Season 4 Episode 8

Once a Hero

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on CBS

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  • Once a hero

    I think I discovered the problem with NCIS (well, I shouldn't say problem because this is still a good show, but it could be better) and it is the same problem newer Family Guy episodes face off. They start off with one storyline and then things completely change and by the end of the episode you do not even remember how you got to that point.

    Tonight we started with the director barely avoiding death and we ended with an agent trying to expose an anthrax scam? Whaatt?

    Still a pretty good episode, but stick with one plot NCIS and end it.
  • Just brilliant, this one is one of Season Four's best!

    I really enjoyed this episode for so many reasons. I thought that the beginning of the episode was really well created and set up for a very enjoyable episode.

    I also adored seeing the relationship between little Marty and our very own Abby! That was so cute and sweet, and a brilliant idea, in my opinion!

    There were other funny moments in the episode, particularly when McGee says Ziva's not a woman. That scene was gold!

    The case is also really interesting, and I enjoyed seeing Special Agent Lee being given a prominent role in the episode and providing variety.

    Terrific work by NCIS, and I hope we get more episodes like this one! Sensational, in my opinion!
  • Very unusual case.

    That is interesting – Tony's getting calls from his mysterious girlfriend on a second cellphone. It's definitely not like Tony to disappear from work to meet a girl.

    Lee molests Jimmy with Ducky in the room?! Jimmy's not a bad liar actually. I never would have pegged Jimmy as a sex addict though. In the autopsy bay?!

    Lee does surprisingly well as an undercover agent – she's never been even remotely impressive before, she's got hidden depths.

    Wright may have been killed but he was a hero to the end. If he hadn't died, the slave trade wouldn't have been exposed.

    Good episode.
  • A marine is found dead.....

    This episode opens with the Director at an event with all of the other directors such as the FBI etc. Tony & Ziva are on watch. As tony goes to get them something to eat, Ziva screams Director and quickly moves her out of the way of a falling body. A dead body. The dead man turns out to be a marine who returned from Iraq. When they go to his room they find the body of a young man, murdered. Ducky does an autopsy and discovers that the victim is only 14 years old. They discover that the marine didn't kill the girl, but he tried to give her CPR, but it was too late she was already dead. We learn that someone who is smuggling underage girls. They get a name and they go in search of him. Probie Lee goes undercover and is made. The team head in and they find the building empty. Ziva & Gibbs look for a basement door, as Tony is in the back entrance and they haven't left. They find the tunnel and Ziva & Gibbs head off in search of the Probie. The team find her and manage to rescue in the girls in time.
  • I enjoyed this episode

    I enjoyed this episode because in the end it showed that the war hero was still a hero. Even though he was down on his luck he still stood by his beliefs and tried to help someone who was in need. He was poor and living off what he could and getting help from his friends. I think it is a very well written episode. Throughout it as the evidence came into light it worried me that the hero was the killer but the end was fantastic and made me sigh a sigh of relief. I love that the NCIS writers are always coming up with something new to keep us entertained.
  • good episode

    A marine veteran is found dead in a hotel. At first it appears that the marine committed suicide. But when another dead body turns up in the same hotel where the marine was found. The NCIS team thinks that something else is at work. This leads them to a human trafficking syndicate that might be responsible for the death of the marine. It's an exciting episode. So much is shown within the hour. It's fast paced. It never slows down to a halt. The action keeps on going. The writers did a good job with this one. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • another great episode and i love to see Gigbbs get fired up

    This was another great episode. I love how Gibbs gets so fired up when they make a dead marine guilty, and how he’s determine to prove that there innocent. It’s great to see that Tony’s relationship is going strong. Looks like that Ziva is getting suspionuos about Tony and what he is really up to. I hope that they won’t add agent Lee on Gibbs team, don’t get me wrong she looks like a good agent and she can kick some butt but from what I saw on last night episode. They already family and they don’t need anyone else.
  • Dinozzo always hungry or just greedy....

    Two dead this time. Ziva saved the director in the first cut,and second, a dead chinese girl on the hotel room bed. the plot was very well written, there always a twist that swing from one perception to another. having said that, the ending sucked. if the chinese smuggler knew that she was a spy and wasn't alone, why would he bring her along in the escape? isn't that digging your own grave? Anyway, Abby's girl-from-hell outfit to the exhibition was stunning. Personally, I did not like the character Ziva much or was it Pablo, not quite sure how to figure that out yet.
  • Very good episode!

    I loved McGee and The whole thing with Ziva and "You're not a woman" .:D
    Tony interrupting Gibbs and not getting yelled at for that.I liked it!!!!!!!!!!

    I think the director was also very good in this one.She is finally starting to act like a director, even to actually turning Gibbs down when he wanted to get Abby the special equipment she needed.
  • This show just keeps giving me excuses to keep watching it.

    A really great episode. The character/relationship development was interesting to watch for both Tony and Abby. I really loved Abs' scenes with the science convention guy, and in particular the way that no big deal was made out of his height, just... Abby was so cool with it, just so Abby! Credit to the writers/producers too.

    I'm kind of liking Tony's girlfriend now. I don't really know what it is about her but there's something that bugs me. I think he acts really cute around her anyway, so I don't care. I love cute Tony. And I would've really loved to see them dancing! I was waiting for it and the ep just ended!

    I think the Palmer/Lee relationship is developing really well. If our suspicions are correct and Tony's girlfriend has something to do with his super-secret-undercover-mission, Palmer and Lee will keep at least one relationship on the show nice and light and fluffy. Ducky's interrogation of Palmer was hilarious, and Palmer was so quick in answering... Ducky so knows! And Jimmy's look as the elevator doors closed... very sweer.

    And who knew that Lee could kick some a**! I didn't really like her when we first met her (although I liked her carrot stick call-back to Kate), but I think her scenes with Palmer have softened me a little and I really liked her in this eppy. And it was good that the whole team trusted her. The only thing I don't want to happen is for Tony to start calling her Probie instead of McGee. That's just wrong.

    And I can still see some great Tony/Ziva scenes going on. I thought the whole "You need to see a doctor, Tony," thing was really touching for Ziva, 'cause it's not really like her to be that caring toward him, she'd normally just make a joke. I also reckon there's been a hint of jealousy whenever Tony's girlfriend is brought up in conversation (definately in Sandblast), 'cause she kinda looked a bit jaded when she looked over and saw him on the phone. And did anyone else see the arms touching and smiles and eyelines blah blah when they were sitting next to each other on the desk? I'm very much a Tate shipper, but I'm still loving the Tiva stuff going on.

    Technically, this ep was also very good. Aside from a few slow spats between the team that could've been a little snappier, most of the dialogue and pacing is returning to its usual rhythm. Some of the conversation in recent episodes hasn't been as sharp or witty as usual, but I'm willing to let it slide in waiting.
  • Great episode

    Loved that Gibbs told Abby to go out and buy a piece of equipment that was worth $100,00 like it was nothing. Loved that Abby met a new guy who shared her love of science. I'm starting to finally warm up to Agent Lee. Her and Jimmy are such a strange looking couple. She's pretty and he is so nerdy.
  • A man is thrown or jumps over the side of a banister while the team is at a banquet.

    While at a banquet, the NCIS team is there to protect Jenny, A man is thrown or jumps over the side down to where the banquet is being held. The team soon finds out he was a homeless veteran who was being helped by a friend at the hotel, where the banquet was being held. The veteran was a hero. Then, they find a dead girl in one of the rooms and she has the veterans DNA on her.
  • Predictable but still great!

    Has Tony met his match in Agent Lee do you
    All think? When an honored Marine is murdered, the team
    Must find out if he was trying to commit suicide or
    There was foul play as the Marine was homeless as well
    As among other things, highly decorated. Loved the chemistry between Tony & Lee and hope to see Agent Lee in more episodes!
  • Really smart writing. I did not see the plot twist coming.

    This episode was very clever in not telegraphing which direction the plot was going to take. We all want to believe that our Marines are heroes but sometimes they don't live up to expectations. In this case a Marine was trying to save a young Chinese girl from the sex slave trade and died a hero. The expansion of the love lives of Tony and Mr. Palmer were very entertaining and who knew Agent Lee had such a big whoopin' stick? This was another example of the fine entertainment that Don Bellesario brings to us on a weekly basis. Keep up the good work!
  • Oh wow, this is what I\'m talking about!!

    LOL I loved this episode! Tony, was being so....Tony, and Ziva\'s facial expression when Tony was talking to his latest fling was hilarious. BUT, the priceless scenes were Abby getting a date with that guy, who turns out to be a little dude, and Palmer and Lee getting their freak on the other room and Palmer successfully coming up with a lie as to why he was missing all day. True genius.

    I\'m glad they chose Lee to go under over. Frankly, Ziva obviously doesn\'t fit the profile of what that sicko would be looking for. Even though seems almost clichéd that they saved those Chinese girls, in my opinion, it will never tire. This episode had a beautiful twist of humor, angst, suspension, and relief --relief that that Marine wasn\'t dirty or psycho and those Chinese girls were rescued.
  • I love the pairing of Agent Lee and Palmer! It\'s bloody hysterical and makes me laugh every time....

    A very interesting episode for a few reasons
    1.) We get to see more of DiNozzo\'s girlfriend. She seems nice enough but wake up Tony, Ziva is the only one for you. I love McGee teasing him the next morning. \"Is this a trick question....this is a trick question isn\'t it.\"
    2.)McGee saying that every woman carries a bag and the hole he digs himself into with Ziva...and keeps on digging for a few more lines.
    3.)Abby and her mircoscope buddy and their bowling banter... I am queen of the Alley!
    4.)and finally, Mr. Palmer and Agent many things to say...mostly its me laughing hysterically in the background and getting odd looks from my roommate. Palmer trying to distract Ducky and them ducking away when he isn\'t looking....its priceless. And so random that just when you think that its getting too serious, wham, there they are making out wildly in the background. Pure comedic relief. Overall, a good solid episode.