Season 9 Episode 1

Nature of the Beast

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2011 on CBS

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  • Could have been better


    If you compare this season premiere to any of the other seasons, i think it was far too complicated. there was just something about it. while i enjoyed the few tiva scenes, and the way tony dealt with talking about his mother etc... the episode moved so fast, and was so complicated, that i had to use all my energy to try and keep up with the flashbacks and current scenes, and make sure i understood it. has ncis got a new director or something? it just didn't seem like the normal ncis. to be honest, i was really not expecting that Cade would be in the picture, and i think the plot was too complicated. i would have liked to see the writers attempt to do something with the existing characters instead of throwing in new people, like Jarvis, and the FBI guy, because personally when i watch a season premiere, i expect there to be character stuff. another complaint: what happened to the team? i like rachel canston, but not that much that i could put up with her for so long. firstly, i think her introduction to the show is all wrong. the fact that she says she could never come to Kate's funeral is a pathetic excuse from the writers, and a really stupid way of introducing her to the show. there was hardly any abby, i think we saw her twice or something. and i swear palmer said like 3 lines and that was it.

    The tiva was a bit confusing. i mean, who is ziva going to see on holiday? it all seems very interesting, and on the positive side, it will make an intriguing plot.

    ugh, she is still with ray. what is wrong with her? does she always have to date the ugly no-good men like michael? i don't know how other people would react, but personally, if i was given an empty ringbox by someone, i would probably throw it in their face and call them pathetic.

    it's a weird start, but maybe it will improve (hopefull)