Season 3 Episode 3

Mind Games

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: The serial killer's file number on the file reads "H1 J3551CA" or "Hi Jessica," which was referring to SA Paula who was played by Jessica Steen.

  • Quotes

    • Paula: A whole week of TAD with Gibbs, I can smell the fun already.
      McGee: Well, it's been a tough month.
      Tony: Right now he pretty much hates everyone, Paula. Including himself.

    • (in the woods at the body dump site)
      Paula: (looking at her phone) I can't get any reception out here.
      Tony: That's not surprising, the middle of nowhere isn't part of our coverage plan.

    • Paula: Why couldn't I sit at Kate's desk?
      Tony: Mostly because it's still Kate's desk.
      Paula: She was a great agent.
      Tony: Yep.
      Paula: How are you handling it?
      Tony: Same way I handle everything. I try not to think about it.
      Paula: And when that doesn't work?
      Tony: There's always junk food.

    • (holding Tony pinned to his desk and groaning, when behind them McGee clears his throat)
      McGee: Got that coffee.
      Paula: (turns around, embarrassed) Have you been there long?
      McGee: Long enough to say no, ma'am, Agent Cassidy.
      Paula: Okay, good answer.
      (Paula lets Tony go, and he gets up off his desk)
      Tony: I let her do that.

    • Kyle Boone: Do you think she screamed when he cut out her tongue, Jethro?
      Gibbs: I don't know. Why don't you ask her yourself?
      (Paula comes around the corner, Boone is shocked)
      Paula: I'm afraid your lawyer's gonna miss your execution tomorrow.
      Tony: He's kinda dead.
      Gibbs: Enjoy hell.

    • McGee: Do we actually have knee pads Tony?
      DiNozzo: I don't know Probie. Inventory is Kate's responsibility. Why don't you ask...

    • Tony (after Gibbs was mean with Cassidy): Look on the bright side.
      Cassidy: Which bright side?
      Tony: You're here only a week.

    • Gibbs: Next time you see Boone, he'll have a thunder bolt shooting out of his ass.

    • Ducky: Do you know the difference between good and bad cholesterol Tony?
      Tony: No, but I'm guessing it has something to do with taste.

    • Abby: You're not listening to a word I'm saying. (pauses) I'm pregnant, McGee. Twins. Haven't told the father yet. It's Gibbs. I know it's wrong, but something about his silver hair just gets me all tingly inside.
      (Tony comes in the room, just catching the last bit of Abby's statement.)
      Tony: Excuse me for a sec, I think I'm going to vomit.
      Abby: I'm joking, Tony! Except the part about Gibbs' hair. That really is hot. McGee's ignoring me again.
      Tony: Easily fixable.
      (Tony walks up behind McGee and slaps him upside the head.)
      McGee: What? What'd I do?
      Tony: Stop ignoring Abby. She's sensitive.

    • Tony: Let me ask you something.
      Cassidy: Okay.
      Tony: How was Bobby in the bed?
      Cassidy: Kate had it right. You're pathetic!

    • Tony: The difference between ten years ago and today, Ducky ? We have Gibbs' back.
      Ducky: There's another difference, Tony. Ten years ago, Gibbs was a very different man.
      Tony: You mean he was actually meaner?
      Ducky: No, quite the opposite. (grabs Tony's arm) He was ... (reflexion pause) He was a lot like you.

    • McGee: Now all we have to do is scan three hundred and eight thousand miles of satellite imagery and pray we get lucky.
      Abby: I am a scientist, McGee... luck has nothing to do with it and/or us.
      McGee: Okay, so how do you explain something like Gibbs' gut?
      Abby: Well.. that's easy, Gibbs is lucky.
      McGee: But, but... you just said that...
      Abby: He's not a scientist.

  • Notes

    • Original International Airdates:
      Denmark: October 18, 2005 on TV3
      Sweden: Januaray 1, 2006 on TV3
      Australia: February 22, 2006 on Channel 10
      Germany: March 30, 2006 on SAT 1
      France: September 8, 2006 on M6
      Croatia: October 2, 2006 on NOVA TV
      Italy: November 5, 2006 on RAI 2
      Brazil: February 23, 2007 on AXN
      Finland: October 13, 2007 on Nelonen
      Slovakia: April 22, 2009 on Markiza

    • This is the only episode this season that Cote de Pablo (Mossad Agent Ziva David) does not appear in.

    • This was actually the first episode filmed for this season even though it was not intended to be the premiere episode.

  • Allusions

    • It is likely that this serial killers story is loosely based on the story of Ted Bundy. Bundy was a serial killer convicted in the 1970's. The name Boone could possibly be taken from the unknown child of Ten Bundy to his wife, who bore the surname Boone. Like the Boone of this story Bundy tried many different ploys to put off execution, including last minute claims of further murders and the need to keep him alive so that he could tell them where the bodies were and who were the victims. He failed and was executed on schedule. Boone's lawyer would also try and appeal the execution of Boone under the grounds of wanting to postpone the death so that the families of missing daughters could find some peace when Boone revealed their location. The families refused.

    • The car chase scene after Briggs, intercut with footage of the kidnapped Agent Cassidy only to be revealed as two completely separate locations, is the same technique used in the serial killer movie The Silence of the Lambs.

    • Paula Cassidy: He drives a Ferrari. It's Red.
      Tony DiNozzo: Like Magnum.

      This is reference to the long-running series Magnum, P.I. about Hawaii-based private detective Thomas Magnum. The Ferrari in question belonged to his employer, Robin Masters, but he was allowed to use it the majority of the time, provided Higgins hadn't taken the keys for some transgression Magnum had committed. The show was another Bellisario production.