Season 11 Episode 20

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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2014 on CBS

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  • Weird writing

    Actually, I quite liked this episode. The case started out interesting, was only sometimes confusing, the ending was a bit flat, but it didn't get lost completely as it happened so often in this season. Brisco wasn't impressive as the bad guy - not a Trent Kort at all but definitely better than that stupid Parsa-stuff.

    I disagree that it was weird that McGee asked Tony about his relationship to Delilah. Tony is not that immature or dysfunctional character as some people (still) seem to think he is. He's a multifaceted character, and he had proven quite often in the last seasons that he can be a caring and understanding person. I liked the interactions between these two characters pretty much.

    I also disagree that Delilah would have made a better fit than Bishop. I mean, almost everyone would, but I can't see Delilah as a field agent either. (Of course, before that stupid storyline had put her into a wheelchair). But I agree that she is a totally wasted character. If they hadn't made her McGee's girlfriend - with whom she clearly has no chemistry at all, she even has a better relationship with Tony and Abby - she could have been a great analyst working together with McGee in the office while Tony and Gibbs do the field work. THAT would have been a definitely better solution than Bishop. That they had to send her to Dubai to get out of that misfortunate storyline with McGee underlines the weakness of the writing in this season.

    Luckily, there wasn't so much Bishop in this episode, but it was laughable when she tried to intimidate Troutman. Writers, people should laugh WITH a character, not AT.
  • Best new female character in ages

    So of course they sent her away. What was the problem, did she make Bishop look too bad? Margo Harshman lit up the screen. She has no chemistry with McGee, but I hope she comes back in some capacity.
  • Page Not Found

    It has been way too long since the show has had corruption within a government agency (obvious sarcasm) but this break from the norm was welcome. Solid episode, but not particularly memorable.
  • McGee asking TONY for relationship advise???

    After all the humiliation that Tony has put McGee through. After the years of hazing and insults. After witnessing Tony's failure with dozen's of women the writers have McGee asking Tony for relationship advice??? WHAT A JOKE! This episode has to have been the worst written piece of tripe ever in only that the writers are so pathetic. And to top it off they sent Delilah away. She would have made a better replacement to Ziva than that Bishop baby.

    Okay, okay, I've had a chance to cool down a bit. I realise that Bishop is actually an interesting character with lots of promise - if the writers didn't keep shoving her down our throats so much and if they didn't make her the know- it- all. The writers are the problem here. When McGee was introduced he was hazzed like two thousand times worse than Bishop and was treated like a trainee - not the expert on everything. McGee was eased into the audiences lives not stuffed in front of our faces. I like McGee a HELL of a lot more than Bishop - but Bishop has already been shot, attacked etc etc. McGee still hasn't ever been seriously injured. I think the writers are a bit too desperate to replace Ziva - at the expense of good story lines and the development of ESTABLISHED characters. Take Abby for example - she's still in pigtails. I can believe that when she was a twenty something - not as a forty something. DeNozzo - still a frat boy at forty something. Sigh. I don't think the writers EVER thought long term character development. They are still sticking to what worked in season one - waaay too much. I know it's standard in TV - but seriously?

  • Great episode

    Classic NCIS. Best show on tv.
  • what a hell is going on with the writers?

    no more excuses!!! i can't understand what is hapenning with the writers... they sent Delilah in dubai? they kick nice characters from the show like her? i hoped at least this romance between mcgee and Delilah would have worked after the TIVA fiasco but no they sent Delilah away and keep bishop... and on top of everything mcgee asks tony about relatioships a person who always was on dysfuctional relatioships.. this isn't about cote's 'departure' anymore.. this isn't about bishop's character who doesn't fit in the show or the team's chemistry which now is lost this about the show generally and the writting which is made by the writers this season... i can excuse them for the first 10 episodes of this season because of the 'sudden'(which personally i don't believe it was so' sudden' )cote's 'departure' but i can't excuse them for the following episodes please change the writers... the show is dying!!! don't let this show die...
  • Confusing, COP OUT, possibly ReWritten at last minute?

    NCIS must have gotten complaints about the lack of chemistry between McGee & Delilah so their WRITERS contrived this outlandish episode that should have been in that hands of the FBI to write out Delilah! The problem with her character(other then no chemistry with Tim, and a lot with Tony) was this relationship was PUSHED, FORCED .. making the character of McGee look uncomfortable-even in this episode when he was considering asking her to move in with him. (and both McGee and Delilah able to talk to TONY about their feelings but not to each other-so, so wrong people!!)

    Anyhoo... Gibbs, with the usual help says the day (even having Ducky/Jimmy helping despite a body) ... and thankfully for a lot of viewers-BISHOP WAS RARELY SEEN!

    I did not like Delilah wrap up with this 'long distance' relationship bit with Tim giving her his key This just gives the character of McGee a reason for not having a LIVE NORMAL (non Goth, non MURDERING) girlfriend that works a 9-5 non government job.

    Yes, we are nearly at the end of the season and maybe the writers needed filler episodes until the season ender-but unlike former episodes NCIS has not been building up to a BIG ending like usual. Maybe NCIS will do some house cleaning for next season? Possibly its last?

  • "Why is the team split in two now?" and What the hell (no.20)

    I agree with a guy who said that team is split in two teams. I have no idea what writers or showrunner were thinking beause every single episode is worst. oh yea and long distance relationship..... No comment. I hope they will start listening audience soon, or at least make some better episodes, otherwise this show will fall apart.
  • The writers really hate McGee.

    I don't really get it, he finally gets a nice girlfriend, who happens to also be an amazing character. And then she gets shrugged off to Dubai and they'll 'maintain' a long distance relationship, which is most likely their way of saying "Oop, she's not coming back ever".

    I like her a lot more than Bishop as a character, but TPTB seem to just prefer sticking with crappy writing and characters instead. Shame really. Show keeps going further downhill again.

    I gave it a 3 instead of a 1, just because I still like Gibbs and Tony and McGee, but I'm losing faith in NCIS as a show. I really hope things get better again in the future.
  • Completely average.

    I didnt really like this episode, mainly because I didn't really get int o the case much at all. It wavered between interesting and uninspiring, and it was rather inconsistent in quality right throughout.

    There were some good scenes - I did love the cardboard cutout of Tony. There was very little Abby in the episode, which was a huge negative as always when she is hardly featured.

    Overall, just an average hour of NCIS - not an episode I would particularly recommend.
  • Why is the team split in two now?

    Did anyone else notice, there are two teams now? Tony seems to always be with Tim, and Bishop is chained to Gibbs. In the ENTIRE episode they were never in the same scene. There was ONE scene where Tony materialized out of nowhere to politely take the guy down (NO ACTION this season); but even that time it was a second camera and they could have been on different stages. Something funny is happening there. We've never seen the team so completely disjointed. If this was the first episode I ever saw, I would assume there were two partnerships and nothing more.
  • Much Improved

    As good as old NCIS! Good CIA bashing, complex, romance and minimal Bishop. I loke Delilah and hope she will have a great recovery , join NCIS and Bishop goes to Dubai, her husband -anywhere but out of NCIS!
  • WOW!!

    That was great! Felt just like the old days... I really like Delilah! Maybe she'll visit Tim on holidays or something... Anyway, great episode!
  • So much better

    And that's because I saw so little of the 'little girl agent'

    I really like McGee's girlfriend - she would be a good addition to Gibb's Team... of course she plans to leave but will still be around for McGee - so we will see.

    I only gave the show 8.5 because I didn't like seeing the little girl and when I did, I wanted to throw up.
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