Season 7 Episode 6

Outlaws and In-Laws

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2009 on CBS

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  • Mike Franks Shows Up With His Daughter-In-Law And Granddaughter In Tow. Could Their Visit Have Something To Do With The Bodies That Were Found On Jethro's Boat?

    This episode is very interesting but also very disappointing. It's good to see the boat that Gibbs has been building is ready. That is the high point. But that's all there is. I am not a fan of Mike Franks and I did not care about him here. Another troublesome aspect is how the story concluded. From the minute I saw Mike's daughter-in-law I knew she was involved. The only good thing in this episode is the action scene in Gibbs's house. When a case is not predictable you'll get a great hour of entertainment. That can't be said here because this was too predictable for my tastes. Let's hope things get better! Disappointment.
  • Mike Franks' familia!

    This was a very interesting episode focussed around Mike Franks, who has been while sometimes annoying, but genearlly an interesting character from time-to-time. The storyline, I must say, was excellent, and we saw a very interesting set of events, involving a face from the past aw ewell, that being Damon Werth!

    Aside from all of this, I definitely enjoyed the end of the episode too, which I won't spoil for you, but I definitely think that so far, Season Seven has exceeded expectations and started in epic fashion!

    Keep it up, NCIS! Six episode in, this season seesm like a surefire success, and I hope that is to continue!
  • 706

    Really mediocre episode of NCIS tonight. It is NCIS, so it will not be all bad. Ziva and Tony will give you a few good quotes worth laughing at, but this episode was far from being memorable. The main storyline was fairly average and was actually at times hard to follow. Why they brought in a great actor like Robert Patrick and used him in a lame role like this baffles me.

    Whenever Gibbs' has his friends or buddies visit, the episode is rarely among the best that season. This episode just continued that trend of friends leading to mediocrity.
  • Didn't like the show as much as the others. Seemed slow moving. Liked the interrogation scene and the scene with Damon(hot). Tony is weird this year (cold, immature). Put Ziva and Damon together. Some great storylines with those 2.

    Wasn't my favorite episode. Thought it was slow moving. Liked that guy Damon. Nice match Damon and Ziva. Liked him in Corporal Punishment. Liked the interrogation scene with Franks and the scene with Damon the best. I'm just having trouble with Tony this year. He was terrific in the first show and weird in the shows after. I'm not sure I know where the directors are going with his character this year. Robert Wagner was a perfect fit as his father. Tony's been a little over the top this year. Bring it down 2 notches (keep the ribbing and the humor) just occasionally show a soft side like when Tony rescued Ziva and said he couldn't live without her. What heat. Boy did that relationship get cold.
  • Ziva knows the darndest men, doesn't she??!! Thank goodness...

    Okay, I am still in "how did they do that" shock since the mystery of the boat in the basement is still a mystery. Even Abby couldn't, or wasn't allowed time to, figure it out.

    But the story line was terrific and the twists and turns were believable enough to cause couch sickness. Back in that episode when the daughter-in-law first appeared I wondered if she would be left alone or if there would be retribution. Seems Momma Bear is just defending her territory, and between that fact, the daughter actually shooting the thugs, and Ziva "sitting on the child", well, the ladies saved the day in this ep!

    Except for Abby: she didn't solve the mystery of the boat for me... :o{
  • its good to see some old faces....

    So you have some bad guy(s), some good guys and some good bad guy(s), oh, and one good boat.

    First: it is good to see LCPL Daman Worth still have a good heart even though he was DD'd from the USMC. If you all remember he was the Super Marine, that was using steroids. That is why he knew Ziva, and Gibbs told him to get a hair cut.

    Second: It's good to see Ziva becoming a U.S Citizen, and leaving her Mossad life behind. Even though Tony seems unsupportive, i beleive in the end when she really needs him, he will be there.

    Third: It was sad to see Abby destroy Kelly, but at least she tried to preserve it as much as possible.

    Fourth: Gibbs, Franks and Vance always entertaining. and Gibbs in the end always gets the right bad guy.
  • great episode

    I love Gibbs centered episodes and I love Mike Franks and this episode had both. A boat is found with two dead bodies on it and the boat happens to be the boat Gibbs made and gave to his god daughter. In the end, the two men were sent to retrieve Frank's step-daughter and granddaughter by her mother and the mother killed the two intruders and Franks tried to cover for her. I really loved the ending with the two parents from the different sides of the family sitting together peacefully. They came together for the sake of their granddaughter. Abby was hilarious in this episode when she was still trying to figure out how Gibbs gets the boat out of his basement. The more I see Vance and Gibbs together, the more I love their character dynamics. Overall, great character centered episode with plenty of humor and action.
  • Its nice to have another Gibbs focused episode:)

    as much as i love everyone on the show, i always think Gibbs has the best story lines for his character when it comes to one character based episodes. I loved abbey. her and her obsessions. how did he get it out of the basement? And her trying to preserve it and stuff. I think she really dose care about it. Ziva trying to become an american citizen. FINALLY!!!! Love the first scences. And her saying "We have been ordered to sit on the baby." Gotta love the idioms. Tony, ya hes acting wierd. But i dont think he knows how to take it yet.
  • I figured out how he got it out of the basement!

    Bad things happen to those who mess with family.
    Gibbs is caught in the middle when his old Boss Mike Frnks is accused of murder; and ha has no choice but help him.
    In the meantime, a series of old faces show up, in what seems to be a collection of coincidences... twisty but not messy.
    Nice episode, a good balance of drama, action and humor as usual; and for the die-hard fans, also a few really good moments, it's good to see Ziva acting different around children, and it was fun to see corporal punishment again.
    Now let's see if Ziva's knowledge of the american sayings will eventually get better since she's determined to become a citizen...
  • When a boat that Gibb's built sails into San Diego harbor with two dead men aboard NCIS is called in to investigate what and why this occurred. Of course Mike Franks is the first person that comes to mind as he lives in Mexico and he last had the boat.

    Very interesting storyline put together with some nice twists and turns. In the end a story that seems a real mess is put together like a jigsaw puzzle. Very neat with a very complete picture.

    ***** Spoiler *****

    Of course I believe the obvious target would be Franks. Gibbs has to have made a lot of enemies as even Director Vance has. So when you think of a person like Mike Franks you might think he has enemies that might come back to haunt him. People do tend to take a book at face value. The daughter-in-law angle was great. A nice twist and Franks admitting he was taken unawares! It was something I was very surprised he was willing to admit.

    Boy, Tony and Ziva were extremely lucky that one of the guys on the team recognized her and trusted her enough to recognize what was going on. That Corporal had to truly have some guts. We are told all the time that these para-military type organizations take the law into their own hands and they are dangerous, but I think it tends to be something most people ignore. Imagine a whole organization of trained killers that washed out of the military! Hmmm.....

    A good episode with sufficient twists and turns and an enjoyable ending with the two grandparents at odds but together. It does seem with the three adults there that the grand daughter should be pretty safe from here on out. Thanks for reading...
  • A finished boat! Gibbs' living room!

    Finally! I admit, I was a bit surprised at the sparseness of the furniture in Gibbs' living room, but then realized that after three divorces, there's probably not much left. :-) This show focused on Gibbs and more about his relationship with Mike Franks. Gone is a stern and all-knowing Gibbs, and instead we have a former "probie" trying to figure out exactly what his ex-Boss is up to, despite all evidence to the contrary. Abbey is positively gleeful at the opportunity to examine Gibbs' boat in minute detail, determined to solve one of the universes unanswered questions: How in the heck did Gibb get those boats out of his basement? After many years of witnessing Gibbs' careful and precise woodworking, though, one can't help but cringe at her chainsaw surgery. This episode bounced all over the place, though -- San Diego, the boat, Mexico, a mercenary, an angry Iraqi family matriarch, a couple of dead servicemen-gone-wrong, and an apparent kidnapping. None of it felt critical to the episode. I found myself concentrating more on Gibbs' relationship with Franks and Vance than any putative danger to Frank's daughter-in-law and granddaughter (who is Gibbs' god-daughter) and never really felt the tension of the "conflict" - bad guys after Franks' family for some undefined reason. Tony is needling Ziva over her studying for her naturalization test, and his taunting is hitting a slightly sour note. Yes, you expect Tony's teasing -- but his teasing has taken on sharper edges. In this episode, McGee was reduced to basically reading from computer screens, and when he isn't taking cheap shots at Ziva, Tony is prowling around in Gibbs' basement, trying to figure out how the boat was removed. Ziva is the most relaxed that we've seen her so far this season -- smiling and playing with Gibbs' goddaughter, after announcing, as a typical Ziva-ism: "We've come to sit on the baby." This episode furthered the characters, but the action itself wasn't evocative or memorable. Happily, the characters are so wonderfully defined that further insights into what makes them tick is always very welcome.