Season 11 Episode 20

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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2014 on CBS

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  • Confusing, COP OUT, possibly ReWritten at last minute?

    NCIS must have gotten complaints about the lack of chemistry between McGee & Delilah so their WRITERS contrived this outlandish episode that should have been in that hands of the FBI to write out Delilah! The problem with her character(other then no chemistry with Tim, and a lot with Tony) was this relationship was PUSHED, FORCED .. making the character of McGee look uncomfortable-even in this episode when he was considering asking her to move in with him. (and both McGee and Delilah able to talk to TONY about their feelings but not to each other-so, so wrong people!!)

    Anyhoo... Gibbs, with the usual help says the day (even having Ducky/Jimmy helping despite a body) ... and thankfully for a lot of viewers-BISHOP WAS RARELY SEEN!

    I did not like Delilah wrap up with this 'long distance' relationship bit with Tim giving her his key This just gives the character of McGee a reason for not having a LIVE NORMAL (non Goth, non MURDERING) girlfriend that works a 9-5 non government job.

    Yes, we are nearly at the end of the season and maybe the writers needed filler episodes until the season ender-but unlike former episodes NCIS has not been building up to a BIG ending like usual. Maybe NCIS will do some house cleaning for next season? Possibly its last?