Season 9 Episode 1

Nature of the Beast

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2011 on CBS

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  • I would call it rubbish, but that would be a compliment. The start of NCIS Season 9 was beyond abhorrent.


    Go through my reviews of past NCIS episodes, and you'll discover that I have never in my life rated an episode lower than a '7', except perhaps one '6.5' - and over 90% of episodes I have rated '9.0' or above.

    As for this episode, it was so despicably bad, that I have to wonder whether NCIS is dead. The storyline was so boring, that this episode can be noted by scientists as a cure for insomnia. There was absolutely zero development of any of our main characters - instead, the episode was centred around Tony dealing with EJ , her team and the enew Secnav.

    Let's compare this to a year ago, when we had the suspenseful and brilliant Paloma Reynosa storyline. In factm, I stated that 'Spider & The Fly' was the most clever storyline NCIS has ever come up with. Let's reflect on two years ago when Ziva left NCIS and the team went to save her. Let's reflect on three years ago, when we were all dumbstruck as our team was divided and all of the subsequent action with Michelle Lee. I can continue this process and every season premiere of NCIS was truly miraculous - up until now.

    The cliffhanger last season was stupid - and that is a euphemism. They didn't improve it at all here today.

    Compare this to the premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles, which was so gripping and interesting, as well as suspenseful and provocative. The spin-off has usurped and superseded the parent show.

    I hope NCIS can bounce back and deliver a decent ninth season. If not, there may very well not be a tenth season.

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