Season 11 Episode 5

Once a Crook

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2013 on CBS

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  • Not again

    Again an episode without any common sence. Abbey behave again like an idiot and Dinozzo? To much credit for this bad agent.
  • Good episode

    So, did anyone notice that the new girl, Delilah looks exactly like Kate from the first seasons. It wold be interesting if they kept her as Ziva's replacement.
  • Once a Crook

    Yet another episode with heavy flashback importance, and it turned out to be another strong episode for NCIS. There were some shaky moments, Anton was a bit of an annoying character, but it was still a wise decision to focus an episode on DiNozzo.
  • Great

    Best show ever...
  • Pretty good!

    This was an interestin Dinozzo-centred epiosde, still in the aftermath of Ziva's departure, with the case connected to events from 15 years ago.

    I'm enjoying the rotation of female agents until the regular comes in. This Delilah character didn't play a prticularly significant role, but Abby's reactions towards her were hilarious and worth it! I really enjoyed Abby in this episode!

    Overall, very good storyline. Perhaps a fraction back from last week's amazing episode, but not a bad episode at all! Looking forward to more!
  • Okay ep

    It was an alright episode. After the high drama of the last two episodes it was a bit slower paced. On the other hand I liked seeing Tony in his cop uniform and learning a bit about his background. I loved the return of Delilah and her bonding with Abby. In the first episode she kind of looked like Kate, not so much anymore. To address the elephant in the room, that is Ziva, of course missed her but as I've mentioned before as each new episode without her comes along it seems easier and easier to watch without her.