Season 9 Episode 17

Need to Know

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2012 on CBS

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  • I really loved this one!

    My only negative with this episode was that most users probably don't remember much about Agah Bayar, and I thought it should've gone through some old scenes involving him prior to the episode commencing.

    Pushing that aside, there were no other lflaws with the episode. The case was brilliant, suspenseful and really interesting with how it finished, and that hasn't exactly wbeen commonplace on NCIS in recent weeks.

    Some very interesting fieldwork, although I really don't like this new agent person. He seems extremely boring. We already have a Probie on this show. We really don't need another thank you very much.

    Meanwhile, Ziva's speech at a high school was a scene I was hoping they would show! Could've potentailly had some great moments with Tony there! I was a bit disappointed that we didn't actuall y see part of that taslk with the students. Oh well, just a minor flaw in anotherwise flawless storyline.

    Great work! Please keep it up, NCIS!!! :)
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