Tony. Implied is that Gibbs' obsession chased off 'a wonderful girl'.

    Very interesting Gibbs episode and the case is great.
  • One of the best episode of NCIS ever

    Opens with tony and Agent Cassidy talking about an old case. They discuss their old relationship. The murderer wants to talk to Gibbs before his execution on Saturday. Gibbs enters the room and tells everyone that he won't talk to him. We learn that if Gibbs talks to him, the killer will tell him where the bodies are hidden and that he killed 22 women one of which was a petty officer. Agent Cassidy tells Tony that she is there for him, if he needs to talk about Kate. Gibbs is forced to go and see him, and reluctantly he goes. As he visits the killer tells him that there are a lot more than 22 victims. Gibbs phones the team and has them go to the family farm of the murderer. They search the chimney and discover a book, filled with his victim's pictures. Gibbs goes back to the prison and Gibbs has the prisoner escorted to NCIS headquarters. When Abby runs the photos she discovers that his mother didn't abandon Boone, she was his first victim. They discover the location of where the photos were taken and so the team go there. Once there McGee starts searching and discovers a skeleton hidden under the ground. The team then discovers a body, which was killed the same way as the other victims, which had only been dead for a few days and had Boone's mark on her. Cassidy goes to call Gibbs (to inform him of the copycat killer) and its then that we see that someone is watching her. When McGee looks closer at the body, he realises that it is Boone's last victim. She notices someone is following her and she pulls her gun. She is then hit over the head, tied up and placed inside of car. When McGee & Tony go back to the van they can't see her, Tony presumes she is lost and McGee finds a photo of her tie up. Abby realises that the last 4 victims were killed within the last 3 years. They go through Boone's visitor list and their prime suspect is the autobiography of Boone's book. They track him through his GPS locator in his phone. They find him and when they open the boot of his car, they discover it is empty. We then see Cassidy with the real killer. She is in a barn. We learn that his Lawyer is the killer. From the lawyer/killer we learn that Boone wants Cassidy dead so that Gibbs will remember him for a very long time. Gibbs takes Boones photo album to him and threatens to burn it. Boone knows he can't destroy evidence and so Gibbs pulls a gun on him. As Boone is being taken back to death row he asks Gibbs if he thinks she is screaming and it then that Cassidy walks into view. Boone is taken screaming back to death row.
  • A good episode!

    I enjoyed this episode, but it isn't my favorite. What I liked about this episode is how they portrait the serial killer, that man really did gave me the creeps. I also quite liked the character Paula Cassidy, I thought she fits pretty well into this team. I also loved the ending, where Boone really thought that his help killed Cassidy only to discover that she's still alive and in a pretty good condition. I also liked how the team is still dealing with Kate and that she's not right away forgotten.
    I found it a shame that very soon into the episode I already knew who did it. To me it didn't come as a surprise at all that it was the lawyer and that was kind of annoying, but oh well. I also wouldn't have minded if Ziva was in this episode.
    But all in all was it a good episode.
  • Great Episode

    For someone who doesn't exactly follow NCIS & has only watched a handfull of episodes, in a random order; I thought this episode was great as it showed some of Jeffro's darker background and how he 'transformed' after that case. When Cassidy was kidnapped, I was in shock as usually with crime shows it's pretty predictable who the realy bad guys are in the end but the whole copy-cat killer hadn't struck my mind and that really creeped me out.

    This was a good change from the normal NCIS formula and it was great to see everyone not getting completely back to normal after Kate's death.
  • great episode

    Gibbs is ordered to investigate a man on death row. NCIS need to recover the bodies of the serial killer before he is put to death. When Dinozzo, McGee and Cassidy is sent to recover bodies. Cassidy gets kidnapped. The serial killer is finding a way to get his sentence changed to life in prison with the help of some psychotic fan. The NCIS team try to stay ahead of the game. This episode is suspenseful. There are twists along the way. Each scene is directed well, it's fast paced, even the slow scenes don't look like it's slow. it's a good episode.
  • One of my favorites.

    Mind Games is one of my favorite all time NCIS episodes because he was actually creepy. The convict that is set to die on death row was caught by Gibbs and Gibbs is forced to talk to him to try to attain the information of where his victums were burried. We learned a bit about Gibbs's past and about one of his ex-wives. In the end the convict's lawyer was killing new victums and they, well mainly Cassidy, catches him. Overall, the reason I love this episode so much is because the convict was actually extremely creepy. He freaked me out...I mean majorly freaked me out. The only thing I hate so much about this episode is that it was practically copied by Bones...Anyways, great episode with a creepy character and a look back at the past of Gibbs.
  • "so keep on playing those mind games, for ever"

    I LOOOOOVE this episode! It's very well written, very well thought through, and the ending... AMAZING!

    I gotta say though, the very first thing that came to mind was... 'Salvation' the episode of JAG where Clark Palmer makes his last appearance (a shame really, there should have been at least one more ep with 'm)
    This too had a lot to do with mind games from somebody on death row...

    ANYWAY, i really loved it! It's definitely in my top 5 NCIS episodes!

    I love it, too, how Tony is beginning to cut some slack for Jim... he complimented him, and even tried to pull a stunt on Paula with him!

    I loved the trick with the revealing of Paula's kidnapper!
    That really was VERY cool... the best shot i've seen in this series!

    Can't wait to also see the other Paula episodes... I like it how she's being treated atm... it really keeps Kate in the series... i'm sure that will change, but for now, it's really nice!
    Does that make me a bad person? Oh, who cares?

    The ending... o gosh, the ending!
    Gibbs... after all those years... FINALLY broke Kyle... and how! He screamed! Seriously, people... this is one of the best episodes i've seen!
    Makes me proud to be a Donald P. Bellisario fan!

    Now... i just want to add some of the quotes i REALLY loved! but the quote page wont open :(

    Okay... so... since i can't add the quotes on the quote page... i'ma add them here... *sigh*

    talking about Kyle's photo on the screen
    Jim: I didn't do it, boss
    Gibbs:Who did, McGee?
    Tony: Probie! let me handle this... *sigh* Boss, she did it *points at Paula* _____________________________________________________

    Kyle: When i was sick, those were my favorite sexual organs... tongues.


    Tony: Right now, he hates everybody, Paula
    (turns around and lowers voice)
    Including himself.


    (talking to Kyle in his cell)
    Gibbs: They say it takes up to 4 minutes to die in the chair. Me, personally, hope it takes a lot longer.


    (walking away from Kyle)
    Gibbs: I've seen your world, now you're going to spend the rest of what's left of your miserable life... in mine.

    awesome, awesome, AWESOME quotes!
  • This wasn't really a real NCIS episode, it was kind of disappointing...

    This wasn't really a real NCIS episode, it was kind of disappointing... Really, it was maybe because Ziva wasn't in this episode and the whole story wasn't so interesting, well except the case that they had. And also, Cassidy is a boring character. Well, I guess many of you won't agree with this, but I really think this episode was unoriginal.

    I wish Cote was in this episode, because Cassidy is like copy of Kate, so I really didn't like her.

    And I just don't know, it really wasn't a real NCIS episode. Ducky didn't appear that much in this episode... one of the reasons why this episode wasn't great, and it looked like other CSI episodes-no NCIS humour in this episode. :(
  • Liked all but the ending..

    The only thing I didn't like about the episode was the ending. How DID Cassidy escape. I would love to see the expression on the guys face when he realized that, yes, he DID have a fighter on his hands. And then watch her kick the crud out of him. Hey, if Drew can do it in Charlie's Angels...:-)
  • Ugh. Ending ruins the episode.

    Worst ending ever for this series. Big thumbs down on this episode. Not up to the usual standards at all.

    It felt to me like this was originally planned to be continued on another episode but someone somewhere overruled that idea and it was changed at the last minute to have this substandard ending. Yikes.
  • A pretty good episode overall but the way the episode ended was a little dissapointing.

    Good story for this episode and it was nice to see Agent Cassidy back. Nice twists in the story but the way it ended left too much to the imagination.

    I understand that this is a style that DB has adapted for NCIS (ie letting you fill in the blanks on what may have happened) and he has used very well in previous episodes but the way it was used in this episode didn't feel right. There was way too many un-answered questions. How was agent Cassidy saved? Did she out fight the killer while bound? Did the NCIS team arrived in time to save her? How was the lawyer tracked to where he brought Cassidy? Way too many loose ends.

    If the ending was more clear cut then I would have given this episode an 8.2; as it is, 7.3 was generous.
  • Good episode, horrible ending.

    The story-line was going along pretty well and then it just ended really, really poorly. Why didn't they show how the agent kicked the killer's ass? Totally ruined the whole episode. It's great how they tricked him and all, but totally blew it by not showing a fight scene. Her hands were tied but she still managed to kill him. How did that happen? Why didn't they show it?
  • Good example of why we love the characters.

    I liked how gibbs had a history with the freaky serial killer dude. It made for an interesting storyline. It was the way NCIS is supposed to be, because everything they show you is something different than what you think will happen, like when they led you to believe that the killer's apprentice was the biographer, when it was really the laywer. It was a little creepy, with his "scrapbook", and the body that was found there was less than a week been dead. I liked how they intertwined all of the characters in one plot, because in alot of shows, it seems to focus on one character, and they kind of have to invent a sub-plot to keep the other characters busy...yeah. I thought it was pretty good, especially for being only the third episode of the season.
  • NCIS is still not letting me down which, considering the crap some of the other shows are throwing at us, is an achievement on itself.

    I don't know what it is, but NCIS still keeps me glued to the screen. It's probably the charms of Tony, Tim, Abby and Harm that make it happen. The smile on Gibbs' face after he smacked Tony on the head, Tony flirting with everything that has two X-chromosomes, Abby's continuous blabbering against McGee. It's just funny and familiar.

    So, great episode, the dynamic between Gibbs and the serial killer was good, no Silence of the Lambs, but nevertheless very gripping. However, why didn't they show how the laywer gets it? I, for one really, wanted to see special agent Paula Cassidy going to town on this creepy copy-cat counselor. Especially, if she also offed the guy. But maybe that's just me again, heh...

    Just one thing... where's my favourite Mossad girlie spy? She needs to be in there! I mean, Paula is nice and all, but Ziva can kick her butt any given day of the week. At least.. in my world.
  • This is more like it.

    This was another great, normal, episode of NCIS. The reason I watch the show, of course next week we have the task of forcibly accepting Ziva, boy that will be fun. She is evil, she killed Ari, and Tony wasn't even there, will be even a HARDER thing to force us to like her now. But hey, what can we expect, it's hollywood.
  • NCIS never disappoints.

    I didn't like the new agent she was trying too much to be Kate like.
    Other than that another great show. I think this is learn more about Gibbs this year. First the Director he has a previous relationship with and then an old case that he was not satisfied with and a baddie who seems to know gibbs very well.
    I liked Ducky's line about Tony being exactly like Gibbs used to be.