Season 3 Episode 11

Model Behavior

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2005 on CBS

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  • It began... Nothing in particular got my attention.. and then the end.

    Well, as a Swede i thought not too much of this episode, more than \"hey, cool Mini Anden is going to perform on my favorite show. Talk about two birds with one stone.

    But, what happened with the intrigues? Where was Abbys moment alone tinkering on? One short zap here, and another zap there, hey presto. All of a sudden we can rule out averything and just blame the drugs.. Nah.. for me to see this as a better ep. there should´ve been more investigastions, more..hmm... what can i say? riveting? As for the ending? To easy.. Why not one of the two you would´ve thought of instead? Some rivalry and tension?
    \"-ok, i did it, but you won´t get me, cause *haha* watch me run...\"

    I feel of this ep. as a filler, but with a filler, there should´ve been more anyway, so i stand by my titleing: \"Nothing... happened\"

    Sad, hopefully the next one will be better.
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