Season 8 Episode 18

Out of the Frying Pan

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2011 on CBS

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  • The Brutal Murder Of A Retired Marine Leads The Team To Interrogate His Troubled Teenage Son. The Case Will Be More Complicated Than Anticipated.

    "Out Of The Frying Pan..." is a very good episode. Unfortunately there are just too many problems which prevent me from giving it a ten. The good thing here is the case. It was a nice change of pace to have an episode where most of the events take place at the headquarters. The plot involving a kid who uses drugs and alcohol etc. is a current topic in the world. The biggest problem is Leon Vance. He overacted here and it was very unrealistic to see him striking an axe in the interrogation room. But that is a minor flaw in this killer episode. The ending scene where Gibbs arrests the killer was brilliant. I recommend this one!
  • One of the worst NCIS episodes ever. No action, no logic, no story and out of context and the "NCIS mission"

    Clearly, the NCIS mission does not involve retired soldiers. They are civilians and should be investigated by Metro-police and not NCIS. The incrimination of the 13 years old child under suspension and the action of director Vance were a real fake since a 13 years old cannot be treated that way legally. The typical international action or the complicated domestic crime investigation are missing and if NCIS continues this route the show is doomed to be terminated. This will be a great loss, since the majority of the episodes are very original and really exciting, such as "enemies foreign & domestic", "the spider and the fly", "royals and loyals" and "dead air".
    I truely hope that the show will get back on track
  • Are you kidding me?? Is this NCIS?

    I was really surprised at this no-action episode. All we saw for the WHOLE 1 hour, was Gibbs, DiNozzo and (sadly) Vance. Are they trying to make us hate Vance?? All I felt during this episode was what the poor boy must be going through. Gibbs was so harsh on the boy. the boy was on drugs!! What happened to the father figure that he always shows, like in Family (5x1) ??? there was no interaction between the characters at all, except the plain old boring Vance and Gibbs which we have got tired of seeing. The NCIS i remember is the fun, action filmed programme. This episode showed none of this - in fact, it just made me hate Vance more! Throw a hammer in front of the boys face!? Yeah. very proffesional. he can't lecture gibbs about mike franks. all we've seen is that he gets too involved too. no fun, no action, so NCIS is going downwards! compare this to season 3 and 4........ enough said.
  • Very much an improvement on last week's!

    This was a great NCIS episode, which I really enjoyed! The case was unique, in the sense that it was focussed primarily on interrogation, and not on investigation. I liked the varitey in that aspect of the episode.

    I though t the case was great! It was quite emotional at some points, and the end outcome was not too predictable, although not entirely perfect either.

    Vance is as seriously annoying as ever. That whole scene with the axe on the table was just stupid, if you ask me. I hat e his character even more at this point.

    All up, it was a good overall episode of NCIS. It had a couple of small flaws, but we did have an exciting case, and I can't wait for more! Keep it up, NCIS!
  • A clever episode with some seeds to the season finale i think

    Maybe I watched a different episode then the people who rated this episode 1 and 1.5, but thats way to low. And I don´t agree with the reasoning either. For example, the boy was 18 but looked much younger. The noted that in the episode. And as far as the `mission of NCIS´goes. They explained it very well i think. You are right it isn´t a case for them, but as we later get to know, Vance used his position to influence the case. I think the writers wrap up to the season final that will have to do with Vance and the upcoming of Barret.

    As far as the action, yes there was a lack of it, but if you need that you need to wacht NCIS: LA (which I like to by the way, but doesn´t nearly reaches the level of NCIS). I think you need excelent writing skills to pull, an episode like this, of. And they did well.
  • Downward spiral isn't looking good.

    Alright, bring back the headslapping, caf-pow slewing, idiom correcting, sexual tension, coffee drinking, awkward geeky, tomboy ninja, scothish accent story telling, chemisty team! The one we all know and love, adn down right miss. TO start out, this not coming just from a Tiva shipper point of view, but pairing Ziva nad McGee up latley has gotten old fast. I'm perfectly fine with it once in a while, but on a constant basis like it has been for a past few episodes, it just dosnt work. There is no chemistry, no spark, no interest. And it's not just that, but the whole team has seemed to have gotten a little dull. Wheres this chemistry? Anyways, back to the episode.... Eh. It was alright, not good, but not horrible, just eh. No, didnt work for me, wouldn't watch it again. And again with this Vance thing? Whats going on? I feel like we're being thrown a whole bunch of information at once to lead up to this season fanale, but it's just confusing and frustrating and not understandable, and just annoying. Sorry for my rant, but i'm not a happy camper after these past few months.
  • Really enjoyed this episode, I love interrogation!

    Best bits
    - Gibbs called Tony 'loverboy' and Abby calling McGee "honey".
    -Vance saying NCIS has a couple of the best interogators- Gibbs and Tony
    -Tony in the white shirt with the sleeves up. Classic interogation movie.
    -Ziva asking Tony about EJ, whose name is Erica Jane according to her name plate
    -The fact that Tony catches Nick out with a movie.
    -The scene at the end with Nick and his mom. So sad when he pulled out the tape.

    I loved the different format of the episode. No "grab your gear", all of the team arriving at once, no crime scene. That meant no Palmer though...hope to see him next week.
    I liked the backwardsness of the case compared to normal, assuming its one person then switching it at the end, rather than narrowing it down. It wasn't the hardest case to figure out for the audience, there wasn't many suspects but I really liked the case. It made up for lack of character subplots going on, apart from the Vance thing which I didn't really like or care about. Vance is an idiot.

    Not much Abby or Ducky sadly but I don't think it detracted from the episodes plot. I enjoyed it, I like episodes that deviate from the NCIS formula.

    I'd watch this episode again, it stands out in the season. It was a great 43 minutes.
  • Family Feud

    It's always heart breaking when a kid is messed up by drugs, more so when one dies of overdose. In this episode, the kid was in a worse situation because he was accused of killing his own father and he cannot defend himself because he was too high on drugs that he doesn't know what transpired. Director Vance was so adamant that the son killed his father, partly because the father was a good friend of Vance and he knows how disappointed the dad was of the son. I like how Gibbs stood up for the son and defended him against Vance. I think the theme of the episode is heavy and I appreciate the writers for the seriousness of tonight's series.
  • Out of the Frying Pan

    Very well done. Even though I dislike the interrogation of the young man - probably because he looks so much younger than he is suppose to be (18...).
    - And it was good that Gibbs stood by the boy. Of course that just gives Vance something to have against Gibbs. But that just shows what a good agent Gibbs is.
    - And I am so thankful the 'new' agent wasn't there - just about ruined it though when Vance gets a call from her.
    - don't know they want to bring a 'new' agent in. - definitely not needed. I did not like the last show & dread the rest. - If anything, it may make me stop watching NCIS.
  • A great bit of drama and different to the usual episodes well acted throughout and well written.

    I said in a previous review from an episode a few weeks back that It was looking like 'change' is on it's way and that Vance was the one likely to go. (I personally hope that is right as I have never warmed to his character and find it incredible that in the REAL WORLD someone of his shady nature would be peomoted to such a position). However after todays episode I am now worried that it may be Gibbs that goes and that this EJ character is being brought in to replace him. We haven't seen enough of her to judhge yet but I hope it isn't so. Of course Gibbs could alweays move upstairs to take over from Vance but unless He has a Major imput into EVERY show it will flop. As we saw wehn he 'retired' it is not the same without him. ALL the charachters have their own unique personalities but without Gibbs as 'puppet master' they are just individuals.....Gibbs makes them a team!
  • not a usual NCIS episode !

    the episode started as usual, a body was found, the team came to work in morning all together, then gibbs came but this time there was no "gear up".
    then we saw a hysterical and angry Vance, ordering Gibbs to interrogate a boy (not interrogate actually, to force out a confession).
    Gibbs believes that the boy is innocent, even tough Vance forced out a confession with an axe, practically chopping up the table in the interrogation room.
    but the real killer could be guessed though.
    but all in all, a great episode (and no Barrett !).
    The best part of the show was how Gibbs and Dinozzo interrogated the boy together. DiNozzo was hilarious
  • Very poor NCIS episode-a boy is bullied in an illegal quest for confession by director of a law-enforcement agency that is supposed to protect the law, not to break it!

    Very poor NCIS episode-a boy is bullied in an illegal quest for confession by director of a law-enforcement agency that is supposed to protect the law, not to break it!
    It appears that NCIS is starting to run out of original ideas and start acting like law and order. I have been MUCH more impessed by the NCIS-LA recently. This episode seems to be psychological in nature with the only "action" is Vance banging the table with an ax to force a confession (wrongly) out of a 13 years old boy. In my opinion the show should replace Vance with a real federal-type manager and concentrate on its original mission of solving crimes that might lead to further problems if remained unsolved
  • ok episode

    I have to agree with the Vance haters. He really needs to go. He's usually wrong, arrogant, shady, and he is impossible to warm up to. I liked the idea of the episode itself and enjoyed the interogation. Tony was funny and him and Gibbs worked well together. I'm not so much the EJ hater though. I'm hoping that her presence might force something to happen with the Tiva situation. It's been very stale lately. I missed Palmer because he is so sweet and funny and I like how he acts when he is around Gibbs. I'm actually looking forward to next week's episode where EJ is supposed to be in the lead. I hope that Tony and Ziva will start to interact like they used to in the past. We'll see!!
  • A story full of twists and turns.

    An episode full of twists and turns, "Out of the Frying Pan..." kept my guessing who was responsible for the murder and also continued the storyline of Vance's continued deterioration in a wonderful way.

    At the beginning, during Gibbs' conversation with Vance, I had expected the suspect to be an older person by the way they were talking but I must admit I was pleasantly suprised when the suspect was revealed to be a young boy. This is the first of many suprises this episode springs, though I won't list them all.

    At first, I did not believe that Nick Peyton was responsible for his father's death, believing straight away that his psychologist was the killer. That is, until the next door neighbour was thrown into the mix, and then Nick's own confession. By this point, I had given up on trying to predict who had committed the crime. I was both shocked and suprised when it turned out to be his mother, a character we had only seen so far in a photograph - an excellent little plot twist, if you ask me.

    In addition, like Gibbs, I was forever wondering why Vance would take this case on. I knew it wasn't just a favour for his judge friend, and there had to be something more to it. Thankfully, the reasoning was a good one and the scene in which Vance "loses it" in the interrogation room was superbly done by Rocky Carroll and entirely believable, especially with the recent problems the Director has been having. The Vance storyline seems to be quickly coming to a head, and I for one, cannot wait to find out what happens.

    Having already mentioned Rocky Carroll, I feel it is only fair to mention the excellent performance by Mark Harmon. Though Gibbs isn't himself perfect, he does always seem to remind Director Vance of what is right and wrong, what he can and cannot do, something Harmon projects with a certain anger and passion. Furthermore, the character acts as a sort of conduit, voicing what the viewers are almost certainly thinking - what he did was illegal and should not have happened - at least, that's what I thought anyway. Finally, since I am a fan of Daphne Ashbrook's work, I have to congratulate her on her performance of Nick's mother. Though it was only a small role, she portrayed the character with some great emotion.

    Lastly, I really enjoyed the subtle elements of humour present throughout, particularly the Gibbs/DiNozzo good-cop/bad-cop routine and DiNozzo's "Casablanca" trap. The episode also contained an unusually high number of allusions to various television shows, characters and even a few nursery ryhmes from Ducky. But all of this is just more evidence of excellent writing from Reid Steiner and Christopher J. Waild. In conclusion, I have to say "Out of the Frying Pan..." was up there on the best episodes of this season. Some might say it was another "less action, more talking" installment, but that did not necessarily work against it here, since it had the benefit of an intriguing and gripping plot. The episode did leave me with one question on my mind, though...what was Agent Barrett talking about on the phone with Vance? I hope we'll find out soon.
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