Season 7 Episode 6

Outlaws and In-Laws

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2009 on CBS

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  • Mike Franks' familia!

    This was a very interesting episode focussed around Mike Franks, who has been while sometimes annoying, but genearlly an interesting character from time-to-time. The storyline, I must say, was excellent, and we saw a very interesting set of events, involving a face from the past aw ewell, that being Damon Werth!

    Aside from all of this, I definitely enjoyed the end of the episode too, which I won't spoil for you, but I definitely think that so far, Season Seven has exceeded expectations and started in epic fashion!

    Keep it up, NCIS! Six episode in, this season seesm like a surefire success, and I hope that is to continue!