Season 9 Episode 1

Nature of the Beast

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2011 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • GOOF: Tony said he was watching Angels With Dirty Faces with his mom and stated that Bogart played a priest and Cagney was the bad guy. In fact, Pat O'Brien played the priest - being such a movie buff Tony would know this. Of course, Tony was suffering from memory loss and possibly concussion so this might explain this.

  • Quotes

    • Dr. Cranston: Why do you think you keep getting involved with dysfunctional women?
      Tony: What?!
      Dr. Cranston: Well, the women you date are, well... messed up.
      Tony: I date all kinds of women.
      Dr. Cranston: You know, I think you're drawn to them because you want to help them.
      Tony: I am drawn to them because, usually, they're pretty hot.
      Dr. Cranston: Tony, admit it. You like hot girls who carry guns.
      Tony: Who doesn't like hot girls who carry guns?

    • SecNav Jarvis: Director Vance told me to expect some push-back from you, but you're being borderline disrespectful.
      Gibbs: That a compliment, sir?
      SecNav Jarvis: You'll get DiNozzo back when I'm done with him.
      Gibbs: What if he doesn't make it back?

    • McGee: See, that looks like a woman to me.
      Abby: No, it doesn't. It looks like a hairy pirate with a mustache.
      McGee: You mean, Tony's assignment is to kill Johnny Depp?
      Ziva: I like Johnny Depp.
      Gibbs: Let's get back to the case.

    • Ziva: I do not know what you are investigating, and I do not need to know, but ever since we lost Levin and Franks and EJ left... NCIS has been through a lot. We have been through a lot. We need some time.
      Tony: We... as in you and me?
      Ziva: That's not what I meant.
      Tony: Oh... well, what did you mean then, Ziva?
      Ziva: All I'm saying is... look out for yourself. Please?

    • Ziva: Tonight we should all go out and celebrate.
      McGee: You mean a wetting down?
      Ziva: No, there is no wedding. I mean, Palmer's not getting married till next spring.
      Gibbs: It's called a wetting down, David. Means you're paying.

    • Ziva: My probation is officially over?
      Gibbs: Done and done.
      McGee: Congrats, Special Agent David.
      Ziva: (about the badge) I will carry this with tremendous pride.
      Tony: Carry what? Ray's stones in a Mason jar?

    • Dr. Cranston: So, you're okay?
      Tony: I'm not dead.
      Dr. Cranston: Looks like the vest saved your life.
      Tony: You could say I'm well-invested. Invest we trust. (chuckles) Go vest, young man.

  • Notes

    • Along with having a Starring credit, Mark Harmon is now also billed as Executive Producer, a promotion from his Producer status in the previous seasons.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: September 19, 2011 on Global
      Australia: September 27, 2011 on Channel Ten
      Sweden: October 17, 2011 on TV3
      Finland: January 10, 2012 on Nelonen
      United Kingdom: January 13, 2012 on FX/FX HD
      Germany: January 29, 2012 on SAT 1
      Slovakia: August 9, 2012 on Markiza

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