Season 11 Episode 20

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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2014 on CBS

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  • what a hell is going on with the writers?

    no more excuses!!! i can't understand what is hapenning with the writers... they sent Delilah in dubai? they kick nice characters from the show like her? i hoped at least this romance between mcgee and Delilah would have worked after the TIVA fiasco but no they sent Delilah away and keep bishop... and on top of everything mcgee asks tony about relatioships a person who always was on dysfuctional relatioships.. this isn't about cote's 'departure' anymore.. this isn't about bishop's character who doesn't fit in the show or the team's chemistry which now is lost this about the show generally and the writting which is made by the writers this season... i can excuse them for the first 10 episodes of this season because of the 'sudden'(which personally i don't believe it was so' sudden' )cote's 'departure' but i can't excuse them for the following episodes please change the writers... the show is dying!!! don't let this show die...
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