Season 3 Episode 11

Model Behavior

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2005 on CBS

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  • Models on bootcamp

    So.. reality tv and someone gets killed. First of all it looks like suicide and I thought Gibbs had great attitude towards it: they do not investigate suicides but because he keeps investigating, he believes that there is more than first looked. And the story just gets more and more suspicious when dead models ex-boyfriend is found killed. It looks like people around her seems to die.. and that continued even inside NCIS interrogation. The whole thing with Ziva doing it... telling what she did. We all saw that episode where she managed very quickly get information out of that woman.. it looks like having Ziva around has it's advantages.

    But oh.. not the best episodes.. great to watch but..
  • Ridiculous.

    About episode \\\"Model Behavior\\\"--These women are supposed to be attending Marine boot camp? Even if they are supermodels doing a reality show, there\\\'s no way in hell they would be dressed in cut-off tops and shorts. There\\\'s no way they\\\'d have their long hair blowing in the wind. When women are in the military, they wear standard military outfits and pull their hair back in very, extremely, un-sexy fashion. I feel like I\\\'m watching something that was written by someone who is mentally still living in the 1970\\\'s in their attitudes towards women characters on tv.
  • Pretty good but could be better.

    Hated Jen's hair, loved that Tony has a lock box for all of Gibbs' medals. Loved that Abby referred to the episode before last about Chip. I think Ziva was completely stupid to not realize that the staff sergent was having medical issues in the interrogation room. You knew it had to be the girl's dad.
  • did not expect much, and i wasn't exactly let down.

    when i saw the preview i assumed this episode was a filler, or some horrible gimmick.
    i wasn't let down.
    the plot was not too bad, and some great lines were in this episode. but, overall, it was a sham.
    having the team go to a boot camp, aka models in skimpy clothes pretending to care, was disgraceful. the idea that the writers thought we would find this thought provoking is pittiful and i'm horrified.
    on the other hand, it was not as bad as i thought it would be. the murder, while the actual murderer was unexpected, was an intrigueing on. tony was still tony. and mcgee getting the attention was a nice twist.
    overall, not promising for the show's future.
  • It began... Nothing in particular got my attention.. and then the end.

    Well, as a Swede i thought not too much of this episode, more than \"hey, cool Mini Anden is going to perform on my favorite show. Talk about two birds with one stone.

    But, what happened with the intrigues? Where was Abbys moment alone tinkering on? One short zap here, and another zap there, hey presto. All of a sudden we can rule out averything and just blame the drugs.. Nah.. for me to see this as a better ep. there should´ve been more investigastions, more..hmm... what can i say? riveting? As for the ending? To easy.. Why not one of the two you would´ve thought of instead? Some rivalry and tension?
    \"-ok, i did it, but you won´t get me, cause *haha* watch me run...\"

    I feel of this ep. as a filler, but with a filler, there should´ve been more anyway, so i stand by my titleing: \"Nothing... happened\"

    Sad, hopefully the next one will be better.
  • haircut yuck!

    I am really sick of watching Gibbs and the director argue over crap. Doesn't she know that he is not going to listen to her. Who let her get that ugly hair cut? I thought that directors have some say over the actors' hair. I want to know what is going on with Gibbs' daughter. Was it her in the elevator a few episodes ago? I would love the Ziva character to disappear for good. Abby and Ducky were great as usual. Gibbs had a few good lines. Especially when he got Abby.
  • A model who is a contestant in a military-based reality show dies.

    I was with this one until the killer and his motive were revealed. The plot was interesting enough and the investigation took enough turns to keep it interesting. But,when it turned out that the producer, who was also her father, killed her to stop her from throwing her career away by marrying a "jar-head", that just didn't make any sense. If he wanted to stop his daughter from making this "mistake", he could have just killed the guy. Now she really has no career. The story would have been more plausible if he had been trying to kill the marine and she got the tainted chew by mistake. Or if he wasn't her father but obsessed with her and killed out of jealousy. Or, the ex-boyfriend gave her the drugs (with or without her knowledge) that killed her, and he killed the ex for revenge.
  • Does anyone else out there think that Lauren Holly (Director Sheppard) looked better and more attractive with long hair?

    A model, part of a reality show is killed on a marine base, strangely and kind of unrealistically is that the reality show is actually on the marine base. I don't know about anyone else but a model show on marine base takes away from the seriousness of defence and national security. Although I really like how DiNozzo calls Palmer the "Autopsy Gremlin", that's gold, especially since he starts sneaking away with Agent Lee in the next season...

    We see in this episode Lauren Holly has shorter hair, doesn't really suit her and it takes away from the professional aspect of her character as director.
  • Disappointing episode.

    Well, this was one of mine worst episodes of NCIS. I mean, there has to be a bad episode in every show, of course. Not that the whole episode was bad, it's just it wan't really fun as other NCIS episodes. And the scene when Gibbs spilled the coffee ( I usually like the scenes when somebody does something to Gibbs, and he gives them the "look" ), was definately unecessary. And that whole idea of that where three models are in is not really interesting. . . I don't think episodes are bad because Cote has main role in the show, I think she's great, but I did like previous seasons more.
  • Jenny gets her hair cut and expects Gibbs to notice. Plucks at it a bit to get him to notice. She's the director of the NICS, she's not going to be playing those silly games!

    The episode opens with everyone gathered for an NCIS awards ceremony. Gibbs' name is called, he doesn't show up...Jenny acts surprised. WHY is she surprised? He has never before showed up for an awards ceremony...surely he RSVPed and told them he wouldn't show up this time. So the fact that DiNozzo has to get up and accept the award, which is used as comic relief, was actually what would have happened in real life, and for the writers to make Jenny look bewildered and upset because he wasnt' there was just foolish!

    I know it's "just a TV show", but when you're dealing with elite groups of people, it's hard to see them being made to behave foolishly. Jenny was never as strong a character as she should have been.
  • model behavior

    After I watched, and didn't really like, a season 1 episode earlier today, NCIS got back into my good graces with this offering. The back story was good, and original, a model dies while filming a reality show on an army base, and since I wrote model in that sentence you knew you'd get a good performance from Tony DiNozzo tonight. That also led to some hilarious interactions between Ziva and the models as well.

    Nice episode of NCIS tonight from start to finish. Well worth going out of your way to check it out as it is when the show started to get really good.
  • A pretty uninteresting case, but it did have its moments.

    I really enjoyed the idea of a reality show about supermodel boot camp, and this added variety to the series, but overall, the case was rather tiresome and boring, although not the worst.

    The episode had quite a number of funny moments, particularly the awards ceremony to which Gibbs didn't turn up. I also loved the scene where the paparazzi lady spilt his coffee. A big no-no!

    There was also the scene where Abby bought Tony some flowers, and that was also funny, particularly how the episode ended.

    The case was uninteresting, but it did not have a straightforward ending, which was excellent to see.

    I don't recommend this episode, but it's not bad.
  • Not my favourite but still good......

    This episode opens with a bunch of women sleeping in a dorm, and being watched through CCTV cameras. We soon learn that they are there for a model show, and that one of them is missing. As they look out of the window they see the missing contestant, dead and hanging from a barb wire fence. The NCIS team are called to the naval base which the show is being shot. McGee & Ziva interview the remaining models, about the victim, Taylor. In this episode we learn that Ziva does not like models. Ducky discovers that she had TCP in her system, which caused her to try and climb the fence, which eventually lead to her death. It is apparently is a suicide, but Gibbs is still going to investigate. The team learn that the victim used to have a drug problem, and had been to rehab. They discover that Taylor's boyfriend had been to visit her on base and the team go to see him. They find him bed, in his room, overdosed on drugs. Abby gives Toy flowers as an apology for sending him to prison. When Abby runs the video tapes from the night of Taylor's death, they learn that she went for a walk with the staff sergeant. When Ziva interrogates the staff sergeant he tells her that they were in love. Abby discovers that the TCP was not in the food, but in the tobacco which Taylor had been chewing on. Back in interrogation, the staff sergeant (who has been chewing on tobacco since entering the room), breaks out in a sweating and his face has gone all red. He flips out and Tony enters the room to calm things down and he attacks him. Ziva manages to get him onto the floor and restrain him. It is then that Gibbs informs them that he has been drugged with TCP. The team print the tobacco box and find a print, but the print is not in the system. And so the team go to fingerprint the other models on the show. The team then announce that they know it wasn't either of the models as both of their prints are in the system. The team then arrest the father of Taylor, as he poisoned her, to stop her from marrying the marine (Staff Sergeant) that she had fallen in love with. .
  • Not my favorite…

    This was not my favorite episode, I didn't particular care for this plot, but other than that not bad. While filming a reality show on a Marine base, a supermodel dies and the NCIS team must discover who is the model's murderer. With this case came a lot of media attention, and the way Gibbs handled that really made me laugh and was just so Gibbs. I also liked the way Ziva and the models saw each other you could really tell that they were all very different, well Ziva and the models then. I found the fact that the father killed his own daughter just because she wanted to marry a marine really sad. I also found it a little disturbing.
  • good episode...

    For some reason, I actually like this episode. I started watching it and I thought I would hate it because it had models, but the story was very interesting. A model was murdered in a bootcamp and the media was everywhere. I loved how Gibbs handled it! Anyways, in the end it turned out that the model's father killed her so that she wouldn't marry a, that's sad. What a greedy jerk. Overall, this episode had a good story and more good humor. I also liked the side story of Gibbs and Jenny. They have an interesting interaction together which I always love to watch!
  • great episode

    While a reality show is being filmed on a marine base, one supermodel dies while hanging on a barbed wire fence. NCIS snaps into investigation to get to the bottom of the case. They find out that a love triangle existed between the dead supermodel and with three other men. It's a really great episode. The supermodels were stereotyped but only to a certain degree that's good for the episode. They served as a comic relief. The writers were able to make a spin out of the reality show theme. This episode was fun to watch. I had fun watching it.
  • There is a TV show where 3 supermodels are at a boot camp. But one is found dead, caught in a barbed-wire gate.

    There is a TV show where 3 supermodels are at a boot camp. But one is found dead, caught in a barbed-wire gate. The NCIS team goes to investigate. They soon find out that the supermodel who was killed overdosed and it was from some kind of sugary treat. Mean while, the NCIS team has to find out who killed the model, before they kill again.
  • Great episode! Loved the story line.

    This was a great episode! I thought the story line was great! I loved Abby in this episode especially when she gave Tony those black roses she looked so pained and guilty. I did not think it was nice of Gibbs to play that joke on Abby! Hasn't she been through enough already! I loved Tony trying to say his speech at the beginning and everybody placing bets on whether Gibbs would turn up or not to the awards ceremony. I thought Ziva was so funny in this episode especially when she was talking to the models and getting so annoyed at them and stirring them up and right at the end, i wish Tony hadn't grabbed her would have loved to watch her kick that models butt! But anyway, Great episode! I LOVE this show!!
  • Murder or Suicide?

    Not NCIS's best but still a great episode, full of funny quotes on behalf of the team. It definatly was an original story line which is what I love about NCIS, however I did find that this episode was lacking something. I'm not sure what though. Wonderful proformances as per usual. A great eppy to watch if you like intriging plots and murder/suicide mysteries.
  • The gang is off to solve another crime, this time done at a military base. A show called "Model Boot Camp". A model from this show is found on a wire fence dead. Who or what did this mess? Thats what Gibbs and his team are going to find out.

    I really thought this show was cool. I\\\'m one of those baby NCIS watchers. I only came in after Kate died in kill Ari. So i have not seen too many episodes. But what i\\\'ve seen so far has blasted my mind. This show puts all the good things like comedy,romance,drama,and mystery together. I hope they come out with even better shows. I can\\\'t wait!
  • Three models, two NOT looking like ones, one pretty nicely murdered (or was it suicide?).

    not that good of an episode. It was fine but not what you have come to expect from this great show.

    The cast interaction was good and we finally actually got a flashback between Jenny/Gibbs that had some meaning.

    Could have been a better show and could have had better interaction between Probie, Tony and Ziva.
  • Good episode, but not what we have come to expect from NCIS.

    I think this episodes shows the silliness of some of the reality shows out there. Frankly, if they did away with all of them my feelings wouldn't be hurt. I kinda figured it was the dad. The directors hair looks aweful, please let it grow back out. Tony having a lock box for Gibbs medals was nice, and something I really didn't expect from him. I thought that Gibbs telling Abby she was getting a new assistant was great. The look on her face was priceless.