Season 9 Episode 17

Need to Know

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2012 on CBS

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    The writers here do something few writers do in television-they opt out of the necessity to present a neat and tidy package. Life is not cut-and-dried. Resolution is not always resultant. Only one other scriptwriter has inspired such respect from me-Aaron Sorkin. Regardless of a story's outcome, I came to realize the courtroom scene between Cruz and Nickolson in "A Few Good Men" that they were both right-a true window into two hearts at odds. Whenever a dialogue or scene denies justification or resolve to an audience, it opens an otherwise unimaginative mind. NCIS has been so successful because the writers have a genuine sense of the nuance involved with gray matters. A gay member of the team? Incredible. Talk about fodder for story lines regarding an old-schooled Gibbs and a skirt-chaser like Tony and we've got the makings of another two years.

    Thanks-nice work.