Season 11 Episode 14

Monsters and Men

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2014 on CBS

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  • Gosh! Is there a chance it might all go wrong???

    Well of course it will. What a poor line at the end. Gibbs would not have done that in earlier episodes. Good episode to that point but that........... Bishop is not 'working' for me. After this she never will.
  • Why did Gibbs hire her after this fiasco?

    So she was a Parsa expert at NSA, where apparently she screwed up the case. She hid her expertise from Gibbs. She took over the same case at NCIS, where she screwed it up royally. Then Gibbs offers her a job and the boys give her candy. what?
  • Monsters and Men

    A good ending, but his capture seemed a bit too abrupt. I also thought they gave us a very weak backstory for Bishop after such strong writing for the character the previous few episodes.
  • McGee story gets turned into another Bishop story.

    Very disappointed with the ending of this Parsa story line. It started off well as a McGee and Delilah story but the writers literally lost the plot. McGee was off in laa laa land. Delilah - a far more promising character than Bishop, gets wheelchaired and written out. Gibbs didn't support McGee. DeNozzo did nothing and then it all drifted off into a Bishop vs Parsa story with McGee doing zip in the last ep. The more I see of Bishop and the heavy handed way the writers are shoving her down our throats at the expense of the other characters, the more I dislike her.
  • How pity

    How pity this episode ends. Bishop stil alive. So it means the end of a great show on tv. The character is totaly not good for NCIS, perhaps that is why it fits so good. But for the rest of the world it is not a crime show, but more a comedy show. When this are the top agents of de USA, then the rest of the world has nothing to fear about from there, it was just 100% crap and even to give it a 1 was even to much
  • Never wanted a "baddy" to pull the trigger so much!

    What has happened to this show?

    It's always been a flag waving "USA, USA, kinda show, where life (as long as it's not American) is extremely cheap. but there used to be more to it and it's characters than it has become of late. It's changed from gleefully and unashamedly patriotic to pretty much supporting any American action with a chant of "NSA, NSA, to the point where I really don't care.

    Also, my 2p about Bishop. Her character suffers from how a lot of female roles seem to have to be. They have to be amazing and perfect at everything. She's a sexy, rough tough (grew up with x brothers *yawn*), smart (but not just smart, super savant like smart), quirky and super cutesy too, as well as super confident and not scared of authority, with almost no real flaws.

    The reason why we care about the other characters is because of their weaknesses a much as their strengths. Gibbs has no idea about how anything works if it was invented after the light bulb. Mcgee is not so great with the ladies and is distinctly average looking and not so confident, nor is he exactly "tough". Dinozzo is only slightly more comfortable with technology than Gibbs and both he and Gibbs are both somewhat "old-school" in a changing world.

    Bishop, however, has everything covered, so I really don't care. There's zero jeopardy with her character. She's survive whatever, find out something some-how, remember something from all her quirky piles of paper (but not spot such an obvious pattern as in this episode somehow????) and will no doubt survive against a bunch of highly trained and experienced mercenaries without getting a hair out of place whilst figuring out the code to saving something which came to her in a flash of super clever inspiration from the sound of a nose being broken....

    Basically this was a show staring a character I really don't care about, in a show I am increasingly caring less and less about.
  • Boring Bishop

    The actress who plays Bishop who I'm sure is a lovely girl is a typical Drama school clone. She 'acts' to the 1 dimensional method taught but has no REAL ability to make the part her own and lacks Charisma by the bucket load! NCIS by giving her with her limited ability the lions share of episodes at the expense of the trusted and good actors is killing this show!! Hopefully She will be a 1 season wonder or I doubt there will BE a next series. Incidentally so bored by this episode I googled (As I said to my wife when Cote left there was something they are not telling I had guessed pregnancy hence them not killing her off)! Guess what 5 months into the series and she is now allegedly showing signs of a baby on the way! By the way Great shot from Gibbs through the flimsy jail door when his victim was standing side on! It takes tremendous skill to hit them between the eyes!
  • CBS has ruined this show!

    It's official. CBS has turned a number one watched show into a number one wrecked show!
  • Family is a complicated thing.

    I like the way NCIS introduces a new character. The other characters are the ones who test whether the new character fits in or not. Bisshop, has to prove that she is loyal and trusting enough to be included in the NCIS family. At NCIS, you need an invitation from Gibbs to become part of the family.
  • Nice one!

    It feels like NCIS is slowly going back to its normal mode of operations after getting Bishop on board. Gibbs started trusting her at the end of this episode, she herself seems willing to integrate herself into the team and the two guys are up to date on her quirks and willing to roll with it.

    I think she can add an interesting perspective on cases because of her background but she does seem a bit like a Gibbs-Junior if I am beeing honest. I don't mind - the show defenitly needed some new blood in order to keep it from going stale. I don't think Gibbs will retire any time soon, but I think her beeing a strategic thinker might be a precaution in that direction.

    Also, this episode had some of the best laughs this show had in a long time. Tony talking about playing with himself? Oh man, that whole dialoge had me slapping my thighs.
  • Brilliant again!

    The reviews are just so mixed before me, but I'm definitely on the pro-Bishop side of things. She was never going to fit in seamlessly, but she fills the void admirably and her character is already developing in leaps and bounds.

    The episode was a lot about her and her role in the whole Parsa situation. We had very interesting scenes both in terms of the action and drama as well as that little confrontation with Gibbs. I enjoyed the end a lot with her putting Rule 11 on her computer screen! One to remember!

    I've really enjoyed the huge Parsa storyline that has been going on for a few episodes now, and this was a great conclusion! Looking froward to more!
  • great show

    great episode, I like the fact that Bishop is becoming part of the team more.
  • Knock off Bishop

    I watched this episode just to see if Bishop might, I mean might seem better. But nope I can't stand her. Yes it is only a few episodes with this character but it wouldn't matter if it was a whole season. I don't like her. Yes Ziva was different after Kate but I liked her character right away, and I loved Kate. But I loved Ziva even more. This Bishop person, no. Since she has come on the show with her faux Abby type character I knew she was not a good choice for the team. We already have Abby we don't need another faux brainiac. I even got giddy for a few seconds when I was hoping that Parsa might kill her off. The show has changed it's feel to things. My three guys are now acting like the three stooges instead of the agents that they were before she came along. CBS take note get rid of Bishop and start over or I may be seeing the last season of NCIS. I have really lost all interest in this show which makes me sad.
  • Give her a chance already! Let her mature!

    Bishop is like any other character who fills a big void. It is tough to adjust to without Ziva after 8 seasons. Characters mature over time. Sure I agree that she has her moments but remember Ziva herself at the beginning of Season 3? We could barely stand her and her tactics. Every member of Gibbs' team even himself has matured along the way. She will eventually learn to respect Gibbs and follow his rules. Joint duty assignment is a very different thing than being a probationary agent. Everyone learns. She is learning and is willing to be a part of Gibbs' team even though she can't figure him out. Give her the season and then you can judge her. 5 or so episodes is not enough.
  • :( :( VERY BAD Beginning of show

    WHO is in control now? - they are putting this unskilled female in too much control AND makes me NOT want to watch this show...

    So I won't.

    Kate was never 'the leader/know it all' NOR was Ziva - So WHY are they cramming her down our throats.

    she may be a nice person & maybe a good actress BUT NOT IN THIS SHOW.
  • Bishop

    All you haters need to go back to the rock you crawled out of. Oh my gosh youre a bunch of ludicrous a-holes. Shut up. Wanna stop watching the show? Be my guest. You negativity towards this person is outrageous. She. Is. A. Person. Too.

    In regards to this weeks episode. Slow to the Kill would be my title. I liked the second half of it a lot. The first half was good too. Seeing Bishop so worried about Gibbs liking her makes me think she really enjoys the team. The team enjoys her too. The new dynamic is different from Ziva. That is intentional. The show should move forward, not back.
  • Parsa's End

    It was enjoyable. Parsa was a different kind of villain for NCIS. I am glad Gibbs was the one the end it all
  • I liked it

    The Parsa arc hasn't been that interesting, but I still enjoyed it. I did like the finale of it! Bishop and Parsa make a weird dialogue scene but it was really good
  • A fast episode

    That moved really fast. As soon as I started watching it, the episode was over. Usually a sign I enjoyed it. It was intriguing when Benham was being so creepy with Bishop though