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Navy NCIS: The Beginning

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2003 on CBS
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Navy NCIS: The Beginning

The cross-over that aired few weeks after the show's premiere, was aired as a JAG episode, but also a pilot titled "Navy NCIS: The Beginning". The episode is a 1-hour combination of two episodes that aired as JAG, "Ice Queen (1)" and "Meltdown (2)".
A murdered JAG officer teams up the JAG staff with agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS).


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  • Blackadder has absolutely no redeeming quality.

    Episode 20: Ice Queen

    While I've always loved NCIS I never saw JAG so I didn't know there was even a prequel to NCIS so watching this for the first time, and being someone who found Kate irritating as all hell, it surprises me how horrid of a person Viv is! 5 minutes in and I pause it just to write this.

    She's already been rude to her boss, rude to her coworkers and rude to secondary victims (the boy scout instructor guy). Yes maybe he should be setting an example but not everyone can handle sites and calling him weak in front of people isn't exactly a good example either.

    Wow she actually has no redeeming qualities. I have to wonder why the writers wrote her like this unless they had NO intention of keeping her on. And her acting was horrible ,especially regarding the dead brother. When she was 'joking' with Tony and that fake crying was beyond unbelievable and then the whole overreacting thing when they arrested the terrorist who indirectly killed her brother.

    I also found the arrest at the end a bit preposterous. They have no real evidence against him besides the fact he was in her car (ok that places him in the car but not exactly when) and that he wrote his brothers number on a napkin. And that's when they choose to read him his rights? "Yeah I wrote his number down" "OMG you're under arrest!" And once again Viv getting all up in his face. Just wow.

    I am very glad she was not in the show!

    This is a good episode though, I enjoyed it and it made me want to start watching Jag. The cast of Jag seem fun.

    Episode 21: Meltdown

    Well I just realised the name and how the fudge is Vivian related to The Blake Lively! Especially with Vivians lack of acting skills.

    "I almost blew it" Seriously. Why was she even there. If she was able to compartmentalise and not be so obsessed then yes bring her along but she was over the top crazy and irrational about this man. Why was she there. Especially in a capacity like that opposed to a sniper at a distance. Although I wouldn't trust her with a weapon like that either.moreless
  • Still great

    Because of being unhappy and unsatisfied with season 11 I started my own reruns from DVD lately. I still love these JAG episodes, and with the knowledge of today - that season 11 sucks - they are like jewels. There are only a few small things I don't like that much - the corpse soul floaty view, the NCIS building really crowded sometimes with lots of people working there (a try to be as close as to reflect reality, but it doesn't work well in a movie), and Agent Blackadder. But from today's point of view I would rather prefer Blackadder than Bishop.

    Sadly, the writers missed the opportunity to make more from Abby and Tony. They would have been a great couple. (And they forgot to define their relationship in later episodes at all. What are they? Just friends? Something like brother and sister? Simply like each other)?

    However, it's still worth watching!moreless
  • Small correction

    Both the air date & synopsis are incorrect. The two episodes aired the previous May, near the end of season 8 of JAG.

    They can be seen here:


    and here:


    When you click on a link, you might see a small "Media Player Update" box popping up, which you should NOT install. Just click the video's 'Play' arrow beside it and it'll disappear. In Firefox, a second browser window will open; just close it. If it doesn't play in Firefox, use Internet Explorer.

  • LALALALALA where can i get this?

  • The opening of a new franchise. This is a JAG episode but is the introduction to NCIS. We are introduced to most of our team. Gibbs, DiNozzo, Abby, and Ducky are all among the people we see in this Pilot. A dead body washes up & a terrorist is caught.moreless

    This is our first glimpse into the NCIS world and it gives us so much information about our new soon to be friends. It firmly establishes Gibbs as our leader, brilliant interrogator, strict demeanor, compassionate towards kids, but it also shows us that he at the top of his game as an investigator. We meet DiNozzo and glimpse his attitude but most importantly that he is only a few steps behind Gibbs with regard to seeing things the way Gibbs does. This is evident when he is tirelessly searching for the killer while Gibbs is away and Blackadder has all but convicted Rabb and moved on. Abby is our gifted forensic scientist same as she is in all seasons. Blackadder is definitely the least likable person on the team and has issues. At the very beginning she is arguing with Gibbs about his decision to question the scout and gives him dirty looks. What she does not know is that Gibbs only talks to the kid to help him get past the horror of what happened which makes Blackadder look like all the more a doofus. Her brother was killed on the USS Cole and after the terrorist is killed she demands to be put on the team yelling at Gibbs who has to act like a drill instructor to make her back down. At the end of the episode she screws up the capture of the terrorist by staring at him thereby giving him the knowledge that they were after him.

    The only visible difference we see in character development from this Jag episode to our actual NCIS series is that Ducky hounds after Blackadder to go out with him almost like Tony does in NCIS with random girls. This attitude of his was removed in the actual series. Ducky still talks to corpses but there is a weird movey/blurry vision of the corpse looking at the team and Ducky through the 2 part pilot. This is annoying and stupid and was also removed for the series.

    Blackadder is also removed for the NCIS series as well. She will be absent from the next episode and there will be nobody in her place until the end of the episode where Kate will be hired. It is assumed from a number of exchanges and her screw up at the end that she may have gone back to the FBI.

    This episode centers around a body that is washed up on the river bank that turns out to be Lt. Singer from Jag and during the investigation the evidence piles up against Cmdr. Rabb and he is consequently tried for murder. An additional plot line running concurrently is that a terrorist on the NCIS watch list is captured by them and the director needs thier best interrogator (Gibbs) out there but not until the case is wrapped up. At the end they find out that Rabb is not guilty and Gibbs and Tony go to bat for him to finding the real killer endearing both of them to us for saving Rabb who looks like he's going down. Gibbs has a really weird interrogation method that brings results in a fraction of time that the CIA's does and from that information they are able to stop another attack on a Naval ship.

    All in all this episode is done well and they removed the 3 things that sucked about this episode from the NCIS series starting in the next episode. Those are Ducky acting like Tony, the stupid corpse soul floaty view, and Blackadder. This episode is quite good and if you missed it but have only seen NCIS and want to go back to watch it I would recommend it.moreless
Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo

Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette

Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto

David McCallum

David McCallum

Chief M.E. Ducky Mallard

David James Elliott

David James Elliott

Cmdr. Harmon Rabb, Jr.

Guest Star

Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell

Lt. Col. Sarah MacKenzie

Guest Star

Patrick Labyorteaux

Patrick Labyorteaux

Lt. Bud J. Roberts, Jr.

Guest Star

Alan Dale

Alan Dale

NCIS Director Tom Morrow

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • GOOF: On Abby's first scene, when she grabs her lab coat, her hands are glove less, on the next pan, as she adjusts the coat, you can see a blue glove on her right hand, the next shot has her without gloves, again, as she reaches for one in the glove box.

    • GOOF: When Gibbs is interrogating Rabb, there is a camera shot through the viewing glass that shows Tony, Viv and Abby in the mirror reflection off the glass. However, Abby hasn't entered the room yet as evident by her entering the room about 10 seconds later.

    • TRIVIA: About Tony's identity when he goes undercover: in real life, Michael Weatherly has a son named August, nicknamed "Gus."

    • TRIVIA: The pilot for this series aired as a two-part episode of JAG in the spring of 2003. Two major changes were made for the series. A gimmick in which Ducky is shown talking to corpses - from the corpse's point of view - was dropped, and a character named Viv Blackadder (played by Robyn Lively) was replaced by the character played by Sasha Alexander.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Ducky: On her left buttock, I found a tattoo of a stalking leopard. Majestic, brilliant. I've only seen one other like it on a tango dancer in Buenos Aires who died from dehydration. I was on sabbatical...
      Prosecutor: Doctor, I was asking about Lieutenant Singer.
      Ducky: She wasn't in Buenos Aires.

    • Tony: How fast can you run them?
      Abby: Usually takes about 12 hours. But for a dinner...
      Tony: Get me a ID in two and I'll make it Café Atlántico.
      Abby: Sweet...

    • Admiral: What the hell were going on between you and Lieutenant Singer?
      Rabb: Nothing, sir.
      Admiral: Nothing my ass! After that performance in the conference room, you'd be my prime suspect.
      Rabb: I didn't kill Lieutenant Singer, Admiral.
      Admiral: I know you didn't kill her. But you're involved and I wanna know how.
      Rabb: I'd rather not say, sir.
      Admiral: Good God, did you get her pregnant?!

    • Tony: I remember we found this old guy, died watching TV. We found him sitting stiff as a board with a Bud in his hand.
      Viv: No, please, not another Baltimore-homicide story.
      Tony: It looks like a natural death, but we gotta wait for the M.E. to confirm, right? So it's dinnertime, my partner and I are starving. So we tell the rookie to keep an eye on the stiff. Rookie's never been alone with a body. Well, suddenly, the body goes out of rigour, slumps, the air in the lungs is forced through the voice box, and the corpse moans.
      Viv: Stop it!
      Tony: Rookie freaks, empties his revolver into the body.
      Gibbs: You know what I think, DiNozzo?
      Tony: Don't say it's an urban myth, man, because I was there.
      Gibbs: I think you were the rookie.
      Tony: That's funny, Gibbs. Funny. Wrong but funny.

    • Rabb: Look, there are enough holes in this case to raise reasonable doubt.
      Counselor: There is also enough evidence to tie you to the murder and a string of witnesses, your colleagues, who will testify to angry words between you and Lt. Singer right up to the time of her death.
      Rabb: Well, it could be worse I guess.
      Counselor: How?
      Rabb: I could not have an alibi
      Counselor: You have an alibi??
      Rabb: No.

    • Harm Rabb: How long you been doing this, Gibbs?
      Gibbs: Nineteen years.
      Rabb: Can you tell if someone's guilty, by looking in their eyes?
      Gibbs: I can.
      Harm Rabb: Yeah, well look in mine. Ask me. Ask me!
      Gibbs: Would you kill for your brother?

    • Gibbs: I'm not smart enough to play risky games with a lawyer of your caliber, Rabb.
      Harm Rabb: That's Commander Rabb. Or Commander. Or sir, "Gunny." I believe as a reservist you're still technically in the Marine Corps.
      Gibbs: I am an NCIS Special Agent, and I don't have to salute you, or sir you, or give you any military courtesy, but you know that. So who's playing the games here?

    • Major McBurney: Nice lab you got here. Interesting Martha Stewart on LSD touches around the place too.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Patrick (Bud Roberts Jr.) and Mark (Gibbs) stared together in the 1987 movie Summer School. Mark plays a gym teacher that has to teach remedial English to failing students over the summer holidays.

    • When Tony gives Abby the blood, i.e. the first time we see Abby, the song playing is "Transfer" by Collide, and when the lawyer dude is in the lab talking to Abby, the song playing is "Frozen" by Collide, and the song playing when both the JAG lawyers come to the lab with Gibbs to get the results from the tag in the hat is "Monochrome" by Collide.

    • Sasha Alexander is the only one of the original NCIS cast members that does not appear in this episode.

    • This episode is actually not a NCIS episode. It has the title JAG, but it's considered a one-hour pilot episode for NCIS.