Season 3 Episode 3

Mind Games

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2005 on CBS

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  • One of the best episode of NCIS ever

    Opens with tony and Agent Cassidy talking about an old case. They discuss their old relationship. The murderer wants to talk to Gibbs before his execution on Saturday. Gibbs enters the room and tells everyone that he won't talk to him. We learn that if Gibbs talks to him, the killer will tell him where the bodies are hidden and that he killed 22 women one of which was a petty officer. Agent Cassidy tells Tony that she is there for him, if he needs to talk about Kate. Gibbs is forced to go and see him, and reluctantly he goes. As he visits the killer tells him that there are a lot more than 22 victims. Gibbs phones the team and has them go to the family farm of the murderer. They search the chimney and discover a book, filled with his victim's pictures. Gibbs goes back to the prison and Gibbs has the prisoner escorted to NCIS headquarters. When Abby runs the photos she discovers that his mother didn't abandon Boone, she was his first victim. They discover the location of where the photos were taken and so the team go there. Once there McGee starts searching and discovers a skeleton hidden under the ground. The team then discovers a body, which was killed the same way as the other victims, which had only been dead for a few days and had Boone's mark on her. Cassidy goes to call Gibbs (to inform him of the copycat killer) and its then that we see that someone is watching her. When McGee looks closer at the body, he realises that it is Boone's last victim. She notices someone is following her and she pulls her gun. She is then hit over the head, tied up and placed inside of car. When McGee & Tony go back to the van they can't see her, Tony presumes she is lost and McGee finds a photo of her tie up. Abby realises that the last 4 victims were killed within the last 3 years. They go through Boone's visitor list and their prime suspect is the autobiography of Boone's book. They track him through his GPS locator in his phone. They find him and when they open the boot of his car, they discover it is empty. We then see Cassidy with the real killer. She is in a barn. We learn that his Lawyer is the killer. From the lawyer/killer we learn that Boone wants Cassidy dead so that Gibbs will remember him for a very long time. Gibbs takes Boones photo album to him and threatens to burn it. Boone knows he can't destroy evidence and so Gibbs pulls a gun on him. As Boone is being taken back to death row he asks Gibbs if he thinks she is screaming and it then that Cassidy walks into view. Boone is taken screaming back to death row.
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