Season 6 Episode 6

Murder 2.0

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on CBS

Episode Recap

While Ducky is performing an autopsy on a dead dead man found in a water cistern, he finds that the killer of the victim has left a roll of parchment in the victim's mouth. Inside the paper is an internet address which leads to a video on a website. The murder was filmed and posted on the web and there is also a threat that says that "there will be more."

More videos keep appearing, each with more clues as to who the next victim will be, where the murder will take place, and what the weapon will be. The murderer treats the murders like it's a game. He even picks out Gibbs as his opponent in the game of his in order to gain a sort of sick notoriety. The murderer is always one step ahead of the team, making it hard for the team to solve the case. They are shocked to find out that the murderer even has NCIS's offices under surveillance.

According to a new video that is posted, Gibbs is presumed to be the next target. However, he is able to figure out the clues and in turn is able to save the final "real" victim. It turns out that Gibbs was not supposed to be the last victim, he was actually intended to be set up to commit the murder.