Season 1 Episode 12

My Other Left Foot

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2004 on CBS

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  • An episode with a very good twist at the end.

    A vagrant is going through the trash in a dumpster and discovers a severed leg. The foot has a plate in it, and Ducky hopes to be able to trace down who the victim is with the code on it. They track down where the operation took place and according to his records he died 2 years ago. They track down the doctor who declared him dead. His sister had the body cremated and so they can't get the body to Ducky, like Gibbs told them too. When she is shown a picture of the dead marine, she doesn't recognise him. They track down his half-sister and Gibbs and Kate go to see her. The marine had a life insurance policy on himself for $750,000 and his half sister (being only living relative) was the beneficiary who would get it when he died. They get a warrant and go back to her house and search for evidence that he was there recently. We learn that he didn't know that they were brother and sister. Tony discovers that someone else is in the house. And so he and Gibbs go in search of the mystery person. Who they discover was the doctor. She is Melissa's mother. They were both in on it.
  • My Other Left Foot

    Man, NCIS has come a long way since Season 1; a long way. Tony DiNozzo has gone from a wooden character to one of TV's most beloved and hilarious personalities. Abby's screen time has been diminished (not that I hate her, but it's better this way) and the awesome Ziva arrived.

    Who would have thought based on this that NCIS would become the awesome show it is today? I mean, this episode was not all bad, but nowadays this show sets the trends, whereas before it was just another generic cop show on CBS, the home of generic (but entertaining) cop shows.
  • I highly recommend this episode!

    'My Other Left Foot' is a very interesting episode, and one of my favorites from the first season. What do you do when you find a foot with a 'Semper Fi' tattoo? Call NCIS - the best team in town!

    So this episode featured one of my favorite cases. I thought the case was innovative and original, which really helped it a lot! The episode also featured a lot of great humour, with some of my favorite quotes, including one of my favorite ones ever, when Agent DiNozzo attempts the crossword puzzle!

    To conclude, this episode was jam-packed with a great case and great humour. The storyline was really great, in my opinion, and that made for a great episode! Keep it up, NCIS!
  • Great mess

    What a case. I mean. It was murder but soon as they started to investigate it became real mess: the man murdered died two years ago in little down. His body got cremated and there is no evidence left. And then there becomes that half sister who is quite a puzzle. And it looked really messy at that point, but it got even messier when Tony discovers that there were insurance policy and the question remains: when that marine was killed few days ago, then who died two years ago?

    I totally loved the mess the case was. And the ending was even more surprising. I did not saw that coming. You were quite sure that half sister did it.. but no.. she was involved but.. Loved the end sequence on the house. They realizing there is someone else too.. and when they saw who that is..

    So.. good episode.. great and messy case.. very interesting to follow how it shapes up.
  • Fraud, murder and dismemberment.

    We have never seen Gibbs *this* charming, he seriously pours it on. Then again, we know Gibbs has a thing for redheads and Stacey is gorgeous.

    Gotta love how the mother tries to frame Melissa for all of it. Her mistake was that Melissa loved Tommy so she cracked when Gibbs pushed about him. If Gibbs leans some more, chances are Melissa will spill everything and probably even testify against her mother.

    Kate has a rose tattoo on her butt, at least that's her story – Gibbs disagrees. Tony will never leave that alone.

    Josh Holloway and I like the accent here. Very small part unfortunately.

    Interesting episode.
  • Another great episode is stepping out.

    A severed leg with a "semphra fi" tattoo is found in a trash bin; leading them to a small town where a murder scheme is afoot.

    The investigation takes them to a small town where the GP is also the coroner. What a coincidence! Tony is giving Kate a hard time because he would like to know what her tattoo looks like, butterfly, rose? Also, where the tat is located. Tony continuously going on about this tattoo thing was especially brought a smile to my face.

    Turns out the GP was the girls mama and the chainsaw slaughterer. I figured it was the red-head, I never really suspected the GP.
  • Kate has a tattoo!!!

    I would love to live in Harmony. tehehehhe.... <br>
    i LOVE Kate and Tony in Harmony. ("Why don't you give her a breast exam?" "In good time.") Tehehe.. more tony kate love. ("You get to shoot bad guys") and also...

    Kate has a tattoo! That may have just changed Tony\'s take on her completely. Which really, also means more tony kate love. What a beaut tate episode!

    Gibbs and his quote ("Is it really that hard to believe Kate, that I could be attractive to some women?") I sure there would be a heck of a lot of Gibblets that would agree with that one. (throw in another wink)

    Another great ep. :)
  • Nice episode.

    After a severed leg is recovered from a trash bin with a marine tattoo, the NCIS is called on to investigate a murder case that takes Gibbs and his team to a small town where an insurance fraud is taking place. It's classic NCIS, Gibbs take his team through the investigation process. The cast are an interesting bunch. Michael Weatherly provides the much needed comic relief for the episode just as usual. Gibbs provides a central figure that ties up the whole plot together. The scheming and plotting that takes place in the episode is intriguing, this show is serious with a comedic tone along the way.
  • A severed leg with a Semper Fi tat.....

    A man finds a severed leg in the garbage and Gibbs and co. are brought in to investigate. This was a great episode. I love it when Gibbs asks Ducky for a time of death and Ducky tells Gibbs, “You find me a liver in that leg and I’ll give you a time of death.” The clues lead to a hospital where the Marine had his ankle replaced, only to find the Marine supposedly died several years ago. Looking into the death of the Marine brings even more mystery than answers and leads Gibbs straight to yet another red-head. The ending was a surprise for me. I never would have thought it of the good doc, but she was a killer. Excellent writing, kept me watching to see who done it because I never saw this one coming.
  • Oh so funny! Read on to find out more.....

    A Marine's leg is found in a dumpster. The investigation takes them to a small town where the GP is also the coroner. Another great episode, and hilarious. The tattoo thing was especially great. It went on throughout the episode and kept you laughing. Great acting and well written, exactly why I watch!
  • A leg in a dumpster...

    This episode was pretty good if for no other reason than we got to see a different side of Gibbs. He really has a soft spot for redheads! A leg is found in a dumpster, and a tattoo on the leg reveals that the leg belonged to a Marine. Only problem is, this particular Marine was supposed to have died two years ago. The team goes on the hunt to figure out this problem and uncovers an insurance scam. Gibbs gets flirty with a suspect, and Kate can hardly believe it!

    The importance of the tattoo in this case brings up the subject of tatts among the team. Does Kate really have one? What is it, and where is it? Tony can hardly stand it! Kate and Tony have several humorous exchanges over the subject.

    Favorite lines: "You know Chinese. Any other hidden talents I should know about?" "I can sample the frosting on a cake without leaving a fingerprint."

    Gibbs: Any more tattoos?
    Tony: Just the rose on Kate's butt.
    Gibbs: It's not a rose...
    Kate: He doesn't know. He's lying, just like he did about the digitalis!
    (everyone keeps staring at Kate)
    Kate: (to Gibbs)Okay, tell them.
    (Gibbs doesn't respond)
    Kate: Gibbs?
  • Why I watch!

    Again great acting as the team investigate what looks to
    Be another of the typical murders but instead they must
    Rely on the leg of a Marine that was shot and killed not just to trace the body but also they must learn why someone would leave a leg only. Great show and episode that keeps getting better!
  • Investigating a Marine's murder in West Virginia based only on a leg.

    I really liked this episode. Of course, on tv body parts found in dumpsters always have a medical implant with a tracable serial number, but the story wouldn't be interesting otherwise would it? Very nice plot twist that the leg that was found belongs to a Marine that was supposedly cremated two years ago. Gets a little confusing towards the end as to who is who, but really very entertaining. I especially like the way that Ducky plays off Gibbs at the scene. Minor rant, though...Clarksburg is 45 minutes away from where I grew up. Most West Virginians that far north in the state do not have that strong of an accent. Our state troopers are not incompetent, and most of our counties do have more than one ambulance...especially in that area! The only saving grace was that DiNozzo found out that there are pretty girls with all their teeth there. :) Harmony, WV exists, but much farther south in the state. And incase you were wondering, there really is a town called Katy Lick, WV.
  • A marines leg is found in a dumpster & the team try to find out who it belongs to

    A marines leg is found in a dumpster & the team try to find out who it belongs to. The investigation takes them to a small town where the GP is also the coroner.

    The whole case is weird especially when they find out that the owner of the leg has been dead for 2 years.

    Another great episode, and extremly funny. Tony kept bugging Kate and wanted to know where her tattoo was & what it was. Abby of course said she knew but wouldn't tell and I had to laugh at the end when Gibbs told them that it wasn't a rose.