Season 11 Episode 6

Oil and Water

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2013 on CBS

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  • McGee is USELESS

    My only problem with this ep was that McGee turned out to have out of date skills. TOTALLY flipped his character with this. Every other ep has him with great comp skills and that's why Gibbs hired him in the first place. If he's not at the top of his game he's useless to NCIS and I'm thinking they are gonna replace him with the new gal that's gonna replace Ziva. Love McGee!! Would hate for his skills to be tossed. And why is his character so flat and underdeveloped anyway???

  • Gabs! Gabs! Gabs! Gabs! Gabs!

    One of the best parts of this ep! And how easy would it be for Abby to continue saying that if Borin were to come to NCIS full time???!!! One can hope. Diane Neal knows how to play strong, powerful characters. Loved her on Law & Order SVU. And when she shows up on NCIS, I KNOW it's gonna be good! Agents, Producers, The Powers That Be... Get Diane Neal. Get her now!! : ) Nobody could replace Ziva. No one. Borin would make a fine addition to the team, though...

    As for the ep, a mysterious explosion on a "low-priority" oil rig has the team searching for a potential terrorist. The ulterior motive turned out to be nothing more than simple greed. Not an all-together Caf-Pow! storyline but a good one, nonetheless. More of a character driving ep, especially for Borin. Nice to see Charley Brewster again. : ) And compared to previous episodes, this one was a very subtle nod to Halloween. And Gibbs as a prankster?! *gasp* Who knew he has such tomfoolery in him?! :D

    A solid 8.5, if for nothing else, Diane Neal's terrific appearance as Borin...
  • The Abby x 2

    Love Borin, she is a great time to time adition to the team, and Id love to see her in the NCIS: New Orleans spin-off as the teamleader, even if they already published the characters, and theyre gonna have a male teamleader, mostly acting like Gibbs, which I think is just boring, I mean there can only be one Gibbs!!!

    Rewatching alle the Borin-episodes every time a new one with her airs, and Im hoping for a lot more, not as with Paula Cassidy, who I also really liked, and I think its a shame they killed her off so early!

  • Maybe in the Big Easy

    There is an NCIS: New Orleans spin-off in the works. The producers could be looking to have Agent Borin to head up the team there.
  • who is the prankster

    heres to amazing wondering about the Halloween prankster not revealed. remember when tony trips over the gunny bag with the weights in it . and then you see borne go into gibbbs basement she tells him your secret is safe the old gunny sack trick. GIBBS is the prankster
  • Saving for a rainy day

    Anyone notice at the end when Gibbs asked Borin about changing careers? Was this a 'just in case' episode in case the new agent doesn't work out-ratings-fan appeal-etc? i, like others have said, would prefer Borin as the new agent. I always look forward to her appearances. The only other possibility would be the treasury agent in the episode that was solved because of the surveillance during the Osama bin Laudin raid, Agent Winter
  • Just Didn't Like It

    NCIS has been strong this season, but this episode was just boring. I never really bought into the story, and they need to stop with the endless parade of women debuting or returning, trying to fill the void left by Ziva. Couldn't care less who the prankster was either.

    Disappointing episode.
  • Amazing!

    I really loved this case, which was a pretty good one with some great moments. I truly love the character of Borin and a big part of me wishes that she would join the team permanently as she fits in so well and has already got interesting chemistry with most of the team. One can dream!

    Absolutely loved Abby's involvement inthe episode. Her freaking out over her desk being moved an inch over was just amazing and hilarious at the same time! :P She had other great moments too, notably with Borin, aka other Abby.

    Was disappointed that the mystery of the Halloween prankster was not revealed. It didn't really finish that storyline off, did it?

    However, everything else was flawless! Great sho!
  • Halloween

    One of the reasons why I like this show is that it makes subtle references to previous episodes. Like the terrorist they have not caught from the beginning of the season. I also like how we are left to conclude that Gibbs was the prankster. Haha! That was a nice touch. Can't wait to see the next episode!
  • Very goo

    Well worth watching. And bringing Borin back made the show that much better. So far she is the best fit. Not that anyone could replace Zevo but as an extra team member, Borin would do well.

    Of course, any 'love' interest would not be between her and one of the 'younger' guys - but would be between her and Gibbs....

    Might be interesting. But again that would take away from the show, I think.
  • Excelent like always...

    Great show... great cast and writers
  • Good episode

    Whilst I found the plot a little boring I loved the return of Abigail Borin and I think that made the whole episode. It was great seeing her back and how well she works with the team. I loved that Gibbs tried to offer her a place on his team. It just shows us how highly he thinks of Ziva as well, he'll only replace her with someone as skilled and trustworthy as Borin. I think it's a shame they don't put Borin on the team permanently, she's a really, really good fit. The only issue perhaps is she's used to being a leader, but then again so was Ziva when she first started. Looking forward to seeing more of Borin!!!
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