Season 9 Episode 11

Newborn King

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2011 on CBS

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  • While Jimmy Brings His Future Father-In-Law To Work, The NCIS Team Must Protect A Pregnant Marine Whose Life Is Threatened.

    "Newborn King" is another great episode. It starts slowly but keeps the viewer's interest throughout. The whole idea of bringing Ed Slater (Breena's Dad) to NCIS headquarters was awesome. Jimmy's wedding plot is excellent and it just makes the character even more likeable than he already is. The main plot was very well written and I enjoyed it very much. Seeing how Gibbs planned the final move in the gas station was pure excellence. It's one of the most moving scenes in this season. It was emotional seeing how Gibbs assisted Emma when she was giving birth to her son. Mark Harmon has done his job well in the series. What added to the enjoyment here is seeing the fact it's Christmas. Overall, a very good episode. I recommend it!!!
  • Very, very enjoyable episode!

    I really enjoyed the case today. It was very well done, with lots of great scenes, such as the cookie interrogation, the child birth and the storylien with Jimmy and his future father-in-law-to-be.

    I have to say that I'm not particulrly happy with character development on the main cast in recent weeks. However, speaking strictly about the case, I have no complaints and I really loved it! It was definitely a unique one!

    Please keep it up, NCIS! Two episodes in a row which I have been happy about! Please keep the trend going! :)
  • Ducky to involved in program!

    By holmes 1/4/2012 nat 10:17 PM

    Love mark harmon and other 's on this program, but ducky is to involved with his autopsies.

    Show the person tell what happen to them, and don't keep going back to them over and over.

  • More Tony and Tim, please

    I enjoyed the episode, it was interesting, good amount of stakes, and Ziva got to do her kickass thing which is always fun. Yet, what really stood out to me was the interrogation scene with Tony and McGee. Gibbs is an incredible interrogator, but these two in room together is simply fun and extremely impressive. It was a good way to keep the bad guy off balanced, confused, and talking. Nice job guys!
  • loved it!

    Sweet with danger & action. And I loved Gibb's smile & entire face when he delivered the baby. Ziva was really good kickin' xxx. And was thrilled when Jimmy gained confidence to tell his future dad-in-law what's what!

    Very good show!


    I must say that NCIS has the best groups of actors/actresses who go so well together. The Compliment one another so well. Would never be same if one was not there.
  • amazing episode!

    loved it all! all the characters and the scenes everything i think it was a little too focused on the pregnant lady but i understand why... that ziva scene DAMN girl you can kick some ass majoy part of the episode but come on no tiva? and i mean none??:( but overall great episode i loved it and im looking forward to the next with some TIVA hopefully<3
  • Newborn King

    Haha... Gibbs could predict Dinozzo's Christmas. And loved Gibbs's smile after he delivered the baby. Priceless!

    Can't wait for next episode...
  • Newborn King

    I've always enjoyed NCIS Christmas episodes and this one is no exception. I love it when Gibbs steps in as midwife. (while Ziva is taking down the Bad Guys). And thank you writers for giving Jimmie a backbone to take on his fiancee's obnoxious father. Now, if only Tony takes Gibbs' advice -- seriously it's time for Tony to become an adult.