Season 11 Episode 20

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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2014 on CBS

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  • McGee asking TONY for relationship advise???

    After all the humiliation that Tony has put McGee through. After the years of hazing and insults. After witnessing Tony's failure with dozen's of women the writers have McGee asking Tony for relationship advice??? WHAT A JOKE! This episode has to have been the worst written piece of tripe ever in only that the writers are so pathetic. And to top it off they sent Delilah away. She would have made a better replacement to Ziva than that Bishop baby.

    Okay, okay, I've had a chance to cool down a bit. I realise that Bishop is actually an interesting character with lots of promise - if the writers didn't keep shoving her down our throats so much and if they didn't make her the know- it- all. The writers are the problem here. When McGee was introduced he was hazzed like two thousand times worse than Bishop and was treated like a trainee - not the expert on everything. McGee was eased into the audiences lives not stuffed in front of our faces. I like McGee a HELL of a lot more than Bishop - but Bishop has already been shot, attacked etc etc. McGee still hasn't ever been seriously injured. I think the writers are a bit too desperate to replace Ziva - at the expense of good story lines and the development of ESTABLISHED characters. Take Abby for example - she's still in pigtails. I can believe that when she was a twenty something - not as a forty something. DeNozzo - still a frat boy at forty something. Sigh. I don't think the writers EVER thought long term character development. They are still sticking to what worked in season one - waaay too much. I know it's standard in TV - but seriously?

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