Season 6 Episode 6

Murder 2.0

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on CBS

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  • So i guess this was an attempt to do a Halloween, sort of, thematic episode.

    I liked it, but it didn't fully meet my standards, and i guess was a little disappointed with this ep.
    I perfectly understand the serial killer thing and all the cliches were on purpose. I guess this was na attempt of doing an athypical, thematic episode, that eventually didn't work so well.
    Compared to all the previous 6th season episodes, this one was the weakest. The plot... it just didn't grow. I couldn't really buy the story that Team Gibbs was being lead on by some adultescent looking for his 15 mins of fame. I also find it hard to believe the kid would manage to know so much about Gibbs, and the fact that he pick on Gibbs Team so personally just for the fun. The murderer even lacked reasonable, proper connection to the marines at all (at least in order for his crimes to be assigned necessarily, exclusively, to NCIS). And the team's scare was way out of proportion and seemed fake at some point. The blond girl flirting Gibbs seemed out of place. Abby's reminiscing of her dreadliest moments was indeed fun, but not enough to save the day. There were practically no Tiva moments. The end was very catchy though. For a murderer looking for fame, people would never even learn his name. Oddly enough, my opinion is that all the horror/killer movie cliches should have been written in a much more exagerated manner. They could have pushed Tony's movies mania farther than simply listing movie titles this time. For instance (just an idea), it would make much more sense (and fun) if the killer picked on Tony, based on what he must know about horror movies. That way they could write Tony into dangerous-but-hilarious situations. But i'm just saying... I actually think it was a great idea to try to do a stylized, thematic episode, only it didn't work so well.
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