Season 6 Episode 5

Nine Lives

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2008 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • McGee: Think Fornell would lie to Gibbs?
      Ziva: If he felt he must.
      Tony: Says the woman that is evasive to her friends about her vacation to Israel.
      Ziva: I'm intrigued by how intrigued you are about this Tony.
      Tony: And I am curious that you are curious that I am intrigued I am... What's his name?
      Ziva: I don't believe I said I was actually seeing anyone. Although it would be pretty difficult to go to Israel and not see no one at all. It is quite populated you know.
      Tony: That's cute. I don't see why you having trouble admitting to this. You were in Israel for four months. That's plenty of time to hook up with someone.
      McGee: In that amount of time Tony would have hooked up with several someones.
      Tony: Hey!