Season 6 Episode 6

Murder 2.0

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on CBS

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  • It's Halloween And The Team Investigates When A Body Is Found In A Marine Base. Gibbs Realizes That The Killer Leaves Clues About The Next Victims On The Net.

    "Murder 2.0" is a very entertaining episode. It is also one of the best episodes of the series. This episode does a very good job of keeping the viewer's interest throughout. It also has a sharply written script. There is not anything negative to say about this episode and Halloween themed episodes are always superb. I am a great fan of serial killer plots because they are always interesting and intense. If you combine a serial killer plot and Halloween, you will get a fantastic episode. Fortunately the case was not predictable and it took twists and turns that I did not see coming. I really loved the tense. The background music was excellent. Mark Harmon gave a powerful performance. Once again, the humor played a big part. I loved the opening scene! I laughed so hard! Also, when Abby glued the floor of her lab was really funny as McGee fell! This episode is which I recommend to everyone. You can't miss this.
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