Season 7 Episode 6

Outlaws and In-Laws

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2009 on CBS

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  • Didn't like the show as much as the others. Seemed slow moving. Liked the interrogation scene and the scene with Damon(hot). Tony is weird this year (cold, immature). Put Ziva and Damon together. Some great storylines with those 2.

    Wasn't my favorite episode. Thought it was slow moving. Liked that guy Damon. Nice match Damon and Ziva. Liked him in Corporal Punishment. Liked the interrogation scene with Franks and the scene with Damon the best. I'm just having trouble with Tony this year. He was terrific in the first show and weird in the shows after. I'm not sure I know where the directors are going with his character this year. Robert Wagner was a perfect fit as his father. Tony's been a little over the top this year. Bring it down 2 notches (keep the ribbing and the humor) just occasionally show a soft side like when Tony rescued Ziva and said he couldn't live without her. What heat. Boy did that relationship get cold.