Season 6 Episode 6

Murder 2.0

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on CBS

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  • Cyber Vid killer.

    This was a very good episode involving a serial killer that leaves clues to his next victim when he has killed someone and he is nicknamed the cyber Vid killer The killer also shows an interest in Gibbs and drove him to lengths to catch him but Gibbs was smart enough at the end when he was able to see who the victim and who the killer was This was one of the best of the season with Heartland and shows it has been a good start to the season.
  • It's Halloween And The Team Investigates When A Body Is Found In A Marine Base. Gibbs Realizes That The Killer Leaves Clues About The Next Victims On The Net.

    "Murder 2.0" is a very entertaining episode. It is also one of the best episodes of the series. This episode does a very good job of keeping the viewer's interest throughout. It also has a sharply written script. There is not anything negative to say about this episode and Halloween themed episodes are always superb. I am a great fan of serial killer plots because they are always interesting and intense. If you combine a serial killer plot and Halloween, you will get a fantastic episode. Fortunately the case was not predictable and it took twists and turns that I did not see coming. I really loved the tense. The background music was excellent. Mark Harmon gave a powerful performance. Once again, the humor played a big part. I loved the opening scene! I laughed so hard! Also, when Abby glued the floor of her lab was really funny as McGee fell! This episode is which I recommend to everyone. You can't miss this.
  • amazeing!!!perfect!!!!!immpossibley wonderful!!!

    i loved this episode even if it was really creepy!!keep it comeing!!i,m i,m i,m i,m i,m i,m i,m i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i loved it!!!!
  • So i guess this was an attempt to do a Halloween, sort of, thematic episode.

    I liked it, but it didn't fully meet my standards, and i guess was a little disappointed with this ep.
    I perfectly understand the serial killer thing and all the cliches were on purpose. I guess this was na attempt of doing an athypical, thematic episode, that eventually didn't work so well.
    Compared to all the previous 6th season episodes, this one was the weakest. The plot... it just didn't grow. I couldn't really buy the story that Team Gibbs was being lead on by some adultescent looking for his 15 mins of fame. I also find it hard to believe the kid would manage to know so much about Gibbs, and the fact that he pick on Gibbs Team so personally just for the fun. The murderer even lacked reasonable, proper connection to the marines at all (at least in order for his crimes to be assigned necessarily, exclusively, to NCIS). And the team's scare was way out of proportion and seemed fake at some point. The blond girl flirting Gibbs seemed out of place. Abby's reminiscing of her dreadliest moments was indeed fun, but not enough to save the day. There were practically no Tiva moments. The end was very catchy though. For a murderer looking for fame, people would never even learn his name. Oddly enough, my opinion is that all the horror/killer movie cliches should have been written in a much more exagerated manner. They could have pushed Tony's movies mania farther than simply listing movie titles this time. For instance (just an idea), it would make much more sense (and fun) if the killer picked on Tony, based on what he must know about horror movies. That way they could write Tony into dangerous-but-hilarious situations. But i'm just saying... I actually think it was a great idea to try to do a stylized, thematic episode, only it didn't work so well.
  • Quite an Halloween episode there.

    Shows really a great Halloween one is really great. And that the NCIS seems to not want to investigate this one. The serial killer was playing with the minds of the team. And that it was funny to see McGee aka Probie's computer screen. Up with Ziva in a bikini. Just made you want to laugh. As Ziva seemed to really want to kill him. Just thought that she would grab him by the collar and really let him have it. Usually I am not a fan of Halloween episodes. But this one really was great. And good to see they were in a way, getting into the Halloween spirit.
  • Serial Killer Targerts NCIS!

    I was very happy to see that the serial killer's prime target wasn't Abby. I had been leary of this situation because Abby had been in danger serveral times before by insane men. I was happy that NCIS made note of this, and had Abby recall the serveral instance when she had been in jeopardy.

    Gibbs was the target. It was nice to see Dinozzo and David worry about their boss. It was a great ending. Tony tried to tell the killer he was being repetive, but he schooled Tony reminding him that his scenerio was different, because the victim would have been murdered by Gibbs. I'm glad Tony has more to do than watch movies!
  • Best of the handful of episodes I've seen so far.

    I will freely admit that I'm new to watching NCIS (about 20 episodes or so via USA and Netflix) however this episode stands heads and tails above the rest as my favorite so far.

    The rationale for this is twofold. First is the fact that unlike most every episode I've seen so far, this episode's instigating case didn't involve a Navy/Marine being killed/kidnapped etc. or terrorism. Second is the fact that the episode, due to it's airing during the week of Halloween, contained many references to horror flicks such as Halloween, Nightmare on Elm St., Scream, Psycho, & Se7en. As I'm a fan of well done horror films, seeing so many classics get a tip of the hat scored major points with me. This show also sticks out as it provides uncharacteristic behavior by several of the show's characters, such as Gibbs actually smiling (smirking) at the "Numma Numma Guy", and Palmer's almost childlike glee over the first brainless victim. This episode, while very appealing to myself for ulterior reasons, is not without it's gaffes. As noted in the Goof's section the comment by McGee about the H.264 codec threw me off as I knew it wasn't a codec only used for live streaming.

    As I noted before I have a very limited knowledge of this series as a whole, so if I've made mistakes about my generalizations I apologize. That being said NCIS is fast becoming one of my go-to shows, and of those I've seen this was far and away the best. Very stylistic, a different flavor from most episodes (in that it's a serial killer and non-military based genesis of the case), and amusing for the horror fans out there.
  • Another great episode

    In this episode of NCIS the following happens. Ziva is mad at McGee when she discovers that he still has the photographs of her in her bikini. The team are called in when a shower, instead of spraying out water sprays out blood. They trace the blood back to the water container which has a dead body in it. Inside the victims mouth they find a link to a website. So the team search for it and on it they discover the video of the victim being murdered. During the autopsy Ducky discovers that the victim's brain is missing. They learn that his name was Billy Cole. They go to where he used to live. They spot a photo in his room and it has a similar picture in the background as the one in the video. They go there and find another victim, who also has a website link in his mouth on the back of it; it says "Hello Agent Gibbs".
    They follow it to another video, and yet again in the video we see the victim being killed. When both of the videos are leaked to the media, the roommate of Billy comes in, claiming to know who the killer is. A director who made their bands music video. So Tony & Ziva head there. He says the music video was his first and he used a website to help him. Gibbs then gets a strange phone call, from 666. They try to trace the address of where the call is coming from, but they are unable to do so. Abby sees a new video being uploaded, which they soon realise is streaming live and the killer is outside of Abby's lab. As Gibbs and McGee race there, they discover that the janitor is there and that the video is actually inside of his cart. Gibbs believes that the killer is coming to the Navy yard to kill his next victim. They get a print off of the lens on the camera which was found in the janitor's cart. It belongs to the video director who claims that he is innocent. He starts to act weird and soon collapses and dies. The killer has claimed yet another victim. Son the video of the murder is uploaded, the video which is from the interrogation room in the NCIS building. It then shows Gibbs face, as though he may be the next victim. They soon learn that Rose, the roommate is the killer, only then we discover that it's not her but the other room mate who is tied up. He has C4 wired on Rose, and he has the switch. Luckily Gibbs manages to save the day and save everyone's lives. At the end of the episode Gibbs is warded another medal, but yet again he is not there, so Tony accepts it for him.
  • This is exactly why I watch NCIS you cant beat it.

    This episode is very good and the writers was very clever with the twist at the end, i didnt even click on to the fact that it was the male that was the killer i always thought it was the female and i my mind was even made up when i saw the ending when she had the gun i didnt even click onto the video camera pointing at her what a peice of genious BRAVO BRAVO..............

    To Summarise it was an amazing episode and one of the best NCIS has shown so far, and i have seen them all
  • Pitch perfect episode.

    This is why I watch NCIS. Intelligent bad guys and even more intelligent agents. For my fellow anime fans it had a bit of a "Death Note" air. Not just with the voice changed audio taunt sent directly to Gibbs, but the overall atmosphere had the same kind og cat and mouse, back and forth that attracted me to both Death Note and NCIS. Now so long as the don't kill off Gibbs like they did L, I'll defiantly keep watching. The clues were very interesting, although quite macabre, and I found myself trying to figure them out along with the team. A great episode that I wouldn't mind watching again and again.
  • Easily the best episode yet!

    This episode was amazing. It is the reason that I watch NCIS. They way they set up the episode and how they found the clues leading to the next victim was very cool. This episode had me guessing on who it was until the very end. I have watched so many crime shows that I am usually able to figure out who the murderer is, but not in this one. I could not believe the way the killer killed the man in the interrogation room when they thought that the man who was killed was the killer. It was the must unexpected thing I ever saw on NCIS. It is a great episode that I have watched many times, and would still watch it many more.
  • Without doubt, one of the best episodes ever!

    This one was absolutely amazing! Halloween episodes have a long history of being sensational and terrific, and this is quite positively no exception to that stereotype.

    This episode was quite freaky and suspenseful, and it was full of edge of your seat action. The storyline was incredible, and there is not any other way to describe it. The episode was just stunning.

    I also didn't suspect the ending for the least bit, and that is another positive to an amazing episode, already. I highly enjoyed the case, and I think the ending was spectacular.

    I would recommend this episode as one of the best ones ever. Amazing storyline, and I can't wait until next Halloween, if this record keeps on going! A terrific episode, NCIS!
  • Best. plot. ever. And an interesting way of holding the microphone too.

    Who said you can't mix humor and a brilliant plots?
    This episode is a series classic and a very special episode at the same time; it has all the features that made NCIS my favourite show: clever plots, hilarious moments and great characters.
    It's a race against time to bring down a serial killer who's leaving clues about his next victims all around the internet; Gibbs and the team struggle to solve the puzzle and will eventually succeed.
    If you're looking for a good well plotted police procedural, but won't renounce a big dose of humor; then you really got to see this episode.
    Give'em an Oscar!
  • WHAT AN EPISODE!! They're dealing with a serial killer by the killer putting the clues on the web. A creepy episode, perfect for Halloween!!

    What a great episode a twist at every turn, non stop guess work, excellent plot. Kept you on the edge of your seat til the very end. They had first seen and talked with the killer at the beginning of the ep, but didn't know until the very end, at first they thought is was the lead vocalist in the band, but it wasn't it was the drummer all along. The killer was very crafty at not being traced. It was a great episode, it never disappointed, but then again when does NCIS disappoint!! So far this is the best episode of the season.
  • Spooky

    It is days before Halloween. NCIS airs an episode about a serial killer who airs his killings on the internet. Ducky finds the cause of death to be particularly gruesome. There are breaches in security. The killer even ends up outside of Abby's lab. One of the suspects dies in custody. Soon, it is discovered that Gibbs is a target.

    It is unclear what the motive is, aside from getting inside Gibbs' head. Vance and the team are concerned, but our fearless leader charges ahead. Abby and McGee eventually pinpoints who the suspect is. It comes down to a narcissist with a pathological twist. The ending Jethro has for him is Gibbs at his best. Andy Warhol can be wrong.
  • Right out of the movies.

    I thought the idea of a serial killer within the episode was a little cheesy considering it's the week of Halloween. But I have to admit I was hooked from the beginning. I thought all the movie cliché's would be too much, but somehow they made it work. Vance actually seemed concerned for Gibbs' safety. Gibbs made a new friend in Rose. I liked not knowing anything about the killer. It created a tension throughout the episode. Especially seeing that the killer had intimate knowledge regarding Jethro. I love the team's desire to keep Gibbs' safe. The team seemed flustered this week. Tony's consistently putting his foot in his mouth, McGee not being having to foresee Gibbs' requests, they both seemed to be miss stepping. As always I love Abby. Gibbs ultimate revenge was cl@ssic.