Season 9 Episode 17

Need to Know

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2012 on CBS

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  • I really loved this one!

    My only negative with this episode was that most users probably don't remember much about Agah Bayar, and I thought it should've gone through some old scenes involving him prior to the episode commencing.

    Pushing that aside, there were no other lflaws with the episode. The case was brilliant, suspenseful and really interesting with how it finished, and that hasn't exactly wbeen commonplace on NCIS in recent weeks.

    Some very interesting fieldwork, although I really don't like this new agent person. He seems extremely boring. We already have a Probie on this show. We really don't need another thank you very much.

    Meanwhile, Ziva's speech at a high school was a scene I was hoping they would show! Could've potentailly had some great moments with Tony there! I was a bit disappointed that we didn't actuall y see part of that taslk with the students. Oh well, just a minor flaw in anotherwise flawless storyline.

    Great work! Please keep it up, NCIS!!! :)
  • Enjoyed

    I really enjoyed this show - not needed was adding that about the new agent being gay. Just takes away from the show and causes many not to want to watch.

    -- As for the 'guilty' totally unexpected ending. and I do not feel that Ziva was jealous of the female that Tony thought was hot. Tony thinks almost Everyone Female is hot! - nothing unusual.
  • Ziva is jealous

    Did Ziva look like she was jealous of that girl (Ava) Tony was saying was hot, to anyone else? Didn't really like the new guy, he seemed really slow. But I thought it was funny how he tried to impress Gibbs and get him some coffee, only to have it thrown in the bin. Also liked the bit were McGee and the new guy let Ava go
  • Yep they're on the up...!

    And I mean it looks like the writers,etc,etc have possibly seen or read stories about how stagnet

    NCIS was getting.Fresh faces do only paper over any cracks,as opposed to Tony's undercover

    spells which brought us new and dangerous characters and scripts,for the whole cast to mull over

    I like the idea of another glimpse at the Directors Family and also any challenges again for him.

    It seems like Tony and Ziva are being set on opposite courses,where-as Abby and McGee seem to be growing closer (?).. It's a case of ''ok which character shall we mess things for now''

    and that's just the writers trying to work on good pluasible scripts....I think the writers are going to make a meal of it come Breena's & Jimmy's wedding that will be special I think..!!
  • Pretty good episode

    Whole episode I give a 6 mostly cuz I barely understood the case which is rare. But I rate an 8 because my boy Timmy McGee got good screen time and I like the newbie I really hope he can come on the team just to spice it up.

    My fave seasons are 2 till Jen dies. Least when Jen was alive all 3 men had a woman they were intimidated by and could be kept in line and it was sweet cuz they all were cute couples. McAbby, Tiva and Jibbs. I really don't like Vance he is sooo boring. I hope they end the season with Jimmy and Breena wedding. I just miss the show when it was funny and suspenseful but least with McGee being in charge made the episode not totally cringe worthy
  • Not bad

    It was a change of pace. Worked out pretty well though. The ending confused me a little, but I'm confident that they'll clear things up when the storyline picks up again. I'm not sure whether this should be the start of the season finale though. Something still isnt right this year, but things are looking up for NCIS.
  • Kudos

    The writers here do something few writers do in television-they opt out of the necessity to present a neat and tidy package. Life is not cut-and-dried. Resolution is not always resultant. Only one other scriptwriter has inspired such respect from me-Aaron Sorkin. Regardless of a story's outcome, I came to realize the courtroom scene between Cruz and Nickolson in "A Few Good Men" that they were both right-a true window into two hearts at odds. Whenever a dialogue or scene denies justification or resolve to an audience, it opens an otherwise unimaginative mind. NCIS has been so successful because the writers have a genuine sense of the nuance involved with gray matters. A gay member of the team? Incredible. Talk about fodder for story lines regarding an old-schooled Gibbs and a skirt-chaser like Tony and we've got the makings of another two years.

    Thanks-nice work.
  • errors due to ignorance

    Traditionally this show and its' predecessor, JAG, have always gotten the navy part right. The production team does a really fine job in not making mistakes. This episode was surprising in that the story has an Operations Specialist Chief Petty Officer serving onboard a submarine. I was an OS for eight years. I was thrilled to see the OS insignia on the chief as the story opened. But OS's do not serve onboard submarines. I was scheduled to go out on a submarine as a guest to observe what they do in order to improve my skills as an Anti-Submarine Air Controller, but I would not call that being assigned to a submarine. That fell thru and never happened, but NCIS missed the boat on this one.
  • Trying to get back

    Last night's episode was pretty good overall. It was better than the last few weeks. I like how someone else wants to get on Gibbs' team. The funny part, was trying to brown nose with some afternoon coffee. Then Gibbs asked where he got it from and threw the whole cup right in the trash. The brown noser should have found exactly what it took to get on Gibbs good side. McGee tried to tell him.

    DiNozzo was being his normal self. I think besides Gibbs, he's my favorite character. Let's see what next week has to offer.
  • Better

    I must admit that after sitting through the last few episodes with high hopes they would be good (and being disappointed) I didn't give this episode much of a chance and actually was watching a re-run of the X-Files on another station and occasionally switching to NCIS. I eventually watched to the end of NCIS. I liked that this show wasn't so "black and white" - the good guy didn't win, the bad guy got away. It seemed more interesting - the scene in the morgue with Gibbs & Dinozzo roughing up that guy and Ducky turning a blind eye was my favourite! Hopefully this is a sign that the writing is improving.
  • Change

    From this episode, I realised how much some of the characters have grown since they were introduced to the show years ago.

    I think McGee have grown the most. From a probie with no self-confidence and stammers when speaking to GIbbs or Dinoozzo, to a sometimes Senior field agent who demonstrates qualities of an exemplary ncis agent. The obvious change in him can be seen in his scenes with Dorneget.

    Also, I think Ziva has changed after becoming a ncis agent. Not only able to do what she does best, she now is more open and outspoken.

    Next, I think they ought to tell more about director vance's family.
  • Need to Know: Getting back on the NCIS track

    Here's hoping this episode is the beginning of a trend back to the NCIS I used to know.

    It was kind of cool the way they killed off the victim, remotely ratcheting up the pacemaker.

    I like Probie Ned Dorneget on his first shot at being a field agent. I also like that he's gay. It represents the possibility of shaking things up a little. Hope he's going to be a recurring character ... he was in "Sins of the Father," so maybe.

    I thought it was kind of funny that otherwise fearless Ziva was nervous about participating in a Career Day at a local school.

    DIA agent tells Gibbs, "You don't have the need to know." Seriously, Gibbs will just find another way to get what he wants to know. I think it's amazing that other D.C. agencies haven't caught on to that after all these years.

    I am pretty happy with this one. Two Thumbs Up.